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The three technologies from hell?

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We didn’t obey our rulers

Hopefully readers have noticed a massive change in the relationship between ourselves and the ruling political, bureaucratic and media elites. In 2016 we were given a real opportunity to vote. But apparently we gave the wrong answer. In Britain we voted for Brexit and in the USA they voted for Trump. Since then the establishment have done everything in their power to thwart our choices. In the UK, Brexit was continually blocked by our politicians, especially the useless Theresa May who (if I remember correctly) fired two Brexit secretaries for actually trying to deliver a real Brexit, and in the USA we had continual attempts to impeach Trump including the Russian collusion nonsense.

Since then the establishment have given up all pretence of being willing to serve their voters and have instead decided that only they know what is right for us and that they will impose this on us whether we like it or not. We saw that in the way the establishment tore up plans which had been made for dealing with a pandemic and instead locked us in our homes while our rulers partied and laughed at our gullibility.

And we can see this in the way our rulers are forcing three already-failing technologies on us. These are mRNA vaccines, heat pumps and electric vehicles.

The mRNA disaster

Pzizer tried to have the details of the clinical testing of their mRNA Covid vaccine sealed for 75 years. That’s rather odd given that the company was proudly claiming a medical miracle in producing a ‘safe and effective’ vaccine in such a short time. We now know that the vaccine was not properly tested, that the samples used for getting regulatory approval were produced by a quite different manufacturing process than was used for mass production and that many batches were contaminated by DNA which shouldn’t have been present. In addition, the link between the mRNA vaccines and a huge rise in myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly in young men, has been proven. Furthermore, I recently featured just one of three YouTube videos made by Dr John Campbell about a new type of white blood clot which funeral home embalmers have been finding in corpses which is preventing them injecting embalming fluid into arteries.

But whatever the problems with mRNA vaccines, our rulers have decided that they are the future of mass vaccination. Moderna have recently signed massive multi-million deals with the UK, Australian and Canadian governments to build mRNA manufacturing plants in those countries, Pfizer virtually controls many US politicians. And here’s Pfizer boss, Eric Bourla, with his best friend for life the fragrant, always immaculately-coiffed EU supremo Ursula fond of Lying:

Moreover, Moderna is, if I remember correctly, the largest shareholding of the investment fund Theleme Partners jointly founded by our PM, Mr Sunak, and Sunak recently claimed at PMQs in answer to a question by MP Andrew Bridgen “unequivocally the Covid vaccines were safe”. Our rulers have committed us to mRNA vaccines and we can expect a concerted assault by the media, tech giants and pharma companies on anyone who dares suggest that they are not quite as ‘safe and effective’ as the establishment, regulators and pharma companies would like us to believe.

Heat pumps for a colder future?

Then we have heat pumps. I have read several times by promoters of these useless things that they are just like fridges but work in the opposite way and are no noisier than the average household fridge. Well, here are three photos – a fridge, an airconditioning unit and a heat pump:

Can you tell the difference between a fridge, a heat pump and an airconditioning unit? Basically, a heat pump is not like a fridge. It’s like an airconditioning unit but working in reverse. And airconditioning units are not quiet like the average fridge. They are usually fixed to an outside wall where they are exposed to the weather and the fans get noisier every year. Moreover, fitting one costs thousands of pounds and usually means ripping out and replacing all your existing piping and radiators or else installing underfloor heating. Additionally, heat pumps have to be run for much longer than a gas boiler to achieve a reasonable temperature. Moreover, standard advice is to keep your hot water temperature at around 60 degrees to avoid the formation of legionella bacteria, yet heat pumps only heat your water to something like 54 degrees.

But our rulers have decided that we must all install heat pumps to save the planet from the hogwash of ‘global boiling’ and we will be fined and bullied and penalised till we comply.

The electric vehicle car crash

That brings us to technology from hell number three – electric vehicles (EVs) or milk floats pretending to be cars. What to say? They are much heavier that ICE (internal combustion engine cars), have very limited range, the range is even less in hot or cold weather when you might use the airconditioning or heating, they lose charge on hills, they take a long time to charge, they go through tyres much faster than a lighter ICE vehicle and so on. But the worse part is the vulnerability of their lithium ion batteries. Even a small bump may require a full battery replacement costing around £10,000. Moreover, the batteries have an unfortunate tendency to experience ‘thermal runaway’ – where a couple of the thousands of fuel cells spontaneously combust causing a massive fire which releases clouds of toxic chemicals and are extremely difficult to extinguish. Two car-transporter ships have been destroyed by electric vehicle fires and it’s likely that the Luton Airport loss of a car park and over 1,500 cars was largely due to electric vehicles burning at a much higher temperature than the ICE vehicles. It may be that in the future, with safer, possibly solid-state batteries which give longer ranges that EVs become a viable alternative to ICE vehicles. But it’s clear that the current technology is woefully inadequate. and potentially dangerous.

But we will be forced to buy them anyway if we wish to continue owning a car.

You will comply. You will obey.

In all these three technologies, our rulers, the experts-for-sale and the media prostitutes have decided that these must be imposed on us whether we want them or not. All three are questionable. But doubters will be silenced as we are bludgeoned into obedience.

2 comments to The three technologies from hell?

  • A Thorpe

    At the moment we still have a choice – we don’t have to be vaccinated, we don’t have to install heat pumps and we don’t have to buy electric cars. Look how many were vaccinated without giving a second thought to safety, but why not when it was “free”? There doesn’t seem to be a great interest in heat pumps and electric cars because of cost and this seems to be having an impact. Perhaps we will eventually be forced to comply.

    We don’t have any say in how electricity is generated or in efforts to restrict car use and the government is going full speed ahead to stop fossil fuel use. This is the most important of the three because a failure of the power system will bring chaos.

  • Stillreading

    Nothing works in the UK any more. We are being driven by incompetent and mendacious leaders over a cliff to inevitable eventual disaster. Sadly, it seems, that the majority of the adult population don’t require being driven; they are following, lemming-like, of their own volition. Until the idiocy of electricity generated only from wind or sun is abandoned the UK is going nowhere at an accelerating speed. Almost all people in their 70s or 80s, like me, with whom I try to talk seriously about any of this, the faux vax included, just don’t want to engage at all. Understandably in a way, they just want to enjoy what is left of their lives without thinking about unpleasant and challenging topics. A few have had something to say, like the friend of a friend and her husband who spent circa £12K installing a heat pump which costs an arm and a leg in electricity to run, the installation of which required their lovely old cottage to be virtually destroyed and rebuilt, and which spectacularly fails to keep them warm! Well.. Fools and their money….
    Every single point you may in your blog is true. Question is, given that Sir Kneeler will almost certainly be our next PM and that he and his crew will be infinitely worse than the current lot, what can we do about it? Mind, given that the UK and most of what currently constitutes the EU will be living under Sharia Law by around 2060, none of it really matters, does it?

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