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Is Sir David Attenborough an honest man? Or a Global Warming ‘conman’?

Today I must be very careful with what I write for obvious legal reasons. So I’ll just give a few bits of information and provide a link to a short (1 min 52 secs) piece of film from the BBC’s FROZEN PLANET series. Then readers can make up their own minds.

We all love Sir David Attenborough. He’s a national treasure. For decades he’s brought us some of the best wildlife and natural history documentaries ever made. And his calm, reverent, knowledgeable commentary is so refreshing compared to today’s self-obsessed presenters who seem more interested in themselves than in what they are meant to be showing and will often screech things like “this is incredible” and “oh my God! Oh my God” and even (in a documentary about polar bears) “I’m sh*tting myself!”

Moreover, David Attenborough went out on a limb by warning about the effect the rapidly-rising human population was having on our planet. This immediately led to him being viciously attacked by the usual mob of the politically-correct.

We’ve always known we can trust Attenborough. But is that still true? Or has Attenborough, willingly or unwillingly, allowed himself to be used by the Global Warming propagandists and is he now resorting to what could look like deception to ‘prove’ Global Warming is happening?

The most iconic images ‘proving’ Global Warming are of a sad-looking polar bear stuck on an ice floe far from land or of office-block-sized pieces of glaciers collapsing into the sea. The problem with filming glaciers collapsing is that glaciers move rather slowly – certainly far too slowly for documentary-makers in a hurry who want to scare us about the speed at which supposed “Global Warming” will kill millions of us. So an honest film-maker might have to wait weeks or even months for a big, impressive piece of a glacier to fall into the sea in front of his or her camera. Not all documentary-makers have the time, budget or patience.

On page 16 of his book Reporting Live from the End of the World BBC ‘greenie’ David Shukman reveals what some film-makers do to get some dramatic ‘killer shots’ of collapsing glaciers. They fly a helicopter near to the edge of a glacier, lower explosive charges into some crevasses, retreat to a safe distance, set up their cameras and then set off the explosives by remote control. The result is of course massive pieces of glacier impressively collapsing into the sea, ‘proving’ Global Warming is happening and is happening now. The attitude is, as Shukman explains, “the ice was going to break off sometime anyway, so no big deal”.

The full 7 episodes of the BBC’s FROZEN PLANET were broadcast in the UK. But the BBC chose to make the series’ seventh episode – On Thin Ice – which focuses on climate change, optional for syndication in order to aid sales of the show in countries where the issue is politically sensitive.

Here’s a brief section from Attenborough’s FROZEN PLANET of glaciers ‘collapsing into the sea’

Now, although I have used explosives when I was younger, I’m obviously no expert. But looking carefully at this piece of film, (particularly around 40 seconds in) I believe some people might conclude that the pieces of collapsing glacier have been ‘encouraged’ by a series of controlled explosions rather than happening naturally as a result of Global Warming. You can see the snow being thrown up by what I believe are explosions, but Attenborough claims are “ruptures deep within the glacier”.

But I leave it up to you to reach your own conclusions.

However, if this piece of film is a result of BBC Global Warming fakery, perhaps we should get an apology from the BBC and from national treasure Attenborough?

8 comments to Is Sir David Attenborough an honest man? Or a Global Warming ‘conman’?

  • the BBC regard man made global warming as proven science as is clear from a letter they sent to this weeks Spectator. Which informs us that they may occasionally allow a none scientist to question it. Whenever there is a report on so called climate change on the BBC we are informed that “the consensus among scientists” as in all scientists agree on this see
    As for the iconic image of the polar bear stranded on an ice flow suggestion the ice expanse is melting. Fact is the polar bear population has increased and being solitary animals a few get stranded.

  • Juliet 46

    I had never thought about the logistics of filming “The Creation of an Iceberg” before – but now, as pointed out by you via Shukman, it seems blindingly clear that they must “help” the glacier to collapse. Thank you.

  • right_writes

    Good stuff David…

    But I fear this is only the tip of the iceberg.


  • Stuz Graz

    That seems far too plausible. It was not that long ago Attenborough was busily promoting the notorious
    “hockey stick” of temperature rises long after the methodology had been rubbished and actual temperatures were moving in the opposite direction to the scary computer projections.

  • […] Is Sir David Attenborough an honest man? Or a Global Warming ‘conman’? […]

  • Brillo

    With a global population of 7 billion rising to 10 billion by 2050 and a rapid growth in the consumption of fossil fuels it’s only a matter of time before we either suffocate ourselves or kill each other over a diminishing supply of energy. It ain’t rocket science folks. By the way we only have 28 years left of oil so make the most of it why you can.

  • Excel

    Is David Craig and intelligent man or an idiot? I believe in the latter, but I leave it up to you to reach your own conclusions.

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