July 2024

“Cursed is the man who speaketh the truth!”

“Cursed is the man who speaketh what he believeth to be the truth. For he shall be cast out from his job and pilloried by those that liveth in the Valley of Political Correctness and he shall be reviled by the gullible sheeple and the politically-craven police will smite him and he shall forever be an abomination throughout the land wheresoever he goeth” (The Gospel According to David Craig)

Somebody  has done it. Somebody has dared to say what nobody else will say. This is a report of what an American catholic cardinal said in an interview with an Italian newspaper.

You may agree with the outspoken cardinal? You may disagree? But he should have the right to freely express his opinions without being ruined or even murdered.

None of the mainstream media would dream of reporting this story. So, I’ll do it. Here’s the report of the interview:

Speaking in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Cardinal Raymond Burke accused Westerners of being too weak to acknowledge the incompatibility of Christianity and *sl*m.

“It is clear that M*sl*ms have as their ultimate goal conquest and power over the world,” the American cardinal said. “*sl*m, through sharia, their law, will rule the world and permit violence against infidels, such as Christians. But we find it hard to recognise this reality and to respond by defending the Christian faith.”

“Many people do not understand what *sl*m really is,” he added. “They create these slogans: we all believe in the same God, we are all united by love and so on. It’s not true.”

He also said that modern Christians are often unwilling to proclaim their beliefs, and should not be afraid to convert people of other faiths.

“Christians have neglected a fundamental truth: there is only one Saviour of the world: Jesus Christ. We must not proselytize, imposing Christianity, but if we believe in Jesus it is our duty to bear witness”.

“I think that this witness is not very strong, even in countries that were called Christian once upon a time, such as the European nations.”

Cardinal Burke, who is regarded as a leading traditionalist within the Catholic Church, went on to say that *sl*m poses a threat to the Western order because it makes no distinction between religion and the state.

“*sl*m is a threat in the sense that for the true M*sl*m, Allah must rule the world. Christ said in the Gospel: ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’. He continued “By contrast, the *sl*mic religion which is based on the law of the Koran aims to govern all countries where there are M*sl*ms”.

“While they are the minority they cannot insist, but when they become the majority they must apply the Sharia.”

We can already see this in some M*sl*m-majority neighbourhoods, the cardinal added.

“Today there are enclaves, entire neighbourhoods, in Europe where there is in fact Muslim rule.”

Speaking about so-called “no-go zones” such as Molenbeek, Cardinal Burke said that the existence of such neighbourhoods represented a failure of integration, calling them “a state within a state”.

The problem is that M*sl*ms aim for expansion,” he added. “The whole history of the *sl*mic presence in Europe is an attempt to conquer it.

Rather than through arms, that expansion will come through immigration and high birth rate.

“Several times I have heard *sl*mists explaining: ‘What we failed to do with weapons in the past, we are doing today with birth rate and immigration.’ The population is changing. If this keeps up, in countries like Italy, the majority will be M*sl*m.

We can now expect immediate howls of manufactured outrage from the holier-than-thou, treacherous, West-hating, ruling elites and their sycophantic, self-serving lackeys in the mainstream media, especially in the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation.

I wonder how long it will be till Cardinal Burke is browbeaten into making a grovelling apology or even fired for offences against political correctness?

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  • NoMore

    Instead the Telegraph breathlessly informs us of a ‘shocking racially-motivated attack’ – not the shooting of some Jews doing their weekly shop in Paris or a gang-rape in Rotherham but in London where apparently 2 men pulled down a woman’s hijab in Harringey. I thought several races wore hijabs though only Musl!ms do. The Met are horrified and no doubt have their best bloodhounds on the scent.

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