July 2024

Nobody says it better

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I have written several times on this blog about how I believe that the freedoms and material well-being we have in the West, and which so many people take for granted, are just a tiny unrepresentative historical blip. I have proposed that 99.9% of all the people who have ever lived or who live now have spent their lives in misery and poverty oppressed by gangsters, crooks, despots and clowns. And, as the son of an immigrant who fled to Britain to escape oppression, I can’t understand the loathing our ruling political, academic and media elites have for Western culture and society. I can’t understand why they want to destroy everything the West has created with their weapons of choice – replacing us using mass open-borders immigration, trashing of our history, anti-white racism, ludicrous deindustrialisation through Net Zero, cancellation of free speech and denial of basic biology.

Here’s Neil Oliver saying pretty much the same thing though much more eloquently than I ever could:

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  • NoVaxxholeMe

    Watch the following video for an excellent example of how rotten things have become in this country. Eddie Ellwood is interviewed by Richard Vobes on his YouTube channel. He did everything legally to protest against having his gym closed during the lockdowns but still wound up having to pay huge fines. Eddie is as honest as honest men are. The video is long but is worth watching and sharing. The police are shown to be beyond pukeworthy. This case shows all too clearly why the police and the judiciary are being feminised.

    Wikipedia: “Eddy Ellwood (born 30 March 1964) is a British world champion bodybuilder and professional Strongman competitor. Ellwood is best known for being a 5-time winner of the NABBA Mr Universe (pro) contest. He is also a 4-time winner of the England’s Strongest Man title, including the IFSA version.”

    YouTube puts up the following warning because Eddie tells of a member of his gym who committed suicide. You have to agree to watch it and a link to the Samaritans is provided. This country is well and truly fcuked.

    “The following content may contain topics related to suicide or self-harm. Viewer discretion is advised. Learn more.”

  • A Thorpe

    I am sure that you are right about this. It took me over 70 years to realise it and once it becomes apparent it is difficult to work out why it isn’t more obvious. The first thought I had was that there is one thing missing from history and that is us, the ordinary people. We have never mattered. We are just here to be used and we mostly let it happen. Now, we are constantly lied to about history because it is based on restricted information that our rulers pass on to historians on the condition that they stick to the accepted narrative. Where is the modern day Spartacus?

    Only recently have I come to the conclusion that Britain is not the great country that fought for freedom under Churchill and defeated the Nazis. It was the Russians who defeated Hitler and that is why they were able to occupy half of Europe at the end of the war. Britain was so damaged by it that the pound was no longer the reserve currency and the dollar took over. European leaders had to give us more freedom to encourage us to work harder to recover from the war. The USA meanwhile saw an opportunity to become the dominant world power and it has been fighting wars ever since which we largely ignore because they don’t have a direct impact on us. The USA can print unlimited dollars with little impact on itself because it gets interest on it all from the rest of the world.

    Britain has a serious issue because of limited resources needed for a modern economy and it has become a high salary economy because of union power, making us uncompetitive. We are in an impossible situation and the EU is similar. It explains why no UK politician has a vision for our future. They don’t know how to get us out of the situation that they have created over many years, and we let it happen. Of course, the increasing size of the state is welcomed by most of them.

    The west has allowed corporatism to take over. The power is with business and NGOs. The politicians are their puppets. But the biggest issue is that the essential feature of capitalism that makes it work for everyone is that they have eliminated free, competitive trade to feed their greed to accumulate money. It happens because the majority of people want to be told what to do. They cannot deal with accepting responsibility for themselves. This is why socialism has become so successful, and it is a way to political power as the Tories discovered, and the entire EU. The Nazis were socialists and they were defeated by force and other socialist – Communists. But modern socialists know that force does not work and they have used more subtle measures to disrupt civilised society. Corporatism and socialism are good partners because they live with the fantasy that only they can create a perfect world for the rest of us if only we accept their rules and ignore how much better their lives are than ours. Poverty is coming and there is nothing we can do about it.

  • Hardcastle

    Beautifully expressed by Neil Oliver who shows what a bunch of intellectual cowards and pygmies we have in politics today.Equally so Thorpe,who summarises our predicament so accurately.

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