June 2024

You’d better buy a ‘dashcam’!!

Today I wanted to write about a great new craze sweeping Sweden, land of ABBA, blond girls and endless pine forests. The craze is popular among the ‘new Swedes’ and is called “cripple-raping”.

But then I came across a brief video clip of another craze brought to us by the new arrivals to our continent- this time from *sl*mic Republic of Germanistan. So, Sweden and its”cripple-raping” will have to wait for another day.

As readers will know, thanks to Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s lunatic policies, Germanistan has been multiculturally enriched by the joyous arrival of over a million highly-educated, highly-qualified, hard-working members of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace who will make a tremendous contribution to Germanistan’s economy and society.

Readers will also know that anyone claiming most of the new arrivals are violent, rape-obsessed, inbred, primitive, intolerant, benefits-scrounging, criminal morons from a death cult masquerading as a religion is a total idiot.

Anyway, it seems the some of the hard-working new arrivals have begun to use their well-earned free time to earn a little extra cash. In Germanistan’s case, they do this by adopting a practice apparently already widespread in China and Russia – leaping onto cars and then demanding money from the drivers for the supposed ‘injuries’ they have sustained due to the drivers’ carelessness.

Here’s a wonderful short (1 minute) video of one of these morons (sorry, I meant ‘highly-educated contributors to Germanistan’s economy and society’) trying his luck at claiming a car had knocked him off his (probably stolen) cycle – without much success as the driver had a dashcam (dashboard camera).

Given how quickly these fashions spread, it won’t be long before Britain’s multicultural enrichers take time off from robbing and raping to try their luck at this too.

If I were you, I’d buy yourself a dashcam!

2 comments to You’d better buy a ‘dashcam’!!

  • NoMore

    I’ve seen similar videos from Russian dashcams – they were all laughably lame attempts to fake accidents, usually losers throwing themselves against passing cars, but this stands out for its sheer blatancy with no attempt at any verisimilitude. However with the Polizei (not to mention our own police) only taking the the side of the Musl!ms who’s to say what would have happened if this driver had not filmed it with a dashcam. These will be flying off the shelves faster than pepper spray soon.

  • Tom Billesley

    Not believing everything a muslim says is islamophobia. The cops know this.

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