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Bit of a busy week for Dubai’s 30,000+ prostitutes?

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I’m sure most readers are eternally grateful that the world’s elites are sacrificing their valuable time to fly to oil-producing Dubai in their private jets to save us all from what the world’s greatest climatologist, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, calls ‘global boiling’. But it’s not only the world’s elites who’ll be at Cop28. The provisional total for COP28 suggests that 97,372 delegates have registered to attend the summit in person. With a further 3,074 attending virtually, this takes the overall total to 100,446. This comfortably makes the Dubai event the largest COP bletherathon in history.

I won’t waste your time writing about the gobsmacking hypocrisy of the most important attendees flying in on their private jets. I believe, Sunak the Spineless, Posh-boy Cameron and our ludicrous king all travelled there on separate private jets paid for by us. It’s a pity they couldn’t have shared a plane or even taken one of the regular Emirates Airways flights (popularly known as ‘Excrement Airways’ due to the state of the toilets from the failure of many passengers to master their complexity):

And I won’t bother mentioning how the whole shebang descended into something worse than farce when the chairman of Cop28 got the ecoloons’ knickers in a twist when he said (correctly) that there was no scientific evidence that phasing out fossil fuels would have any effect on the world’s temperature.

I did a Google search on the likley results of the Cop28 jamboree and came across this answer:

Original Question: What are some potential outcomes of the annual global climate conference, COP28, in Dubai?

Some prostitutes are going to make a lot of money. Some socially awkward scientists are going to be treated as rock stars. A lot of politicians are going to get drunk, schmoozed, and have an opportunity to brag about how great their policies have been (never mind the truth). A few (or more) will end up with new STDs. Most if not all will become even more compromised. The average person will get screwed as more taxes will be introduced and we all become less free as we will be the last thing the people attending COP28 will be thinking of.

So, in the interest of keeping readers informed about the most important issues facing us, I did a little research.

Google tells us that: “It is impossible to estimate accurately the prostitute population of Dubai. The authorities would never give out such figures, and it would be hard to take into account the “casual” or “part-time” sex trade. One recent estimate put the figure at about 30,000 out of a population of about 1.5 million.”

That would mean that around one in every fifty people in Dubai is a prostitute. Just for comparison, if we take Britain, Google tells us The number of sex workers in the UK is estimated to be around 72,800 with about 32,000 working in London. The population of London is around 9 million. So one in every 280 Londoners is a sex worker. Per head of population, supposedly strict Islamic Dubai has more than five times as many prostitutes as soon-to-be-Islamic London. Even the Islamophiliac Guardian propaganda rag admits that “Dubai’s Islamic austerity is a sham – sex is for sale in every bar” and “Couples who publicly kiss are jailed, yet the state turns a blind eye to 30,000 imported prostitutes”.,population%20of%20about%201.5%20million.

And here’s some more useful information for COP28 attendees. Sex workers in London have an average of 25 clients per week paying an average of £78 per visit. But in Dubai you can apparently expect to pay a sex worker from £200 an hour and over £1,000 if you want an all-nighter.

Arabs from the Middle East’s stricter countries apparently flock to Dubai to pay for sex in such quantities that it is known by some residents as “Sodom-sur-Mer”. Most of the girls come on 3-month tourist visas for which thay pay around £300 which goes to visa agents and corrupt immigration officials. After all, what genuine tourist would want to spend 3 months of their lives admiring the ‘ancient’ splendours of ultra-modern Dubai? Assuming that just half of Dubai’s 30,000 sex workers take this route, that would net the visa agents and corrupt immigration officials over £18m a year. A better way for the girls to get rich quick is to pay around £5,000 for a 3-year residence visa. Moreover, the 30,000 figure probably doesn’t include thousands of girls who are lured to the city state by fake offers of a job as a housemaid or waitress only to find their traffickers confiscate their passports and force them into sex work.

Somehow there’s something rather appropriate about almost 100,000 of the world’s greatest hypocrites – those who fly around the world preaching to us about the need for us to stay trapped shivering from the sold in our 15-minute cities to supposedly save the planet – all attending a massive jamboree in what is possibly the world’s most hypocritical city.

2 comments to Bit of a busy week for Dubai’s 30,000+ prostitutes?

  • A Thorpe

    Could it be that all the energy from the humping is the real cause of global warming.

  • Paul Chambers

    Least the sex workers don’t have to pay any tax on their earnings in Dubai. And i assume most come from poor backgrounds so some of that money will find its way back to their home countries.

    Really proper socialism and very much in accordance with UN principles – taking money from rich western countries and giving it to the less well off. Cuts out the share for all the big guys feeding their swiss bank accounts. And that’s when the UN are not voting on another motion against Israel which is pretty much their full time job.

    Of course we could scrap the whole lot or at least move this shit show online and cut out the middle bit. So these poor girls don’t have to sleep with all these corrupt commies and traitors.

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