October 2022
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Who will the Lefties blame if Israel is destroyed?

Israel has not been making too many friends over the last few days. And this weekend, the usual helpful fools were out demonstrating in support of the Palestinians and against ‘Israeli brutality’. The demonstrators didn’t seem worried about the fact that new Islamic State (IS) has slaughtered hundreds of innocents in cold blood by shooting, beheading and crucifixion. Nor did the Lefties seem concerned by the fact that the last few hundred Christians in the IS have been given an ultimatum – ‘convert to Isl*m or else be put to the sword’.

Nope, it seems like the only ‘bad guys’ in the area are the Israelis.

In fact, it’s almost a miracle that Israel has survived for so long. Israel’s population is about 8 million – 6 million Jews and 2 million others (mostly Arabs) and Israel’s land area is a tiny 20,770km2. Compare that to Iran – population 76 million and land area 1,600,000km2. Or Egypt – population 81 million and land area 1,000,000km2. In fact, Israel is surrounded by hostile countries with a population of over 371 million and a land area of about 7,000,000km2.

And, of course, most of these 371 million people loathe tiny Israel. They loathe Israel because it is a liberal democracy and not heading rapidly back to the Dark Ages. They loathe Israel because it is an economic success, not an incompetently-led corrupt cess-pit of poverty, filth and ignorance. They loathe Israel because Israel represents the kind of future they could have had were they not so educationally, socially, morally and religiously backward. They loathe Israel because it is a tiny beacon of hope in a huge area of self-inflicted misery

But can Israel really continue to exist? Once Baroness Ashton and her successor have allowed the Iranians to get nuclear weapons, will that be the end of Israel?

This would be celebrated with jubilation by the anti-semites at the BBC, the Guardian and all their idiotic fellow travellers.

Yet if Israel were destroyed and the Lefties suddenly found that Arab fury and hatred of and violence against the West continued or even increased, who could the Lefties blame then? It couldn’t be the Israelis. After all, they’d be gone and Israel would have been reduced to a poverty-stricken, corrupt, stinking hell-hole like most Arab countries.

This could be a real problem for the Lefties. Without Israel, they’d lose their excuse for supporting people who would like to kill us all and obliterate a thousand years of progress and enlightenment.

4 comments to Who will the Lefties blame if Israel is destroyed?

  • Paris Claims

    If Israel was destroyed they’d still be blaming Israel for the next few decades. Just like they still blame Thatcher for most/all of their perceived injustices over here.
    They’re mad really, muslims were slaughtering just about everyone they could centuries before Israel existed.

  • John Fields

    The Jews have been living with the threat of extinction since the late
    1940’s. They are used to world opinion being against them. But, unlike most of the
    dithering western democracies they will knock the sh.t out of anything or anybody
    that threatens them. Iran should remember that Israel is a nuclear power , so it would be
    wise to tread careful.

  • Molly Goo

    They are land stealers and they shall cease to exist as a country if they carry on this way.

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