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Kim Kardashian’s many talents

The Kim Kardashian mystery

A few days ago, I wrote about the horrific jewellery robbery in Paris in which the world’s most talented and famous woman was reportedly relieved of over $5m of bling.

Of course, we don’t know if this was a real robbery, a desperate publicity stunt by a celeb afraid of her ‘career’ declining or an insurance fraud to help pay of her husband rapper Kanye West’s alleged $53m debts. Ms Kardashian has apparently already put in an insurance claim for $5.6m.

Since writing my blog, I have realised that some readers are so out of touch with world events that they seem to be unaware of why Ms Kardashian is so famous that she apparently has over 48 million so-called ‘Twitter followers’. So, as part of snouts-in-the-trough’s mission to educate and inform, I have once again reluctantly done some in-depth research to find some pictures explaining Ms Kardashian’s extraordinary fame and success.

But first, something very rare – a photo of Ms Kardashian almost fully clothed:


And now, some photos apparently of Ms Kardashian hard at work:


Oh, and here’s apparently another one:


The curse of Kim Kardashian

Why Kim Kardashian is important is because of the negative influence she has on so many impressionable people. There are close to 50 million people – probably mostly teenage girls – who get some very clear messages from following the exploits of the multi-talented Ms Kardashian:

  • Why study and work, when you can become a multi-millionaire celeb just by taking your clothes off and making sex tapes?
  • Unless you have inflated air-bag breasts and a double-watermelon-sized bottom, you have an abnormal body
  • Every girl should try to get a pre-pubescent shaved look – that’s what men like
  • All that is important in life is shopping for clothes, jewellery and mansions

Some people have called our era the ‘Age of the Airheads’.

Ms Kardashian seems to be the most perfect illustration of our dumbed-down society.

2 comments to Kim Kardashian’s many talents

  • PoppaBear

    THANK YOU, I have been trying to find out for sometime now what made this person a celebrity and her family. Nobody else seemed to be able to tell me. They just seemingly came from nowhere, now I know – thank you

  • AtheistAmerican

    Yeah, I can tell that she’s a Very talent girl (by that last photo alone–I think I got that video in my collection, too!). Right up there with Paris Hilton in the daily entertainment scene.

    She fits so well into 21st Century American society. She’s something of a young, female Trump with more sexual talent than business BS…

    But you forgot to mention how she became famous: her scumbag father brought the Kardashian name to the public defending O.J. Simpson alongside Johnny Cockroach aboard the Dream Team a couple decades back. I think that financial stimulus alone contributed to her career.

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