January 2016
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Sometimes a cartoon says more than words ever can

The massive scale of the establishment cover-up of sex crimes by M*sl*ms across Europe is beginning to be exposed. Now we even learn that a year or so ago, Swedish women were groped and raped at a party in Stockholm organised by idiotic liberal lefty ‘progressives’ to welcome the rapefugees to Sweden. That too was […]

Will Cologne and Rotherham be the “new normal”?

(Weekend blog – many thanks to a reader for sending me this) Since China introduced its “one child” policy in 1978, the imbalance between the sexes has increased to the point where in today’s generation there are 119 boys for every 100 girls.

The pioneer generation of that male surplus are now adults. Unless China […]

“Clockwork Orange” is our future

I’m not sure exactly where Magdeburg is. It’s somewhere in Germany.

I also didn’t know that in Magdeburg just in October 2015, there were four incidents of brutal gang rape of German girls by M*sl*m men.

And I rather suspect that what is happening in little Magdeburg is actually happening in many other German […]

First they were clapping themselves – now they’re crapping themselves

It’s difficult not to fell a little (or even a lot) of schadenfreude watching the complete pig’s ear the Krauts have made of immigration, all thanks to their Fuhrerin Angela “Mad Cow” Merkel.

First the clapping

Remember last summer? The Squareheads streaming out to welcome the supposed ‘refugees’ and handing them food and clothes and […]

Nobody gives a toss about persecuted Christians

A reader sent these horrifying reports on how Christians are being brutally exploited and oppressed in Pakistan. As the lefties bleat on about our supposed ‘duty’ to let Europe be invaded by the M*sl*m hordes, our politicians and media seem totally uninterested in how Christians are being brutalised by our M*sl*m friends. You won’t find […]

How long before police kill anti-immigration protesters?

Readers will know all about the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne and probably in many other European cities. The police, on Mad Angela Merkel’s direct instructions, allowed hundreds of German women to be attacked, robbed and molested without making any attempt to intervene to protect the German women. Then the police, politicians and media […]

Don’t waste your money or time seeing the ‘new’ STAR WARS film

Normally I wouldn’t bother going to see a film like STAR WARS. But there has been so much hype about the fact that Disney bought the STAR WARS franchise for $4bn and has now come out with a supposedly ‘wonderful’ new seventh STAR WARS film that I thought I’d go along to see the result. […]

What to do if caught in a M*sl*m terror attack?

(Weekend blog) Following the attacks in Paris, the British Government helpfully issued tips on how to behave in a terror attack. People were urged to “escape if you can” rather than lying down and pretending to be dead, or to barricade themselves into a safe place with their phones on silent. The Government experts also […]

An insight into what I’ll politely call the “M*sl*m mind”?

Yesterday, a reader calling himself ‘Mohammed’ wrote a comment that was so imbecilic, I assumed it was from a drunken idiot trying to write a spoof. But on further reflection, I think it might have been meant as a serious contribution. So I’ll repeat the reader’s comment in blue and my reply to his points […]

Total silence from Fatty Fry and the hypocritical, *sl*mophiliac, limp-wristed lefties

Here’s a lovely photo from that popular Syrian tourist hotspot Raqqa. Apparently it’s of a 15-year-old boy joining the “Raqqa Flying Club” – being flung off a high building and then being stoned into a bloody unrecognisable pulp by a jeering mob urged on by some bearded maniacs (sorry, I meant ‘respected M*sl*m clerics‘). The […]