March 2022
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Don’t look down! Please don’t look down!

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Running off a cliff

The world’s economy could seem a bit like a cartoon character who runs off the end of a cliff. As long as they don’t look down, they can keep on running:

But as soon as they look down, they say something like “oh-oh” and this happens:


How the arrogance of victors causes the next war?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Humiliating your enemy

British Treasury official, John Maynard Keynes was so disgusted by the punitive conditions being imposed on Germany at the Treaty of Versailles, that he resigned from the negotiations and began work on The Economic Consequences of the Peace. The first print run of 5,000 copies was published in December 1919 […]

Will Russia and China be at each other’s throats one day?

weekend blog

For several years, I have been writing about the utter stupidity of the West alienating Russia by absorbing ever more former Warsaw Pact countries into NATO thus moving NATO tanks, troops and missiles ever closer to Russia’s borders. This is especially stupid because we have been pushing Russia into the arms of our […]

Hey Vladimir – what about the “Budapest Memorandum”?

Thursday/Friday blog

I haven’t seen this covered by the multitudes of mainstream media experts, pundits and others of their ilk. So I thought it worth mentioning the “Budapest Memorandum”.

It seems that everyone’s favourite crazed dictator – Vladimir Putin – is getting forgetful in his old age. For example, he appears to have forgotten that […]

Will Russia’s generals save us from mad paranoid Putin?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

There’s really not much that can be written which hasn’t already been written or said by all the experts and pundits and propagandists. But I’ll briefly make two points which I feel haven’t been adequately covered by the mainstream media:

1. A cornered mad dog will attack

In my blog dated 11 February, […]