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How ‘woke’ is destroying the West

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We are living in strange times

Life has never been so good in our so called ‘developed’ countries. Never before have so many people lived so long in such good health and enjoyed such quality of life. Yet we have many thousands of self-styled ‘activists’ going mental searching for more and more ‘injustices’ and ‘disgraces’ to denigrate the West. This trend was probably exacerbated by lockdowns during which people paid to stay at home poured their frustration, boredom and lack of purpose on any meaningless cause they could find. And, of course, our weak leaders merely go along with the charade.

The tyranny of the woke minority

You can slice this any way you like but it all comes down to one thing, the tyranny of the minorities, aided and abetted by the virtue signalers, the vested interests, the MSM and, of course, social media. Why are 0.0001% of the population deciding how we should think and act on any issue?  Governments are elected to govern for the majority whilst protecting the minorities.  There is no majority in this country that is for:

  • Political correctness
  • Gender choice without consequence
  • Persecuting people for ‘micro-aggressions’
  • Choosing your preferred toilet and changing facilities
  • Sending trans-men to women’s prisons
  • Being cancelled for using the wrong pronouns
  • Defiling public monuments
  • Virtue signaling
  • Critical race training
  • Diversity fascism
  • Rewriting our history
  • Unfettered Third-world immigration

Yet these all happen. Moreover, they are all endlessly lauded by the mainstream media as being beneficial.

It is the cult of “wokeism” the supposed moral superiority of the virtue-signaling, democracy-hating, West-loathing supposed ‘progressives’.

Those whose claim is that they are the “good” the “thoughtful”, the “caring” and “nurturing”, are exactly the opposite. They sneer and look down at the working classes, their snobbery knows no bounds. They despise those who believe in families, that children will thrive better with two parents, belief in hard work, the law and decency. Basically anything good that the “old” world stands for.

Civilisational suicide

Their ultimate aim is to abolish the few outposts of white civilisation that remain by swamping us with Third-world invaders:


and by destroying our economies to supposedly ‘save the planet’ from supposed ‘catastrophic climate change’:

If we continue down this road the West will eat its own tail and our enemies – China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan – will destroy us.

Why do we never learn from history?

The worse thing is it the highly educated, you could even say over-educated, who promote this hate and madness. It is no different from mob rule, but in this case they use social media and the cancel culture as their weapon of choice. They are the Tw@tternazis.

The Prince and Princess of Woke

Princess Harry and Queen Meghan of Montecito are the embodiment of this Western woke decadence: no substance, PR gag after PR gag aiming at little more than polishing a flimsy social media image, constant navel-gazing and talking about their “many layers of pain” and suffering either from their multimillion dollar mansion or else while flying around the world in private jets to lecture us plebs about climate and fairness and compassion and all other kinds of BS.

Our leadership vacuum

It’s frightening to realise that useless leaders such as Biden, Trudeau, Adhern, Johnson etc were given their position of power by the people. Incredulously it’s ordinary folk who have foolishly voted for them having been brainwashed and misled by the media into believing these types of leaders will bring a fairer society that we can all benefit from. But the truth is that the epidemic of virtual-signing wokeism, that is infecting Western politics, will be death of freedom and democracy and a return to the Dark Ages of totalitarianism as we hand over world domination to our enemies. We seriously need to wake up before it is too late and we have all hurtled over the cliff like lemmings.

Freedom is fragile

Here’s a short video from Neil Oliver on GB News warning that freedom and democracy are fragile and easily lost:

9 comments to How ‘woke’ is destroying the West

  • Bad brian

    We have got to get this guy into British Politics.
    He could take on Sturgeon in a heartbeat in Scotland and he could also become the main man in the Reform party which is desperatly required.

    He must hve made enough money by now with his cook books to be comfortably well off enough to be able to afford to lead us to the promised land.

    A few more video’s like this one from him would be most welcome.

  • David Craig

    I assume (hope?) you are deliberately (and amusingly?) confusing Neil Oliver with Jamie Oliver. If not, then I really worry about our education system.

  • twi5ted

    Rather like socialism protects the wealthy monied classes woke protects the global merger of big business with government. It seeks to demonise the aspirations of working people and creates a further obstacle to their progress.

    Wherever you find woke government you’ll find the most extreme reactions to covid climate etc: milking fake crisis by turning it into mass hysteria- just like their hero Stalin.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    When I was growing up, the three pillars of civilisation in the UK were the church, the police, and the armed forces.

    Today, none of those institutions are remotely capable of performing the tasks for which they were originally set up. Indeed, none of them display the slightest interest in actually performing those tasks.

    Instead, they are all united as one in the single-minded task of promoting the true religion of ‘Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion’, and endlessly promoting public hysteria about the alleged biggest issue of all time, ‘Climate Change’.

    Nothing in any of their current actions, utterances, or policies has anything to do with totally irrelevant and outdated ideas such as saving souls, upholding decency, fighting crime, or defending the nation.

    I simply do not care what young people think about all this. I can only say that I regard the leaderships of all three institutions with utter contempt, and my opinion of their minions is little higher.

  • A Thorpe

    Well done with this piece David. It leaves me with two questions – how did we get here, and how do we get rid of the woke nonsense?

