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Give Tony Blair an Oscar! What a great performance!

Hopefully you’ve seen some of the (IMHO) war criminal Tony Blair’s press conference responding to the findings of the Chilcot report.

If not, here’s a small (2 minutes) excerpt:

Just look at Blair’s brilliant acting – the sad face, the voice choked with emotion, the open, vulnerable ‘I’m a pretty straight kind of guy’ body language. An acting masterclass! Truly a performance worthy of an Oscar or two! As the great Sam Goldwyn once said: “The most important thing is honesty. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

And what about Blair’s speechwriters? Maybe they should get an Oscar too – for Best Screenplay? And what a great line “there were no lies, there was no deceit, there was no deception”. What poetry! What words of mass deception!

Only problem is that everything that comes out of the mouth of this (IMHO) utter scumbag is (IMHO) lies, lies and more lies:

  • The warnings that the supposed ‘intelligence’ about Saddam’s WMD was unreliable – deleted from Blair’s dodgy dossier and replaced by the claim that the intelligence was totally convincing
  • The dodgy dossier sexed up on the orders of one of Blair’s acolytes – I think we all know who
  • The ’45 minutes to activate Saddam’s WMDs’ claim just a total lie
  • The claim that Blair took the decision to go to war ‘in good faith’ – lies, lies and more lies. He had already decided to follow Bush almost 12 months before the decision was taken supposedly ‘in good faith’

Admire, how Blair manages to make himself the victim of circumstances – the honest guy who took the best decision he could for the sake of both our country and the world, because, of course, “there were no lies, there was no deceit, there was no deception”.

Stop laughing, you at the back!

As for Blair’s supposed sadness over the 179 British lives lost, the hundreds of British troops maimed and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed – Blair couldn’t (IMHO) give a toss. The only thing that interests Blair and his ghastly grasping wife is (IMHO) how much money they can make for themselves.

So, give Britain’s greatest living actor – Tony Blair – an Oscar! Give him two! Or even three!

He just gave the performance of a lifetime!

8 comments to Give Tony Blair an Oscar! What a great performance!

  • Billy Liar

    BLIAR,Shill of the highest order.

  • Teflon Tories

    Brexit and how to grab defeat from the jaws of Victory.

    Brexit was a poke in the eye for the Evil Elite and their bought and paid for Politicians and shill media.
    Not to rest for a moment they have a plan to slap us into place.
    Get George Osborne, Mark Carney and the media to denigrate undermine and destroy confidence in the UK.Ok so far so good , then what? well when the British are distracted and frightened elect a Bremain leader that will call for a second Referendum on the EU.
    How so?


    Revealed: Theresa May Secretly Met Billionaire Branson As He Plotted To Crush Brexit Vote.

    The billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson held secretive talks with the front-runner to become Britain’s next leader to push his campaign to crush the Brexit vote and secure a second referendum.

  • HotelCalifornication

    Brexit has been useful to the Elite to distract attention from Euroland that is in real Dire Straits.We were the first to leave the sinking ship wouldnt it be ironic if we jumped back aboard just at it went under the waves all the way to the bottom.

    Gundlach: “When Deutsche Bank Goes To Single Digits People Will Start To Panic”

    A Furious Italian Prime Minister Slams Deutsche Bank As Europe’s Most Insolvent Bank.

    Meanwhile In Greece, Homeless Family Of 5 Lives In Carton Boxes.

    “Italian Government Collapse More Than Just A Possibility”

    Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization.

    Spain’s Social Security Program Will Go Bust in 2018.


    Anyone for Trident???

    “1,400 US Mayors Just Slammed The White House For Risking Nuclear War With Russia.”

  • MGJ

    So has Blair withdrawn his previous assertion that he took the UK to war because God told him to?

    Compared with all the other unconvincing justifications he has, it has the merit that is hard to prove he is lying. Barking mad perhaps but not lying.

  • Twi5ted

    I take some small satisfaction from his haunted face and mad eyes. Seems to be on the edge of sanity and in a place where the psychopath finally faces the dawning reality of their actions they thought beyond reach. The unfairness of it all is their biggest sorrow.

    David Kelly notes are still sealed for another 80 years. What does it take to re-open that so we can see the truth about his demise.

  • AmericanMan

    At least Blair talks.
    You never see Or hear Bush or Rumsfeld around here anymore. It’s like they don’t exist or never existed.
    Both are hiding under rocks for fear of getting lynched!
    Bush alone has got to be the most Invisible of recent presidents Ever. Jimmy Carter talks to the news more than him, and I don’t mean because of cancer. For that matter, Bush Sr. seems to be distancing himself as much as possible, virtually ashamed of his own brood…

  • David Brown

    Blairs motive for Iraq was obvious at the time but in legal terms its only supposition .
    He calculated that if he committed the UK to war with Iraq he would be personally rewarded by the Americans. Which he was by being given lucrative contracts by American companies.

    Re May – she is not to be trusted . She keeps lying about reducing net immigration .
    No date has been set for the UK to leave . How long would it take why can we not be gone by January 2017. Or is plan B to drag it out for years pretend to get better terms and hold another referendum ?

    As for Mark Carny is he not still working for Goldman Sachs ?

  • David Brown

    The London Evening Standard today has letter from Conservative MP for Southend saying that he reluctantly voted for the Iraq war because he believed it really did have WMDs. I have never meet a single person who believed it at the time. Only 15 Conservative MPs voted against this war , which was against our national interest.
    The point of the WMD lie was never to fool the public but to give MPs a justification for voting for the war. Former Defence Secretary Robin Cook had the integrity to resign from Blair’s cabinet at the time. Jack Straw, who was defence secretary at the time now claims he should have voted against but believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction . Is he a fool or a liar ?

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