July 2012
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Most FTSE100 chief executives are pocketing about £5m a year, though they often claim to earn much less

With public anger growing over bankers’ bonuses and executive pay in general, many CEOs claim that they only earn around £800,000 to £1,000,000 a year. But in fact most are pocketing almost five times their basic salary in all kinds of share options and bonuises however dismal their performance:


BBC gutted by falling crime rates and why do we have so many government ministers?

Yesterday was a sad day for our useless, politically-correct BBC reporters. They had to announce through gritted teeth that crime figures were falling. Imagine if crime had risen. We’d have had reporters braying about government cuts in police numbers putting us all in danger, there would have been loads of crime victims telling their horrific […]

Are the NHS’s overpaid, over-pensioned managers lying to us?

Useless BBC reporters are forever coming with scare stories about how the NHS has been financially squeezed by the cruel Coalition Government. As usual with the politically-correct BBC, these stories are rubbish. The NHS’s problem is that it has too many overpaid, over-pensioned and incompetent managers. In the last decade, the NHS has reduced the […]

Party time in Syria: Olympic farce: Don’t get fooled by new ‘HSBC’ M&S bank

It looks like the party in Syria is really getting going. But please, Messrs Hague and Cameron, this is a party to which we have not been invited. By all means sell weapons to the Syrian rebels to preserve British jobs, but for God’s sake keep British troops out of this mess. We have not […]

Does this graph suggest Bob Diamond and Paul Tucker lied? I don’t know

Here’s a graph which apparently shows the LIBOR rate reported by Barclays before and after Bob Diamond and Paul Tucker talked on the phone. If this chart is genuine, it seems to suggest that the rate reported by Barclays fell sharply after the phone conversation. Yet both Diamond and Tucker denied they agreed that Barclays […]

Why your taxes are about to go up by at least 30%

Unlike me, you probably have a life and so don’t spend your time reading through 100-200 page government reports. But sometimes, amidst all the bureacratic blether produced by our over-paid, over-pensioned civil servants, there is the occasional gem. One I recently tripped over was a table of figures showing our Government’s projected tax revenue for […]

Giving more money to the banks? Useless, worthless, arrogant Osborne hasn’t a clue

A year or so ago, our pointless, incompetent excuse for a Chancellor launched Project Merlin. This was an agreement with the main banks that they would help economic growth by boosting bank lending to business. What happened? The banks took piles of cheap money from us and used it to make massive profits speculating on […]

Don’t believe the flood of BBC Olympics lies

Those who watch BBC news might have caught a brief supposedly ‘investigative’ piece where some politically-correct BBC reporter looks at whether Britain will get value from the £9bn or so we’re being forced to spend on multimillionaire Mr Coe’s Olympics. So who did the BBC interview? Tony ‘Dodgy Dossier’ Blair and Jeremy ‘News International’ Hunt.


Will Cameron and Hague get their war as dodgy dossier time approaches again? And Labour’s brilliant branding

When your government is in chaos, the economy is in meltdown and you are loathed by most of the population because of your greed and incompetence, what do you do? Start a war, of course. But which one to choose? A big article in the Torygraph today helpfully tells us that Iran will have nukes […]

Has Britain’s new cheap army been designed by an army of management consultants?

It looks like management consultants are running riot all over our army. Here are a couple of quotes from Defence Secretary Philip Hammond: “The values of the army will sustain it through this transformation” Hammond interviewed for Defence Management. “”At a time when we face continued threats and uncertainty, we must reapply ourselves to […]