    You are correct to point out the improving living standards although there is still a lot of poverty. The woke brigade don’t care about poverty, they are more concerned with criticising the wealth creators. Greed dominates the rich countries, the masses always want more and do not see how well off they are.

    The destruction of traditional family life seems to be at the centre of many problems. It constantly results in increasing state support. I am appalled at the apparent support for two men having babies with surrogate mothers and denying their children from having a mother. Astonishingly, the church seems to support this. As religion has declined in influence, nothing has replaced it.

    I don’t agree that the politicians are weak. They are the problem but the masses think the politicians are there to serve them and that democracy ensures that they do. When have the masses ever been free to take responsibility for their own lives? Perhaps when we were hunter gatherers. From the point at which we became more efficient and we produced more than we needed for ourselves then there were those who controlled the excess production. It gave us cities and advances but we became controlled and it has never changed. First it was Kings and warlords who used force, now in democracies it is politicians and their masters, the rich elites who control us through our own stupidity.

    A comment from Thomas Sowell sums it up – “Those who want to take our money and gain power over us have discovered the magic formula: get us envious or angry at others and we will surrender, in instalments, not only our money but our freedom.” We need a new Spartacus to free us from the chains of democracy.

  • A Thorpe

    I didn’t watch Neil Oliver’s video before I commented. I agree with his views. Human civilisation started in the Middle East and spread to Europe. The Romans were more advanced than the British and when they left we didn’t even have the ability to maintain what they left us with. The Roman Empire eventually collapsed. Afghanistan shows how civilisation is fragile, as Oliver points out.

    The problem in the west is to ensure that we do not decline. The woke brigade don’t understand this. They think we can live with nature and still have the same standards and also that the entire world can live with nature.

    We must only be concerned about Britain. Britain advanced in the Industrial Revolution because we had the materials – coal and iron – and the scientists and engineers who developed the technology to use them. We are now a country without the raw materials for our modern age and we must import them which means we have to pay for them. We can only do that if we have better skills to add more value to the materials compared to the countries who have the materials. China seems to have established control over most of them and has the skills. Oliver doesn’t consider the materials and energy issues in avoiding decline. Another important factor is that we cannot even provide all the food we need without importing it, and now we cannot pick what we grow.

    We need a vision about Britain’s survival in a modern world when we don’t have the material resources, cheap energy and a badly educated population. Wokism might be the immediate problem but it is not the main, long term problem. My understanding of history, to state the obvious, is that decline happens when advances stop. This happens when institutions and political systems do not encourage new ideas and extract money from those generating the wealth. People will have ideas and work harder when they know they will benefit from it. Rome declined partly because it encouraged dependency on the state. The Pilgrim Fathers struggled to survive because they were forced to operate a collective farming policy and so the hardest workers stopped bothering. Millions starved in Russia because small farms were brought into state ownership so food production declined. Look at our taxes that went into developing the useless Concorde and into the development of Magnox and AGR nuclear power stations that nobody would buy. Look at the decline in railways where we have to buy foreign and have allowed foreign ownership of our essential services. All we see in the UK is an ever increasing size of the state, made worse by recent events. Why does anybody bother when their money is taken in taxes, much of it hidden, like green taxes? Where are out taxes going – into the Pharmaceutical companies and arms manufacturers for a start. The money we spend on manufactured goods is mainly going abroad. I don’t see a recovery from this position.

  • david brown


    The Spiders Web Britains Second Empire

  • Bad Brian


    That is the same bloke who when he was a cheeky chappie and lived in a flat with all his mates, taught me how to make my first fried egg thanks to the wonder of television !

    The following week we did the toast together.

    Don’t let him fool you just because he has grown a beard.

    Since then , most of his resturants have gone bust and he is down to his last £100 million, poor fellow.

  • The penny has not dropped for the people of the West that the War on Terror is really being waged on them by their own decadents – the inverted bizarro supermen.

    They arose due to the physiologically-exhausted breeding. Nietzsche put the cause of their creation on the sex hatred of the bent Christian priests whose war on sex and the body – making sex a sin – created a reverse Darwinism by making the undersexed desired spouses.

    They are called liberals but are the reverse of that. They are bizarros. The reverse of DC comic hero Superman was created called the Bizarro Superman. He lived in a square earth and did everything in reverse, which is what these critters do, but they always hide their intensions behind a highly virtuous front.

    This is what the nineteenth-century German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, wrote about the decadence of our predicament in his short book, “Twilight of the Idols”:

    “Liberal institutions immediately cease to be liberal as soon as they are attained: subsequently there is nothing more thoroughly harmful to freedom than liberal institutions. One knows, indeed, what they bring about: they undermine the will to power, they are the levelling of mountain and valley exalted to a moral principle, they make small, cowardly and smug – it is the herd animal which triumphs with them every time. Liberalism: in plain words, reduction to the herd animal.”

    “The entire West has lost those instincts out of which institutions grow, out of which the future grows: perhaps nothing goes so much against the grain of its ‘modern spirit’ as this. One lives for today, one lives very fast – one lives very irresponsibly: it is precisely this which one calls ‘freedom’. That which makes institutions institutions is despised, hated, rejected: whenever the word ‘authority’ is so much as heard one believes oneself in danger of a new slavery. The décadence in the valuating instinct of our politicians, our political parties, goes so deep that they instinctively prefer that which leads to dissolution, that which hastens the end.”

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