February 2024
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Don’t believe the flood of BBC Olympics lies

Those who watch BBC news might have caught a brief supposedly ‘investigative’ piece where some politically-correct BBC reporter looks at whether Britain will get value from the £9bn or so we’re being forced to spend on multimillionaire Mr Coe’s Olympics. So who did the BBC interview? Tony ‘Dodgy Dossier’ Blair and Jeremy ‘News International’ Hunt.

These two creatures claimed things like – Paris and Madrid wish they had won the Olympics. Given the fact that Spain is bankrupt and France is struggling, I rather doubt this. In fact, I believe both cities are breathing huge sighs of relief that they didn’t get burdened with the Olympics spendathon.

We also heard – all cities which have held the Olympics have seen huge benefits. This is also a lie. Holding the Olympics has been an economic catastrophe for most places and they’ve been left paying off debts for decades while the sporting venues have been left to rot. Athens is a good example.

And we heard that due to the brilliant management of the multimillionaire olympocrats, the Olympics might cost us up to £500m less than their £9.3bn budget. Lies, lies and more lies. When Britain ‘won’ the Olympics, the total cost was to be £4.036bn of which taxpayers were due to pay just £1.798bn. Since then the budget has been revised up and up and up and up and up. So now we can expect the total cost to be about £9.325bn (give or take a few hundred million) with the taxpayer beeing fleeced for £7.15bn directly and then charities will lose another £2.175bn as National Lottery funding gets diverted into the Olympics white elephant. These are facts. not BBC lies.

So, as the BBC tells us over and over again about what a triumph the Olympics are, just remember they are a catastrophe of managerial incompetence, olympocrat greed and financial incontinence. And, in case you don’t think the London Olympics have made us the laughing stock of the world, here’s a clip from Youtube you might find amusing

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