June 2024

Afghanistan used to be a pretty cool place. So did Iran and Libya.

You’ll probably find this hard to believe, but forty to fifty years ago, in the 1960s and 1970s, countries like Afghanistan, Iran and Libya used to be pretty cool places. Women were liberated and could be educated. There was music and dancing and laughter. People were reasonably free. People were almost behaving like what most of us would consider to be modern human beings.

In fact, Afghanistan, Iran and Libya almost resembled many European countries.

Then came the Religion of Love and Slaughter and I guess you know the rest.

Unfortunately our globalist, country-hating, West-loathing rulers have decided to flood Europe with you know who so they can eradicate any idea of separate countries with their own cultures and traditions in order to subject us to an undemocratic, corrupt, centralised government run by an unelected hereditary elite.

So now it looks like in forty to fifty years some European countries will resemble today’s Afghanistan, Iran and Libya rather than the other way round.

Still, I guess that’s what the brain-dead, lefty, Guardian-reading, BBC-believing, migrant-hugging libtards would call ‘progress’.

6 comments to Afghanistan used to be a pretty cool place. So did Iran and Libya.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Not forgetting Syria which, despite Assad’s harsh rule, was comfortably westernised in it’s attitudes and allowed and protected the rights of ALL religions.
    Our current crop of western leaders seem determined to see the followers of the religion of peace take it over then what ?

  • Colin Smith

    I had never heard of this one: ‘asylum seekers’ benefit’ but apparently it is available for those ‘fleeing’ countries with whom we have full diplomatic, trade and aid links:
    The ONLY appropriate sanction is prison followed by deportation upon release.

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Given a choice I think the nuclear annihilation option looks the better of the two….either way, I’m glad I’m nearer the end of my days rather than the beginning.

    The end of life as we know it aside, I’m at a loss to understand why the liberal left leaders we have just can’t see the coming storm?

  • Rob

    Not forgetting Lebanon either..

  • David Brown has interesting article on Macron and readers comments.
    Is Macron the EUs last best hope?

    What should concern us is will he facilitate more migrants passing through France to the green fields of England.

  • Sarah

    I remember seeing photos from the archives of a photographer from the 60s, about a year ago now. This guy had traveled through Afghanistan and Iran and had snapshotted his way around – and displayed them, years later. They shocked me. To see images of these two countries, they looked Western. Thriving, modern, peaceful. People were dressed just like us, walking along well built footpaths alongside paved roads with cars traveling along calmly. Women and men mingling, smiling and laughing. I was absolutely astonished.

    Comparing them to the images from Afghanistan and Iran today – or even from the last 20 years, it is a sad indictment of what has happened.

    What I also find bizarre, is that when you see migrants today, from these nation’s, they come to the West, yet retain the cultural lifestyle and ideals that their countries are polluted with today. They do not want to abandon them. You would think they would, given they have done their best to escape it.

    I wonder, if the average Muslim citizen in the Islamic world, who is not old enough to have lived through those times past – if they have even been taught or shown that this was what their countries were once like?

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