August 2015
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Is the Fat Lady trying to clamber back on the charity gravy train?

It must be painful falling off a train. I imagine it’s also quite painful (at least financially) falling off a gravy train. And sadly for the Fat Lady of charity, Camila Batmanghelidjh CBE (pronounced ‘Batman-Jelly’), she’s just tumbled rather inelegantly off the extremely lucrative charity industry gravy train.

Readers will probably know that there were […]

Can anyone see a pattern here?

We don’t yet know who planted the latest bomb in Bangkok. It could have been a political attack on the ruling military government or it could have been linked to the ongoing war between M*sl*ms and Buddhists in the south of Thailand.

But here are a few things we do know:

Thailand – the M*sl*ms […]

Labour’s greedy, lying, self-serving, careerist scum get a bloody nose

The farce that is the Labour leadership contest gets more entertaining by the day. What’s probably most amusing is that the three supposedly ‘serious’ candidates – Burnham, Mrs Balls (Cooper) and Liz Somebody-We’ve-Never-Heard-Of, plus most of the ‘experts’ and pundits – seem to have absolutely no understanding of why Corbyn is so popular.

The generally […]

A weekend message to our permanently offended M*sl*m friends

Here’s a pretty straightforward, straight-talking weekend message from the inimitable Pat Condell to those ‘British’ M*sl*ms who have managed to make victimhood and being permanently offended a favourite lifestyle choice. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, as Lord Janner is finally forced into appearing in court, we can expect some wonderful acting as he plays the role of […]

Get ready, it seems we’re about to have a full-scale religious war in Britain

Normally I like to write my own blog. But I found this story in the Times and just wanted to bring it to your notice as it may be the most important story this year.

It seems that we are starting to see intimidation and violence in Britain between our lovely Sunnis and equally lovely […]

Pssst! Wanna get rich? Then work in a hospice!

If you mention the word ‘hospice’, most of us probably think of wonderful local charitable institutions which deserve our support and whose employees selflessly do a very difficult job for probably quite modest salaries. We don’t think of bunches of greedy managers filling their own pockets with our money and building up nice big personal […]

Till we have built Afghanistan – in England’s inner-city slums

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail is one of possibly only two journalists in Britain (Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times is the other one) who dares to be politically incorrect and give voice to what most of us think but are afraid to say.

Yesterday, in preparation for the BBC’s Songs of Praise being […]

Do you believe the “crime is falling” lie?

You may remember that about a week ago this (IMHO) boot-faced, politically-correct, self-serving, incompetent nincompoop Ms (sorry I meant Chief Constable) Sara Thornton told us that with crime falling, police would no longer bother attending when burglaries and minor thefts were reported as they had much more important things to do.

Well, […]

Who cares about M*sl*m murderers? Not the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation!

Lots of coverage on the BBC of the story about the Palestinian father and son who died in a fire probably started by Jewish extremists. And lots of air time given to Palestinian leaders screaming for revenge and threatening to take Israel to the International Criminal Court for Israel’s supposedly appalling treatment of Palestinians. And, […]

Dear NHS – please stop wasting our money!

A couple of days ago, I did a blog on a useless quango called Monitor that was set up to regulate NHS trusts. It was Monitor that noticed nothing wrong at all at Mid-Staffs NHS Trust as around 1,400 patients were slaughtered.

Monitor has since been rapidly expanding its empire, its staff and its spending […]