November 2020
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Selling sh*t to suckers – like your council?

(Wednesday blog)

Some readers will find today’s blog a bit boring. But it’s quite important so I’ll do it anyway.

Offloading sh*t to suckers – Lloyds

One of the best examples of insiders offloading sh*t to suckers came in the 1990s. Insiders in the London Lloyds Insurance Market realised in the late 1980s that they […]

“Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I have just made a new short (3 mins) video.

This one is called “Khan’s blood-soaked streets of London”

It would be really helpful if readers could send the link to the video to their network of contacts recommending people watch the video and then send the link further on to their contacts. […]

Disability? Am I almost the only person in Britain without one?

(Tuesday blog)

Two related stories today.

1. What’s wrong with Universal Credit?

I watched yet another biased BBC documentary last night. This one was about the failures of the new Universal Credit (UC) and how the introduction of UC was pushing people into poverty, homelessness and helplessness.

As usual, the BBC found lots of supposed […]

How the Establishment protected the RBS ‘banksters’

(Wednesday blog)

Establishment cover-up?

Some of you may have watched a BBC2 documentary last night – “The bank that almost broke Britain”. In it, a string of politicians and civil servants tried to make us believe that only their courage and decisiveness saved the British economy from a massive collapse in the banking crisis of […]

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid, my latest book “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON” and Cressida D*ck

(Blog for week from 30th July to 5th August)

Tough sh*t Sajid Javid

Wonderful news – British justice has actually been done and Tommy Robinson has been freed. Moreover, the Court of Appeal found that:

* Tommy should not have been put on trial that same day * Tommy’s lawyer did not have proper time […]

Nobody dares piss on the NHS’s parade

(Friday blog)

Oh what joy! Oh what happiness! Hallelujah! The NHS, our national religion, was 70 years old yesterday. There were even church services giving thanks to God for the creation of our great NHS. At such a time of national rejoicing, nobody dares become a party-pooper. Nobody dares suggest the NHS isn’t the “envy […]

Let’s congratulate Grenfell Tower’s greatest survivor?

(Tuesday blog)

As the Grenfell Tower public inquiry swings into action – for the many well-paid, parasitic lawyers who will become multimillionaires by the time the farce is over – I would like to salute the person I believe to be one of Grenfell Tower’s greatest survivors. The person in question is Labour MP for […]

Third-World Britain needs more police and real police

(Thursday blog)

Some of you may have watched Panorama last night. If so, you were exposed to sixty minutes of police bosses moaning that they didn’t have sufficient policepersons (is that the acceptable gender-neutral word?). And it’s true that under Home Secretary, Theresa “Dithering Doris” May, police numbers were drastically cut.

But let’s not exaggerate […]

Kidney transplants anyone? Foreigners go to the front of the queue!

(Friday blog)

Toady I thought I’d bring you a small story, which the BBC certainly won’t report, and which shows yet again how our rulers – and particularly the NHS – are betraying us.

It concerns an Albanian woman who came to Britain using a fake Greek ID card to get into the country and […]

Are EU migrant workers bankrupting us?

Lots of numbers

Today’s blog is going to be really, really boring. It’s full of figures and we British seem allergic to figures, even simple arithmetic. But given that it’s the budget tomorrow, surely I can be forgiven for throwing in my modest contribution to the deliberations of the ‘experts’?

You might find it surprising: […]