November 2022
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Why are we giving aid money to the greedy, corrupt, murdering kleptocrats who misrule Nigeria?

Many of you may have seen an article about this in yesterday’s Daily Mail. But the scale of corruption in Nigeria is so great that I’ll summarise the key points:

1. Under the Coalition government, we’ll give almost £1bn in aid to the crooks and murderers who rule Nigeria

2. Nigeria is not the most corrupt country on earth. But according to Transparency International, which monitors international financial corruption, it comes a shameful 172nd worst among the 215 nations surveyed. Only such earthly paradises as Haiti or the Congo are more corrupt

3. Nigeria has crude oil reserves estimated at 35 billion barrels (enough to fuel the entire world for more than a year) and 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. In theory, Nigeria’s 170 million-strong population should be prospering in a country that in recent years has launched four satellites into space

4. Nigerian MPs have a basic wage of £122,000, nearly double what British MPs earn and many hundreds of times that of the country’s ordinary citizens. But their salaries are tiny compared to the billions they loot from the country’s coffers. You don’t build mansions, have a fleet of luxury cars and run a private jet on a mere £122,000 a year

5. About 70 million barrels of crude oil worth $5.5bn are stolen every year

6. The ruling elites have so many luxury homes across the world and so many Mercedes cars that in Africa they’re called ‘Wabenzi’ (“people of the Mercedes-Benz).

7. Since gaining independence in 1960, Nigeria has received  $400bn (£257bn) in aid —  six times what the U.S. pumped into reconstructing the whole of Western Europe after World War II. Even taking account of inflation, this is an incredible amount of money

8. Yet 70% of Nigerians live below the poverty line of £1.29 a day, struggling with a failing infrastructure and chronic fuel shortages because of a lack of petrol refining capacity, even though their country produces more crude oil than Texas

9. It is estimated that since 1960, about $380bn (£245bn) of government money has been stolen by Nigeria’s rulers and their cronies — almost the total sum Nigeria has received in foreign aid

10. President Sani Abacha, a military dictator who ruled in the 1990s, had accrued an incredible $4bn (£2.58bn) fortune by the time he died

11. Any Nigerian who dares criticise their rulers’ corruption tends to die young

Godfrey Bloom MEP has done us all a service by shining a light on the cess-pit of our international aid being stolen by Africa’s rapacious leaders. No wonder so many members of the politically-correct establishment have been so quick to condemn him.

But there is a more serious side to this story. At some point, the poor and dispossessed of Africa will rise up against their corrupt, thieving, oppressive rulers. In the past, Africans turned to communism when they fought for their freedom from European colonial powers. This time, Africa’s poor will turn to radical Islam in their new struggle against their oppressors – and the results will be disastrous for Africa and for the rest of the world.

(Only sold 2 copies of my latest book GREED UNLIMITED last week – I guess money’s too tight to mention?)

1 comment to Why are we giving aid money to the greedy, corrupt, murdering kleptocrats who misrule Nigeria?

  • John Fields

    There must be someone in this public school boy government who will
    say that enough is enough, and start to cut off the flow of aid to these many
    corrupt African countries. And when they do, maybe I can have my annual
    £100 heating allowance that they stopped, and the extra tax I am paying,
    because of a frozen tax allowance!

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