November 2022
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Is the Fat Lady trying to clamber back on the charity gravy train?

It must be painful falling off a train. I imagine it’s also quite painful (at least financially) falling off a gravy train. And sadly for the Fat Lady of charity, Camila Batmanghelidjh CBE (pronounced ‘Batman-Jelly’), she’s just tumbled rather inelegantly off the extremely lucrative charity industry gravy train.

Readers will probably know that there were rumours of dubious goings-on, mainly concerning money but also possibly drugs, alcohol and sex, at Batman-Jelly’s charity Kids Company.

These included (if I remember correctly):

– extremely lax financial management

– blatant lies about the number of children actually helped by the charity

– massive overstaffing and generous salaries paid to all and sundry, especially to the £90,000 a year Fatman-Jelly plus, I imagine, extremely generous expenses

– school fees paid for the daughter of the Large Lady’s driver

– jobs handed out to children of the charity’s trustees

– about £5,000 a month paid in rent for a house where the Fat Lady could go swimming

– around £800,000 of a £3,000,000 government grant, given for restructuring the charity a few days before its collapse, actually going straight into employees’ pockets, including I suppose those of the Great Lady

– wads of cash handed to children to buy alcohol and drugs

– allegations, so far not proven, of sexual exploitation of vulnerable children by Kids Company staff

After all that, you’d think Batman-Jelly would wobble off in shame somewhere and never again come brazenly demanding our money for her ‘good cause’. Or else she could go and work for someone else’s children’s charity. After all, there are over 1,933 children’s charities. Of course, many would be too small to accommodate the Corpulent One. But there are still at least fifty children’s charities which could presumably make use of her considerable skills. However, if she were to work for someone else’s children’s charity, it’s doubtful that fragrant Camila would command the same rewards and prestige she would get from running her own show.

So, the Flamboyant One has vowed to set up a new charity for children, no doubt with herself as boss and possibly once again awarding herself a generous salary and expenses. This could lead a cynic to wonder whether Batman-Jelly is in the charity business to help children or to help her own lifestyle and social standing

batman jelly

Sadly, in Britain’s bloated £80bn a year charity industry, the Wobbly One is probably the rule and not the exception. There are hundreds of charity bosses just like the Fat Lady, that a nasty, narrow-minded cynic might judge to be all puffed up with their own pious, preachy, self-righteousness while actually just filling their pockets with our money and desperately grasping for gongs, honours and peerages for their supposed ‘good work helping others’ when all they’re really doing is helping themselves to our cash as they comfortably ride on the wonderfully lucrative charity gravy train

gravy train

2 comments to Is the Fat Lady trying to clamber back on the charity gravy train?

  • MGJ

    According to Wikipedia, she graduated with a degree in Theatre and Dramatic Arts then trained as a psychotherapist but never did a real job. She then spent a long while drawing a staggeringly generous salary and expenses package whilst claiming to be motivated by only the highest altruistic and ethical standards.

    Sound familiar? Perhaps the House of Commons could be her next calling…

  • Kensington Chubb

    She’s certainly “Common” material MGJ, but more Common Purpose I would humbly suggest judging by her actions, political support and ability to be above the law.

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