December 2013
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Must tread carefully today – otherwise the politically-correct mob will be after me yet again

A few days ago, I wrote a piece pointing out that official government statistics showed that M*slims were much less likely to be in work (or be intending to work) than all other groups in Britain and I wondered whether there could be a link between each country’s social costs and the size of their […]

Why I don’t display readers’ comments under each day’s blog

I’ve been frequently contacted by readers asking why I don’t display readers’ comments under each day’s blog and why they have to click on the title to leave a comment or see comments. So today I’ll take a break from the usual current affairs stuff and answer the question.

There are several reasons:

1. Legal […]

What caused the great Eafft Anglia storm surges of 1286, 1287, 1328 and 1347? Ye Globale Warminge?

As the usual idiots blame Global Warming or Climate Change or Ocean Acidification or whatever it’s called this week for the recent bad weather and flood surge, I’ve managed to get hold of a copy of Ye Olde Eafft Anglia Thymes from 1286.

On 1 January 1286 a large storm swept much of the town […]

Is there a relationship between the size of a country’s M*slim population and the amount it spends on welfare?

Yesterday I announced I would do something exceedingly politically incorrect. I would look at the size of the main European countries’ M*slim populations and the amount of their welfare spending. Of course, there are many factors which influence welfare spending – the degree of industrialisation, the demographic profile, each country’s economic situation and government policies. […]

Do we need to cut spending on benefits? Yes! By how much? By a third!

Yesterday I came across a quote from the fragrant Angela Merkel which encapsulated the self-inflicted economic catastrophe that is engulfing many European countries. Apologies if you already know it. The great hausfrau has repeatedly said “The EU has 7% of the World’s population; 24% of the GDP; and 50% of the social costs“.

While the […]

I apologise for slandering the good people of South Africa by suggesting they weren’t stupid enough to start a civil war

Yesterday on my blog “Has the last honest person in South Africa just died?” I foolishly suggested that South Africans were not stupid enough to let their country descend into the kind of useless, destructive civil war typically seen in most African countries. I wrote “There is no danger of the country descending into the […]

Has the last honest person in South Africa just died?

As the much revered Nelson Mandela leaves us, many South Africans must fear for their future. There is no danger of the country descending into the kind of tribal civil war so beloved of most African countries. The danger to South Africa is widespread corruption practised by the political and bureaucratic classes. This corruption ensures […]

Trougher Of The Year – John Prescott?

Fat lump John Prescott or, as forelock-tugging oiks like us should call him, “Baron Prescott, of Kingston upon Hull in the County of East Yorkshire” might well be a worthy contender for our prestigious Trougher of the Year trophy.

What has he cost us?

First elected to the Commons in 1970 and leaving in […]

The shocking figure that suggests Britain cannot avoid financial ruin

If I can make a sweeping generalisation, I’d suggest that those households that pay more in taxes than they receive in services (the givers) are likely to be against ever-increasing government spending, a bloated overpaid, over-pensioned public sector and massively expensive corrupt institutions like the EU. Whereas those households which receive more from the government […]

500 killed by Philippines typhoon – 5,000 killed by corruption, stupidity, greed and incompetence

This blog is not intended for the politically correct. So let’s be a little controversial today. A couple of weeks ago, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) launched an urgent appeal to raise millions to help those whose lives had been affected by the Philippines typhoon Haiyan. We were told that over 5,000 were killed by […]