July 2024

Just don’t mention the fake vaccines

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There are two stories recently which a suspicious, worthless old cynic like myself might think are connected.

Story 1 – The social care crisis

In our phoney election, all the establishment parties are blethering on about how they need to “fix the social care crisis” in order to fix the NHS. The problem being, of course, that there are hundreds (or maybe even thousands?) of ‘bed-blockers’ – people who are sufficiently heathy to leave hospital but cannot leave as there is insufficient social care available to help them once they leave. Some people have even suggested that the lack of social care workers is one of the reasons we need high immigration from the Third World. What none of the lying politicians moaning about fixing social care mentions is that around 40,000 care workers left their jobs or were fired because they refused to take the fake vaccines.

Most of the 40,000 former care workers will have got other jobs working in shops or hospitality or whatever and probably have no desire to return to the ghastly task of wiping granny’s arse. Perhaps if the Tories hadn’t forced these 40,000 former care workers out of their jobs, there wouldn’t be such a ‘social care crisis’? But nobody dares mention the fake vaccines as being responsible for the problem.

Story 2 – The new British Heart Foundation campaign

Apparently the British Heart Foundation has launched a new campaign to raise awareness of healthy young people dying from heart attacks. The campaign features hand-painted murals of young sportspeople who have died in this way. Here are a few of these murals which are designed to link to the current Euros football competition which Germany will win:

The BBC Breakfast report on this featured a BBC reporter excitedly interviewing some Oxford-based researcher who claimed that within 5 to 10 years, the researchers expected to find a cure for these sudden deaths of healthy, sporty young people. Oxford is, of course, where they helped develop the AstraZeneca ‘miracle vaccine’ which has now been withdrawn for reasons I am too polite to speculate on. I wasn’t listening properly, but I think the researcher even mentioned developing a vaccine to prevent these tragic and unexpected deaths.

I ain’t no medic. But I think I can save the Oxford researchers 5 to 10 years of study and probably lots of money. You want to know why so many healthy young people are dropping like flies? How about looking at the myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the lining around the heart) caused by the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines? After all, if you play sport while you have a heart inflammation and thus put strain on the heart, you’re much more likely to keel over and go to a better place.

Just a thought.

3 comments to Just don’t mention the fake vaccines

  • Ian J

    I suspect this is part of the latest gaslighting(?) – to ‘forget’ that the vax mandates were rejected by (I believe) about 30%, that forced many to leave their jobs, and that the number of heart-related post-vax deaths are just a coincidence. It is easy enough to ‘join the dots’ to see that there is likely causality here! And the vax wasn’t even effective in preventing the spread of a glorified flu outbreak!

  • A Thorpe

    My thoughts were exactly the same as Ian’s. It’s like an exercise in joining the dots. They are all there to see but who can, or is willing, to see them?

    But why do we need all the care workers? It is because the government has taken over the duty of care from families. Part of this is because the NHS is obsessed with extending life but it is resulting in conditions that need specialist care. My generation has seen the results and I don’t know anybody who wants to end up in a care home. The governments are trying to destroy family life and the support it provides. This is because the family is the biggest threat to increasing reliance on the state. People will finally wake up to this when the socialist state runs out of money, which is almost upon us. Unfortunately recovering from that creates a bigger problem for us to face.

    I saw a comment from Thomas Sowell recently saying when people expect the impossible, only liars can provide it. It sums up this situation. We get the politicians the masses want.

  • Stillreading

    The truth is slowly emerging, despite all the endeavours by TPTB to suppress it. Several members of my family, myself included, are or were employed in the NHS, a couple as very senior doctors. All of us, I am not ashamed to admit, willingly offered our arms for the first jab, either because – in my case – I am old and didn’t want to contract an infection which I was being told could kill me, those still working because they believed what the Government was telling them regarding “safe and effective”. They sincerely believed that healthy working doctors, nurses and midwives would be crucial to the ongoing delivery of medical services to the population on the point of suffering a lethal pandemic and consequently they thought it their duty to take all precautions against becoming ill themselves. It should be emphasised that only relatively few practising doctors, even at the most senior level, are experts in immunology. The majority had neither the expertise nor, frankly, the time or even inclination to delve deep into the intricate biochemical pathways via which infection either takes over the nbody and becomes illness or is overcome by the individual’s immune system and is sent on its way. Even experts in their fields – cardiologist Dr.Assim Malhotra, American Dr. Peter McCullough, English Professor of Oncology Dr. Angus Dalgleigh, took a while to realise the enormity of the misinformation leading to willing acceptance of the jab but sometimes followed by severe physical damage, which was deliberately inflicted upon thousands of citizens of the West, the area where the faux vax was most widely administered. I say DELIBERATELY inflicted because we now know that Big Pharma, the manufacturers and pedlars of this “safe and effective” jungle juice knew full well right from the start that it was neither. They intentionally told us all untruths. They deserve everything coming to them and the rate of approach is escalation. (Only this morning, due to my age, I have received yet ANOTHER text instructing me to attend for whatever number jab this would be. I smelled a rat and stopped after the third. This latest text is, I think, t he fifth of recent weeks, interspersed with a letter in VERY bold type, telling me how imperative it is to go and get another dose of the juice. The giant type was, I assume, because I am thought to be of moderately advanced senility)

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