May 2024

Is it time to abandon Israel?

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Israel became a nation on 14 May 1948. I fear that the country cannot survive to reach 100 years in 2048 – in just 24 years’ time. Here are just a few reasons why I don’t believe Israel can survive:

Population: The population of Israel is just 9.6 million of whom 73.8 percent (7 million) are Jewish, 18 percent (1.7 million) Muslim, 1.9 percent Christian, and 1.6 percent Druze. The population of the Arab world is around 465 million. So Israeli Jews are outnumbered by their Arab neighbours by more than 66 to 1. Moreover, the population of the Arab world is growing much faster than the Jewish population of Israel.

Geographic size: Israel is tiny. The total area of the State of Israel is 22,145 (8,630 sq. miles), of which 21,671 sq. km is land area. Israel is some 420 km in length and about 115 km across at the widest point. The total area of Arab states is 5.07 million square miles. So Israel is 0.16% of the Arab states. In other words Arab states combined are 630 times bigger than Israel

Jordan alone is 34,495 square miles – 4 times larger than Israel. Egypt is 390,100 mi². Syria is 71,498 square miles and Lebanon is 4,036 square miles. So, four Israel’s neighbors have a total area of 496,093 square miles – 62 times bigger than Israel:

Arab governments’ failures: Israel’s GDP per capita is about $55,000. The GDP per capita in the Arab world is a pathetic $7,625. But if you take out the rich oil producers like Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Kuwait, the average GDP per capita for most Arabs is probably somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000. That’s less than a tenth of Israel’s level. The Arab countries’ low GDP per capita is the fault of corruption, incompetence and stupidity. But Arab rulers can never admit their own venality and uselessness. So they need someone to blame for their own mismanagement and looting of their countries. Israel is the perfect scapegoat. Thus Arab rulers can maintain their power and kleptocracy and deflect their citizens’ anger by constantly stirring up their population’s hatred of the Jewish state.

What to do now?

I have a feeling that we should accept the inevitable – Israel cannot survive as a Jewish state surrounded by hundreds of millions of people intent on Israel’s destruction. Instead, I believe the United Nations should put together a plan to gradually hand over Israeli territory to the Arab countries or to a Palestinian administration. This plan could include things like:

  • Israeli Jews being allowed to settle in any country of their choosing and being given citizenship of those countries
  • A massive fund being set up to compensate Israeli Jews for the loss of their homes, land and businesses
  • A gradual pull-out of Israelis protected by a huge international peacekeeping force
  • A target date of say 10 years being set for all Israeli Jews to be resettled in their chosen countries

What we will then see is a massive injection of entrepreneurialism and economic growth into the countries into which Israelis are resettled. On the other hand, as our Arabian friends take over Israeli land, successful, technically-advanced, modern, democratic Israel will degenerate into a backward, primitive, terrorist-controlled, excrement-covered hell-hole of poverty, corruption, incompetence and misery under its new Arab rulers. Incidentally, I suspect that most Israeli Arabs, while constantly enjoying screaming their hatred of Israeli Jews, won’t be too enthusiastic of the idea of becoming impoverished and their lives ruined as they remain in the former Israel but under incompetent and corrupt Arab rule.

I wonder who the Arabs will then blame for their own self-inflicted wretchedness?

2 comments to Is it time to abandon Israel?

  • A Thorpe

    The Zionists and the USA will never agree to that.

  • Stuart Worthington

    A Thorpe.

    Correct, it took nearly 50 years
    for the Zionist (who did not originate from Palestine) and the USA to complete the Jewish state. The UK didn’t help after the Palestinians were promised independence after WW11, much the same as after WW1 the Arabs were promised self governance after helping the west to defeat the Otterman empire. Lawrence of Arabia must be turning in his grave. The western world has a lot to answer for.

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