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Sunnis hate Shiites hate Alawites – and they all hate us. Time for the Arabs to split Syria and for us to stay out of their mess

Our congratulations should probably go to Sir Peter Tapsell, father of the Commons, for daring to speak the truth about the war in Syria. He said that Syria was now enduring what is “fundamentally a religious war between the Shia and the Sunni, which has raged within Islam for 1,300 years”.

Of course, the BBC and the assorted ranks of the politically correct and the professional hand-wringers burble on about how nasty the Assad regime was and bleat about bringing democracy and freedom to Syria. Would this be the same democracy and freedom that we brought to Iraq? And Afghanistan? As for the supposed “freedom-loving” rebels that David “Winston” Cameron and William “Winston” Hague are so eager to support. They really look like a rather unpleasant bunch and I’m not sure that they have the same ideas of democracy and peace as the Notting Hill Guardianistas.

The only solution for Syria is to split the country between the Shiites and the Sunnis with the Alawites joining whichever side they want. Better to have two countries that learn to co-exist, than an endless civil war over one country when the two main groupings cannot live in peace because they each have slightly different interpretations of what was written in the Koran over 1,000 years ago.

Meanwhile, for Britain, the lessons of history are clear:

1. Britain should not get involved in the fighting or the peace-keeping

2. All aid for refugees should come from the cash-rich Arab world. At the moment, we have the absurd situation whereby cash-rich Arab national investment funds are buying up British assets, while we borrow money we don’t have to give to Arab refugees. And sadly, as with the billions we have given to the Palestinians over the years, much of any aid money we gave would get lost through corruption

3. When Syria is split into two parts, the peace-keeping force stopping the Sunnis and Shiites from slaughtering each other should only come from the cash-rich Arab world. Why put our troops in danger from people who hate us?

4. We should not allow a flood of Syrian refugees to come to Britain. Let them go to wealthy Arab countries that have the resources to look after them properly.

This sounds harsh. But it’s a lot less harsh that letting the fighting continue. It’s time to have a clear policy – split the country and push the Arab League to take responsibility for clearing up the mess.

Mr Cameron and Mr Hague we don’t want your war. You want a war? I’ll pay for two First Class one-way tickets to Damascus for you both and you can go and fight. And perhaps you can take Mr Blair’s sons to fight with you. After all, he liked starting wars he couldn’t finish. But leave the rest of us out of it.

(Yesterday I reduced the price of the Kindle version of my latest book by about £2 in the hope that a few people might buy copies to support this site. Guess how many I sold? Yup, you got it – none! Hey, ho, he said resignedly)

2 comments to Sunnis hate Shiites hate Alawites – and they all hate us. Time for the Arabs to split Syria and for us to stay out of their mess

  • right_writes

    Of course David Cameron and his chums know exactly how to “cause” peace in the land of the rug pilot…

    Complete the “single market” and invite them to join…

    Everyone… Even MacNero (anag) know that the EU is the only reason that something called “Europe” hasn’t been repeatedly tearing itself apart for the last 60 (ish) years.

  • Paris Claims

    Harsh? Not at all. I’d just let them get on with it. Refugees? Parachute them back.

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