December 2010
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Time to stop supporting terrorists and their spawn

Now that the incompetent piece of (Muslim) garbage has blown himself up in Stockholm trying to kill innocent Swedes, we find out he has a wife and spawn in Britain. The wife claims she didn’t notice her husband had become a suicide bomber (LOL). Perhaps all the books on how to build a bomb and […]

Corrupt Kier Construction cons us again

Kier Construction is arguably the most corrupt building company in Britain going by the fact that it was recently fined more than any of its competitors for stealing taypayers’ money. Kier has been busy in Bournemouth. It took over five million pounds for building our new hospital car park. At ten thousand pounds per parking […]

What’s the point of Tobias Elwood?

You might wonder who Tobias Elwood is. Well he’s the Tory MP for a part of Bournemouth, Britain’s centre of senility. Tobias seems to be a sort of ex-military ‘Tim Dim but Nice’. Tobias has been getting a bit hot under the collar about British Summer Time (BST). I’m not sure if he’s for it […]

The day we stole our children’s future

The day that MPs voted through the rise in tuition fees should go down in history as a day of shame – the day we stole our children’s future. Here we had a group of people, all members of the 100,000 club – the hundred thousand politicians, peers and top bureaucrats who will pocket a […]

Watch out America – Slimey’s coming to rip you off

As the stupid British public is beginning to realise that Simon ‘Slimey’ Cowell’s the fiX-Factor is about as honest as Sepp ‘the bribe’ Blatter FIFA’s voting or a cricket match involving Pakistan, Slimey’s all geared up to take his karaoke show to America. After all, where else in the world can Slimey find a TV-watching […]

‘Lord’ Turner’s disgraceful cover-up

It seems our greedy, self-serving, arrogant rulers have no sense of shame and will do anything to protect themselves while they steal and waste our money. The latest vomit-inducing example comes from Labour stooge, Lord Turner, head of the utterly incompetent Financial Services Authority (FSA). Lord Turner has decided in his apparently infinite wisdom that […]

Poor, poor Brits

I’m currently in Asia where my pounds buy just over half of what they bought just three years ago. The person largely responsible for that is the lying buffoon Gordon Brown who bankrupted Britain by spending (and mostly wasting) about four pounds for every three pounds the government took in taxes.

But the people here […]

The horrible triumph of tourism

This week has given us two glimpses into how the interests of the tourism industry seem to be more important than justice and human life. In South Africa the authorities are out to protect their tourist business by trying to stitch up the husband of a woman raped and murdered as many thousands are each […]

Buffoon Brown finally admits his ignorance

The lying buffoon who ruined the British economy through his financial incontinence has finally admitted what the rest of us have always known. In a new book he wrote while being paid by us to represent his constituents at Westminster, the lying Scottish sociopath apparently confesses that he knows very little about economics.

This could […]

Is ‘Slimey’ Simon a fraudster?

I’ve not been watching Simon ‘Slimey’ Cowell’s karaoke show the fiX-Factor. But reading all the outraged newspaper articles, it does seem that Slimey is guilty of defrauding all those stupid enough to vote for the third-raters on the show. Apparently on the most recent show, host Dermot O’Leary told viewers: ‘Your votes and your votes […]