June 2024

Indian TV asks – “Has Britain become a Third-World country?”

Wednesday-Thursday blog

I finished off my Monday-Tuesday blog with the following facetious comment:

“Britain will achieve its well-deserved status as a Third-World country. When this happens, I wonder if all the countries to which we sent (expensively-borrowed) billions in supposed ‘foreign aid’, most of which was enthusiastically looted by those countries’ kleptocrat rulers and spent on palaces, whores and fleets of Mercedes, will help us out?”

When writing this, I hadn’t realised how prescient my remark would be. Just one day later, I came across an Indian TV programme discussing Britain’s decline and asking: “Has Britain become a Third-World country?

Not so great when countries like India are looking down on collapsing Britain:

2 comments to Indian TV asks – “Has Britain become a Third-World country?”

  • A Thorpe

    But GDP/capita in 2022 – India $2090, UK $47923. I only looked at one site for this information. We have problems but there was little evidence to back up the comments. But perhaps a warning that we cannot continue as we are. Did you spot that the only advice she offered was to say we need more immigration?

  • Stuart Worthington

    More migration, greater the GDP.!?

    We can’t migrate ourselves out of debt, as you know, Mr A, it is due to this we are in debt but the powers that be don’t see it that way.
    Reminds of the Marshall plan after WW11 to rebuild Europe, the UK squandered it on propping up the £ to maintain a dying empire.

    I must be thick and went to the wrong school like the WEF/IMF etc.

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