November 2022
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What terrible mistake are we making today that will have horrific consequences in the future?

As we move into the centenary year of the start of the First World War, most people realise that it was the punitive reparations imposed on Germany after WW1 that contributed to the rise of the Nazis and the deaths of about 40 million people in the Second World War.

Incidentally, though they were the driving force behind the harshness of the reparations, the French made only a limited contribution to winning WW1 and, of course, no contribution at all to winning WW2. In fact, the collaborationist French forces may have killed more British servicemen in WW2 than the pathetic Free French Army killed Germans. You may have heard the joke that when the French Concorde, filled with German tourists, crashed near Paris airport, the French killed more Germans in that crash than they killed in WW2.

At the time the reparations were imposed, few people if anybody realised the horrific consequences. So, what mistakes are we making today that are similar to the mistakes made after WW1?

Here are 3 suggestions:

1. Surrendering British sovereignty to a corrupt, wasteful, self-serving Brussels bureaucracy

Britain is still widely admired throughout the world for our democratic history and for our sense of fair play and we have a role contributing some moral rectitude to the United Nations and international politics. It is tragic that today’s political pygmies (particularly the repulsive liar Clegg and the laughable Miliband) are hell-bent on handing sovereignty over to the greedy, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Because, as many people are beginning to realise, once power is carelessly given away, it’s almost impossible to get it back. To turn Britain from a proud, independent country into a minor administrative sub-region of a massive socialist superstate is a disaster for Britain and the world.

2. Committing economic suicide to save the world from supposed Global Warming

I don’t know how many people across Europe and in Britain have lost their jobs and their livelihoods because of the EU’s and Ed Miliband’s craven acceptance of the myth of Global Warming. A few hundred thousand? Maybe more. But what is certain is that hundreds of thousands more will be cast on the scrapheap as British and European industry is unable to compete with Asia and the US because of our high energy prices due to replacing cheap energy with costly and inefficient renewables. In 20 years, historians will look back in amazement at how our leaders committed economic suicide (while feathering their own nests) even when all the evidence showed that Global Warming was a myth.

3. Surrendering our democracy to Islamic fundamentalism

But perhaps the decision to appease Islamic fundamentalism, instead of confronting it, may to be one of the great moral failures of our time and may be the mistake that leads to the most bloodshed in the future. In 1939, Hitler correctly identified that Britain was weak and would do almost anything to avoid war. So he launched his takeover of most of Europe. Today Islamic fundamentalists similarly see our craven weakness and the way the British establishment and the media do everything to allow their hatred and intolerance to flourish while trying to destroy anyone who raises concerns about Islamic intolerance and hatred.

There are around 50 million Muslims in Europe. Within 25 years, there will be over 100 million. Research in Britain has shown that about 40% of Muslims between the ages of 16 and 24 said they would prefer to live under sharia law in Britain, one in eight young Muslims said they admired groups such as al-Qa’eda that “are prepared to fight the West”, 36% of the young people questioned said they believed that a Muslim who converts to another religion should be “punished by death”, 75% of young Muslims would prefer Muslim women to “choose to wear the veil or hijab” and 58% believed that many of the world’s problems are “a result of arrogant Western attitudes”.

 If just one in every 100,000 European Muslims becomes radicalised against us, that’s 1,000 who would happily die trying to kill us. If one in every 10,000 European Muslims becomes radicalised, then that’s 10,000 who will fight us. Pity the BBC never mentions these kinds of figures.

Of these three great mistakes, the cowardly surrender of our values and way of life to appease Islamic fundamentalism is probably the greatest and the one we will all come to regret most.

Buy hey ho, what do I know?

5 comments to What terrible mistake are we making today that will have horrific consequences in the future?

  • Paris Claims

    I blame the electorate for being exceptionally thick. I suspect most conservative votes are cast purely to keep labour out and vise versa. I cannot fathom out why anyone would vote libdem. There now is a real alternative. I just hope enough of the electorate wake up, and that Farage doesn’t sell out.

  • yohodi

    Feminists, and animal rights activists are ominously quite re the religion of peace……..

  • Peter

    I get tired of the Tories still moaning about the state labour left the economy in. They have done just as much damage pandering to this blinkered out of touch idiot Clegg. Here,s some of Cleggs vision for the UK = More Intergration of the EU = He would dump the Pound in the blink of an eye and force the Euro on us =Every piece of spare ground would have Wind farms on it .And thats just for starters the Limp Dems should NOT be allowed anywhere near Government ever again… And Cameron just gives us empty promises to try and smooth the anger and exasperation of the British people. Cameron it is UKIP for me..

  • Mike

    If we had held to our biblical values, there would not be two atheists and one idiot as leaders of our main political parties.

    Christianity would not have compromised with that “religion of peace” whose prime agenda is to wipe out our nation and our heritage.

  • shortchanged

    Don’t be too harsh Mike, I’m an atheist, and hold so called Christen values, but I prefer to call them common sense values. Same horse, different jockey.

    As Paris says, the electorate is thick, but I don’t think its all their fault, bread and circuses, spring to mind.

    For a good explanation read, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.

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