June 2021
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Lucky Australians have a real election and vote for a real government

As Australia gets a new government, it might be interesting to compare the policies of the winning party with the inability of any British government to pursue similar policies because we no longer have control of our own country:

1. Immigration – The new Australian government has pledged to crack down on asylum seekers and immigration. No UK government could do this as we have handed over control of our borders to unelected EU bureaucrats who are using mass immigration to erase national identity so they can create their EU superstate. Moreover, Australia can prevent criminals entering the country  – Britain has to welcome garbage from the world’s worst hell-holes and, whatever crimes they commit here, we can never throw them out because of their human rights.

2. Climate change myth – The new Australian government is highly sceptical of the whole man-made climate change con and is planning to scrap carbon taxes. Britain is forced by the EU (and of course by Ed Miliband’s EU-inspired hopeless 2008 Climate Change Act) to cut carbon emissions, by doing things like building thousands of pointless wind turdbines, and to run ludicrous carbon trading schemes which push up our energy prices, make our industries uncompetitive and lead to ever-increasing energy bills and thousands of job losses.

3. Same-sex marriage – The new Australian Prime Minister has declared that he is opposed to same-sex marriage. Britain has no choice on the issue as a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights has declared that same-sex marriage is ‘a fundamental human right’ and that any gays wishing to marry could have taken the British government to court if our government had not legalised same-sex marriage.

4. Reducing foreign aid – It seems the new Australian government is somewhat sceptical of the value of giving foreign aid probably due to the fact that at least 80% of all aid is lost through corruption and incompetence. Partly because of commitments made to the EU and partly because of the stupidity of all our politicians, we have just increased our foreign aid budget from £7.9bn to £10.5bn a year. Just this £2.6bn increase would have been enough to pay for the 34,000 troops and 32,400 police and support staff who are being fired to save money. Incidentally, the new Australian government is planning to increase spending on their military and, I think, police – it seems our government has different priorities to the Australians.

5. Financial responsibility – The new Australian government has pledged to bring down their country’s deficit after years of Labour overspending. In Britain, we can’t control our deficit. We have to pay £19bn a year to the EU – an amount that will increase every year thanks to Tony Blair giving up a huge chunk of our rebate. Our government is afraid to cut public spending. And spending on benefits shoots up every year as 500,000 immigrants a year flood into Benefits Britain.

Australia is an independent, democratic country in control of its own policies, spending and destiny. Britain is just a minor part of an undemocratic EU superstate where utterly corrupt, unelected, wasteful and usually socialist bureaucrats decide who can live in our country, what laws we can pass, how we live our lives and how much we can spend.

Britain’s decline from an independent country into becoming an EU vassal would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

3 comments to Lucky Australians have a real election and vote for a real government

  • Paris Claims

    I welcome the news, but we’ll have to wait and see if this chap turns words into action.
    Anyone in Australia could be forgiven for thinking that the UK would have had similar policies after the ousting of labour over 3 years ago.

  • shortchanged

    As a resident of Australia, for, 44 years, I remember the new Prime minister, Tony Abbott, as a bit of a lad. A fair ground boxer whom trained for the priesthood and generally known as ‘the mad monk’. A right wing conservative (they are called ‘liberals’ out there) he is an unknown quantity, but from what you write Craig he is starting off on the right foot, more power to him.

  • shortchanged

    My apologies, Mr Craig.

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