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Lucky Australians – why my brother will retire in First World comfort while I will die in Third World squalor

My brother was smart enough to emigrate to Australia in his 30s and it may be interesting to compare our prospects. We both worked as consultants – though being cleverer than me, he was in IT systems whereas I could only manage general organisational effectiveness. But I imagine we’ve earned roughly similar amounts. So how can he retire in comfort whereas I’ll die in poverty?

1. Pensions – for a start charges on Australian pension funds are only about a third of what we pay in Rip-Off Britain. Moreover, as the Australian Government isn’t bankrupt, it isn’t holding interest rates artificially low. So, annuity rates in Australia are about 30% higher than in Bankrupt Britain. All this means that an Australian saving the same amount each year as a Brit would end up with over twice the pension income

2. Proper government – Australia has flirted with Labour governments. Most recently with the appalling Welsh-born socialist Julia Gillard. She did a “Gordon Brown”. Realising she was not electable, she hid behind a party leader that was electable and then when her party won an election, she moved out of the shadows to grab the PM job in spite of never being elected. But like Brown, her government dissolved into utter chaos. Luckily for Australia, a conservative government replaced the overspending Labour idiots. But in Britain, our overspending Labour idiots have been replaced by equally overspending Coalition idiots and with our national debt shooting up over 2010-2015 from £700bn to £1.4trn we are rapidly going bust.

3. Global Warming scam – while Dave “Hug a Husky” Cameron continues to inflict pointless green taxes which are pushing up energy costs and destroying British jobs, the Australian government has realised that the whole Global Warming thing was a complete scam and is getting rid of the job-destroying green taxes so enthusiastically introduced by Welsh-born socialist Gillard

4. Immigration control – Australia is lucky that it is an island and can control its borders. Moreover, as Australia is an independent country, it can decide who it allows in and who to reject. Britain, on the other hand…….whoops, Britain’s an island too. So we could theoretically control our borders just like Australia does. Oh no, I forgot. Our europhiliac politicians have handed control of our borders to a corrupt communist from paedophile paradise Portugal. So, it’s Barroso who decides who can come to Britain, not our own government.

5. Public services – As Australia is not drowning under a flood of at least 7 million mostly low-skilled, low-earning, rapidly-reproducing immigrants, Australia can afford to provide decent schools, proper healthcare, effective policing, decent housing and all the other benefits of a modern developed society. But as Britain is overwhelmed by often benefits-scrounging garbage who see Benefits Britain as a soft touch, our schools, NHS, policing, prisons, social housing, social security and other services are all collapsing and people who have worked and paid taxes all their lives find that they have become second-class citizens in their own country as immigrants seem to be given priority over the indigenous population for services and benefits

6. Different deaths – my brother will probably die peacefully in his bed at a ripe old age after a long and worry-free life. I will probably be one of the 34,000 people a year who die unnecessarily from an infection or poor care in Sir David Nicholson’s filthy slaughterhouse hospitals. Meanwhile the doctors and nurses who probably speak little English and who are paid from my taxes haven’t got time to look after me properly as they’re busy providing care to extended families of 15-20 Roma gypsies, just arrived in Britain, who have never contributed anything to this country and will only contribute dirt, crime and misery to everyone with whom they come into contact, who are all demanding NHS care as their human right as EU citizens

7. First World versus Third World – Not being bankrupt, swamped by immigration and committing economic suicide with job-destroying green taxes, Australia can continue to develop and offer its citizens an ever better life – better schooling, better healthcare, better housing, better public transport etc. Meanwhile Britain is rapidly turning from a civilised First World developed country into a corrupt, overcrowded,, garbage strewn, Third World backwater that is failing to provide even the most basic services for its citizens.

In 50 years, historians will look at rotten, chaotic, overcrowded, impoverished, declining, multicultural, Third World Britain and wonder how any country could have thrown away its future so carelessly.

(Oh and in case you’re thinking “if he believes Australia is so wonderful, why doesn’t he just bugger off there and leave us in peace?” – I would if I could. But following the collapse in the value of the pound against the Australian dollar, Australia wouldn’t let me in. After all, the Australians don’t want too much impoverished Third World trash, like me, washing up on their shores)

5 comments to Lucky Australians – why my brother will retire in First World comfort while I will die in Third World squalor

  • John Fields

    I would not think that Australia has a growing industry of Food Banks. I read today
    that the Red Cross has started distributing food for the first time since World War Two.
    This stinking government can send billions abroad to line the pockets of corrupt
    officials, while many of our own people are looking for food hand-outs. It makes you
    want to weep!

  • Paris Claims

    From what I can make out the downside to OZ are the sharks, crocks, spiders and snakes.
    Apart from the growing muslim population. The new man in charge needs to reverse the trend before it’s too late.

  • John Fields

    Paris mentions the downside of Australia sharks, crocs, spiders and snakes.
    I wonder what the death toll will be from these as compared to the death toll
    amongst our elderly this winter because they cannot afford to keep their homes

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  • shortchanged

    I emigrated to Australia 40 years ago, and then it was a wonderful free country, you worked hard, sometimes two or three jobs, saved your money and bought a house. But then the rot set in, after 30 years of a Liberal government, a Labour government was elected., which gave way to a womb to tomb socialist mentality. No one was responsible anymore, for themselves or anyone else. I will not bore you with the ebb’s and flows of Australia’s fortunes, but I will say it is most assuredly not the same country I lived in 40 years ago, and is not free, it fact I have heard it said it is now a police state. If anyone wants to know the nitty gritty, I will oblige.
    I hope the new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, pulls the country together, no one else can.

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