May 2024

We’re proud to be “deplorables”. We’re proud to want to defend our countries and civilisation

(Snouts-in-the-trough – a daily blog that is heavily self-censored to avoid the writer being killed by those who get violent when they feel they are being offended. Welcome to the new ‘free speech is prohibited’ Britain)

So, multimillionaire Hillary ‘Goldman Sachs’ Clinton now brands all patriotic Americans, who want to defend their country and their freedoms, as being “deplorables” who are “racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic or *sl*mophobic”.

Those are pretty much the same easy insults that the Establishment and sycophantic mainstream media hurl at any Brits who want to leave the EU; any Dutch people who want to control Third-World immigration to their already overcrowded small country; anyone from Eastern Europe who doesn’t want their countries to become part of a new Caliphate; any French citizens who believe in preserving their country and culture; any Germans who dare criticise Merkel’s M*sl*m invasion; in fact, anyone who is uneasy about the global elites’ plans to wipe out nation states by flooding the West with millions of violent, ignorant, illiterate, unemployable, religiously-backward, inbred, murderous morons.

So, let’s admit it – we’re proud to be “deplorables”, we’re proud to want to defend a civilisation the elites are so desperate to destroy:

4 comments to We’re proud to be “deplorables”. We’re proud to want to defend our countries and civilisation

  • MGJ

    When somebody questions your morality it is worth taking a look at the character of your accuser. To name a few of Hillary’s alleged crimes…

    1) Deliberate humiliation of rape victims having kept their rapists out of jail on a legal technicality (see YouTube)
    2) Voted for the invasion of various M*sl*m countries leading to the inevitable consequences
    3) Married to a serial rapist whose behaviour she enabled and supported, slut-shaming and threatening the victims
    4) Illegal use of private email server to send and receive classified information. Likely to have led to the deaths of US operatives, in which case this constitutes treason.
    5) Extremely suspicious deaths of several people shortly before testifying aginst the Clintons.
    6) Constant lying about health and everything else
    7) Death of the odd half million children in Iraq due to embargo on medicines, clean water etc. which she approved of
    8) Mastermind of the world’s most corrupt “charity” i.e. the Clinton foundation
    9) Treasonous use of the above to do favours for foreign leaders/criminals in return for money.
    10) Notorious inability to control temper, allegedly screaming abuse at Obama and inflicting violence on her husband.
    11) Racist (not waaaaciiiist) language, e.g. young blacks are “criminal super-predators”, campaign manager was a “f***ing Jew b*****d” etc.
    12) “We came, we saw…he died…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” (see YouTube)
    13) Unqualified support for white-hating, police-hating BLM terrorists.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Why don’t you keep out of U.S. politics, as it’s something you know Nothing about.

    Trump is Playing the masses with Fear.

    And I’m only going to mention #5 up there: this is Paranoid Central which the Trump conspiracy nutjobs cling to. It speaks volumes all by itself!

    I’m not even going to Bother giving the links I’ve previously posted regarding Trump’s bullying, threatening, and manipulation of people under him to get ahead. Trump has NO Integrity. Period. End of sentence.

  • David Brown

    Mr AtheistAmerican why does America not keep out of Iraq, Libya and Syria ?
    The majority of American Christians are going to vote for Trump.
    You inform us you are an atheist, Do you believe in a one One World Government ? Can you reply to this question .

  • MGJ

    Not an argument.

    I made no mention of American politics nor of Trump. Who you elect is your concern, not mine. I was assessing the character of a woman who screams racist at millions of people in the UK for daring to vote for a policy she doesn’t approve of.

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