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Uranus is warming. I blame man-made CO2

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Is the NHS lying about waiting lists?

The big news this week was that waiting lists for NHS treatments have risen to 7,680,000. But I wonder if the true figure is even higher. I saw my GP – sorry, I lie, I saw a nurse at my GP’s surgery as all the GPs were presumably too busy to see a British taxpayer like me – at the beginning of June and got an ‘Urgent’ referral to see a dermatologist at my local hospital. Now, three months later, I haven’t even been contacted by the hospital with a date for an appointment. So, I imagine I’m not even considered to be one of the 7,680,000 people waiting for treatment.

Maybe there are a lot of other people in a similar situation? Who knows?

Do people hate my book without even reading it?

There are 377 reviews of my latest book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS on Amazon. Most are positive. However, I’ve found 4 or 5 reviews which give my book the lowest – one star – rating and say it’s a load of misleading garbage or worse.

Here’s the latest of these negative reviews:

Sigh! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 September 2023
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Utter garbage. Ask people who are watching their homes being destroyed by wildfires in the USA and Europe, Pacific islanders who are seeing the sea levels gradually submerging their home, and many others distastrously affected by events caused specifically by the what the author of this trash denies is real. Ask them what they think of this book. Open your eyes and don’t give this charlatan one single penny of your hard earned cash. Use it to buy a book by a real scientist.
There are two things all the one-star reviews (the lowest rating a reviewer can give) have in common:
  • none of them are what Amazon calls a “Verified purchase”
  • none of them make any reference to anything actually written in the book.
Of course, those one-star reviewers might have borrowed my book from someone who has bought it. Or, more likely, they might just be climate catastrophists who have a visceral loathing for anyone daring to question their crazed, end-of-days cult. Personally, I review books which I have read. I suspect all those writing one-star reviews have neither bought nor read my book.
Here’s another of the one-star reviews
Dangerous Misinformation The cover of this book depicts a ‘doomsdayer’ and his sandwich board full of failed doomsday dates. But guess what? Climate scientists have never stood on street corners claiming the end is nigh – this is typically the behaviour of Christian evangelists in North America. And the rapture cometh not. Interesting how such an image has been wildly misappropriated to sell the entirely false idea that climate change isn’t happening, or that the scientists studying these changes are ‘doomsdayers.’

Anthropogenic climate change is available for all to see and its existence and progress has been verified by the world’s leading scientists and research bodies. It’s also verifiable by anyone with eyes. Amazon’s willingness to sell amateurish tomes packed with conjecture and misinformation is something of a stark contrast with Jeff Bezos’ insistence that the company cares about the climate.

In short: this is a tome of misinformation, authored by an individual with no accreditation or qualification to comment. Save your time.

In the above case, the reviewer makes reference to the cover of the book, but not to a single word actually written in the book. Again I suspect the reviewer hasn’t actually read it.
Is Uranus hotting up?
I based much of my book on Tony Heller’s website. But there’s another climate-focused website – which also dares cast doubt on ‘the Earth is boiling’ climate-catastrophist narrative.
In a recent article on notrickszone, a writer suggested that warming was not just confined to the Earth, but is also happening on some other planets.

Here’s part of this article:

Because man is burning fossil fuels, our planet is allegedly becoming increasingly covered by a blanket of “heat-trapping” greenhouse gases, scientists like to make people believe. The recent global warming simply couldn’t have anything to do with the sun, they insist.

They’re likely way off the mark.

Today German prof. Stefan Homburg tweeted a summary of warming that’s happening at other places within our solar system, suggesting the sun is behind it.

“Global warming isn’t only happening on earth,” he tweets.

Triton has warmed 3°K

For example, warming is happening on Triton, Neptune’s moon. According to Germany’s “Neptune’s giant moon Triton is the first body in the solar system where global warming could be detected.”

According to measurements, the atmospheric pressure doubled and the temperature rose 3 degrees Kelvin. “The cause is probably higher solar irradiation of the nitrogen ice cap at Triton’s south pole.”

The article then goes on to suggest that Mars, the Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are also warming and concludes this warming may be due to increased solar activity and not human CO2 emissions or earthly methane cow farts.

I’m not allowed to reproduce more than half the article, but you can find the whole piece here:

Obviously I don’t know if the claims made in the notrickszone article are true or not. But, if they are true, there’s one certainty in life – they will definitely not be mentioned by the mainstream media.

2 comments to Uranus is warming. I blame man-made CO2

  • Carolyn

    “Or, more likely, they might just be climate catastrophists who have a visceral loathing for anyone daring to question their crazed, end-of-days cult”

    Got it in one, don’t sweat it. I’ve noticed the same game played on the telegraphs’s comments – anyone daring to question climate change is down ticked immediately, it’s a knee jerk reaction. However, as with your book reviews, the down ticks are heavily outnumbered by the up tickets. I imagine the reverse is true of the grundiag comments section but can’t vouch for that as I don’t go anywhere near the Grundiag website.

    And again, you are right, the MSM will not be reporting this extra-terrestrial warming. Doesn’t suit the narrative.

  • A Thorpe

    I suspect you are correct about waiting lists. I have a friend who has just been told a hospital will contact him to make an appointment at some future date. The waiting list is for treatments not appointments.

    The comments on your book say a lot about Amazon. How can they allow reviews from people who have not purchased the book? The comment is what you get from people who have listened to opinions spread through propaganda. All they can do is repeat the opinion. They are incapable of a rational comment because they don’t hold a rational opinion based on evidence. I suspect this is how schools educate children about climate change. What they should be doing is looking at these reviews and explaining to children how they can avoid believing propaganda throughout their lives.

    It is a pity that the German professor did not concentrate his attention to explaining what is happening on earth, such as explaining why gasses cannot trap heat, or anything else for that matter. Heat cannot be trapped in the natural world and if it could it is impossible for it to heat anywhere else. If heat could be trapped the subject of thermodynamics would not exist.

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