June 2021
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May the Lord save us from stupidity and lies!

(Friday blog)

I’ll take a sort of break today and just bring you two short videos that will hopefully have you holding your head in your hands in despair at the total stupidity and lies all around us.


First stupidity – here’s a campaigner against VAT on tampons accusing Julia Hartley-Brewer of being “transphobic” for claiming men don’t have periods. The caller, Laura Coryton, also seems to claim she knows many men who do have periods:

(You only need to watch the first couple of minutes of the video to be impressed by what I believe is the utter stupidity of Ms Coryton)

Here is the campaigner outside 10 Downing Street presumably before or after sharing her wisdom with the Prime Minister:

And here she is campaigning against the ‘tampon tax’:

Of course, many readers may agree with Ms Coryton that men can have female reproductive organs and can have periods.

And I wouldn’t presume to contradict you.

But being an old-fashioned, low IQ man with obviously neanderthal opinions my reaction to the first two minutes of this video was: ‘Good grief. Is this what our woke, progressive, libtard education system is producing?’

And to think that people like this campaigner, and hundreds of thousands of (IMHO) pointless, brainwashed, woke snowflakes just as (IMHO) stupid as she is, are allowed to vote!


Our mainstream media is having delighted orgasms over the great Joe Biden becoming the Democrat Party’s candidate who will supposedly beat the hated (by our mainstream media) Donald Trump. But there’s never any mention in any of our mainstream media that the 77-year-old Biden is clearly increasingly senile.

So here’s Sky News Australia pointing out the Creepy, Sleepy Joe is suffering from clear signs of dementia and is totally unfit to become the USA’s next president:

A couple of highlights from the video are when old Joe claims “150 million Americans have been killed in gun crimes since 2007” and that his policies will put “750 million American women back into work”. Given that the total population of the USA is only about 328 million, those are some pretty impressive numbers crazy old Joe. It’s odd that none of the British Trump-loathing mainstream media seem to have noticed that crazy old man Joe is obviously increasingly unhinged.

It will be fun to see if Biden’s handlers and a sycophantic, Trump-loathing mainstream media can protect Biden from his own disjointed rambling, forgetfulness and gaffes long enough to fool Americans into voting for him.

Personally, I doubt it.

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