July 2024

The surrender monkeys surrender.

So now we know the result.  Merkel’s, Soros’s and the globalists’ man from nowhere, Emmanuel Macron, will be the next French President and will do exactly what his pleb-hating, democracy-loathing, elitist, bosses tell him. The cowardly, testicle-free, invertebrate, cheese-eating, Froggy surrender monkeys did what their rulers commanded and voted for the Establishment candidate and against the one person, Marine Le Pen, who could have saved France.

How they must be celebrating in Brussels and Berlin as the French (as usual) surrender without a fight:

(Dear PC Plod, I’m not really trying to sell a rifle – the picture is meant as a joke. OK? Can you understand that?)

When you listen to the so-called ‘pundits’, they keep talking and writing about ‘Leftists’ versus ‘Centrists’ versus ‘Rightwingers’ in European elections.

But they are missing the point. The world has changed. In Europe, politics are no longer about Left versus Centrist versus Right. The Left, Centre and supposed Right have all merged into one single corrupt, self-serving ruling elite. So now there are only two sides in most elections – Patriots (Farage, Wilders, Le Pen, AfD) versus Globalists (Blair, Merkel, Macron). And unfortunately, the Globalists seem to have all the money, most of the politicians in their pockets and total control of the mainstream media.

So we already know that in the final round of the French presidential elections in a couple of weeks the garlic-munching, Gallic surrender monkeys will betray their country by handing power to the Globalists and their obedient glove-puppet Macron.

A week or so ago, the ever-biased BBC did a documentary – Who is Funding the Right? – questioning where Marie Le Pen’s Front National is getting its money. But it’s not surprising that the Front National has financial backers as it has been in existence for decades. However nobody has thought of doing a documentary asking where the unknown-until-a-few-months-ago Macron suddenly got his hands on the many millions he has used founding his own political party and winning the French Presidential race. That would be an interesting documentary!

Below is a link to an interesting article from Breitbart suggesting how the virtually unknown Macron mysteriously came from nowhere, somehow found the millions necessary to build his own political party in just a few months and is now poised to be the next French president without even breaking into a sweat.

Dear Froggy surrender monkeys, when our friends from the Religion of Peace and Murder take over your once beautiful and cultured country and turn it into a violent, excrement-covered, bloody, Third-World hell-hole, don’t come bleating to us – you’re getting what you voted for. 

3 comments to The surrender monkeys surrender.

  • Red 5

    Its what we all expected over here in France to be honest, the table is slanted to keep out anyone who will push against the narratives the extreme left want to push.
    Speaking of narratives, what is it with all the black faces on adverts these days?
    I have noticed that almost every single advert has at least one black face, or an interacial theme, its everywhere.
    Black men with white women, black faces in the Vanquius card advert broadcast on Sky for example( as if there were blacks in the locale at that supposed time in history), its a narrative, a subliminal attempt to alter perceptions, to warp historical accuracy and to force acceptance of such narratives into the subconcious of television viewers without their knowledge or consent, and here we were thinking such advertising strategies were illegal.
    Its a positive discrimination ( oops I meant affirmitive action) wankfest!

    Go on, have a look and count how many adverts now have a black face in them or an interacial theme of some kind, its an eye opener since blacks are obviously being over represented just to push an ideological position.

  • NoMore

    They have one more chance to get it right. Take it fools.

  • NoMore

    Yes I have noticed that myself Red 5 and not just in adverts too, also in TV programmes (Broadchurch 3 had more non-whites living in rural Dorset than parts of London; Line of Duty 4 has a miscegenous couple in it with mixed race kids – least the man is the white one though a weepy cuck.) Any kind of billboard ad for a college or such in the South/Midlands will feature a non-white student – it’s as if they think it is racist and exclusive to show only a white student on such ads.
    Cultural Marxism is the great enemy of our times.

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