June 2024

Bang! Whoosh! Boom! Crash! It must be Global Warming!

I apologise, but I was pretty pleased with my blog yesterday. It took a fair bit of detective work to put together the pieces that suggested Sir David Attenborough’s film of a collapsing glacier might possibly be a complete fabricated con by Attenborough and the BBC.

Only about one in every ten readers appears to have looked at the short (1 min 52 secs) film narrated by Attenborough from the BBC’s FROZEN PLANET

I would really recommend that you all click on the link. Then about 40 seconds in, see whether a series of loud bangs with snow and ice being shot in the air are caused by explosive charges set off by the BBC film crew so they could get a nice “killer shot” or whether they’re actually “ruptures deep within the glacier” as Attenborough claims (click to see more clearly)


Anyway, I was so pleased with myself for unearthing this possible scam by Attenborough and the BBC that I thought I’d give myself a day off today.

But if any readers know any journalists, perhaps you could send them the link to yesterday’s blog If the collapsing glacier film is a BBC and Attenborough scam (and I can’t decide if it is or not), this story deserves to be publicised much more widely than amongst the modest readership of this blog.

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  • Paris Claims

    I was under the impression that as summer approached these glaciers shrunk anyway. And then they increase in size as winter approaches.

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