May 2024

Maybe we should be grateful for Covid?

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Providing you were not one of the millions who were killed by the Chinese lab-leaked plague or by failure to get medical care due to the chaos caused by the lab-leaked plague or one of the millions more whose businesses and lives were ruined by the lockdowns or one of the millions more who had significant adverse reactions to the dangerous fake vaccines, perhaps you should be grateful for Covid?

Why? For two reasons.

  • Firstly, because Covid showed us how much the elites despise us and how far they are willing to go with their lies to increase their own wealth and power at our expense
  • Secondly, because we now know the playbook the elites will use when lying to us and wrecking our lives to ‘fight’ the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’. As one reader recently remarked, you can just replace ‘Covid’ with ‘Climate’ to see what the elites are up to

Let’s briefly remember the liars and their lies:

The scientists

When the world’s leading ‘scientists’ found out that the Chinese plague was most likely caused by a lab leak at a filthy, low-hygiene lab run by lazy, corrupt Chinese working on projects funded by US grants, their first reaction was to launch a concerted campaign to discredit the lab leak theory and to brand anyone suggesting a lab leak as a crazed conspiracy theorist. After all, they didn’t want the truth coming out as public outrage might threaten the billions the scientific community gets in grants and other funding every year. The scientists didn’t care how many people were killed by the lab-leaked plague and whether some of these deaths might have been avoided if the scientists had been honest from the start about the plague’s origin. Their only interest was in protecting their own lucrative lifestyles. If I understand correctly, one of the key people behind the campaign to protect the Chinese has just been made the Chief Scientist at the Chinese-controlled World Health Organisation. A cynic might see this as a reward for doing a deal with the devil.

The pharma companies

We now know that the supposedly ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ miracle vaccines were not safe as around one in every 800 people vaccinated had serious adverse reactions and the vaccines were not effective in that they didn’t stop the spread of the virus. We further know that the clinical trials didn’t even test whether the fake vaccines prevented the virus from spreading and were so corrupt that one of the vaccine manufacturers went to court to try to prevent the data from their fake trials from being released for the next 75 years. Furthermore, there was a massive campaign by the pharma companies to discredit cheap generic drugs like Ivermectin so that they could sell us much more expensive alternatives with almost exactly the same chemical structure as Ivermectin:

The politicians

I think this photo tells us all we need to know about the relationship between the pharma companies and our political elites:

The politicians lied and lied and lied. They claimed that we should submit to lockdowns and then get the miracle vaccines so we weren’t guilty of ‘killing granny’. Yet there was absolutely no evidence that the vaccines reduced the spread of the virus. They claimed that all age groups should get the vaccines. Yet they knew that the vaccines were only partially effective in reducing severe complications from Covid for a short period for just a limited number of vulnerable groups. Moreover, they never looked at comparing the effectiveness of the fake vaccines compared to the body’s natural protection. And now we know that the fake vaccines actually reduce our natural immunity so that those who are most vaccinated are more likely to keep catching Covid than those who have built up natural immunity. And all the time they crushed our freedoms. the politicians partied and mocked us for our gullibility. They were surprised at how easily they got away with their lies and deceit. Even worse, the only politician who dared express concerns about the fake vaccines was ignored by 646 of the 650 MPs when he gave a speech in Parliament and was thrown out of his party.

The media

Where were our supposed investigative journalists during this fiasco? Why weren’t they exposing the torrent of lies from the scientists the politicians and the media itself? Unfortunately our mainstream media showed themselves to be just a bunch of paid-for, spineless, self-serving prostitutes. After all, they probably had mortgages to pay and private-school fees for their children. So, better for their careers and their bank balances to write what they were told to write and to say what they were told to say. But perhaps most shameful of all was the fact that the one journalist who dared to question the official lies, Mark Steyn, was forced out of his job by the establishment.

Big tech and social media

Meanwhile, the big tech and social media companies all conspired against us censoring anyone suggesting a Wuhan lab leak or anyone questioning the vaccines or anyone worrying that the lockdowns might be causing more harm than the virus.

The World Health Organisation

There’s not enough room here to list all the lies we were fed by the Chinese-controlled, ludicrously-misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO). The WHO assured us the the lab-leaked plague didn’t leak from a lab; that the plague wasn’t infectious when they knew it was; that there was no need for an international travel ban for weeks after the Chinese imposed a domestic travel ban. The WHO then organised a whitewashing campaign to cover up the fact that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab. Yet now our politicians are considering handing over control of our lives to the utterly corrupt, utterly incompetent spivs at the WHO when the next inevitable pandemic starts!

And now the elites – big business, scientists, politicians, international organisations and the media – are playing the same game trying to terrify us over a Climate Crisis which doesn’t even exist. As they ban everything which makes modern life so pleasant – cheap energy, cheap transport, the freedom to travel, the freedom to buy whatever food we want, the freedom to heat our homes the way we want – and try to lock us into small districts with their ’15-minute cities’ plans and their fines for anyone daring to leave their area, remember how we were lied to, manipulated, bullied and coerced during the Chinese lab-leaked plague, because the elites are doing exactly the same thing with their fake Climate Crisis.

4 comments to Maybe we should be grateful for Covid?

  • A Thorpe

    This is nothing new, it has been the same throughout history. We don’t feature in history because we have never mattered. We are just here to create wealth for the elites. More than ever we are now in a period of the Roman “bread and circuses”. The elites have protected us by providing vaccines that we queued up for and will continue to do so in the belief that they keep us safe and give us the freedom do go to the circus.

    It really is a waste of time trying to convince people about the danger that most governments now create for us along with their elite masters. As an example, one of my neighbours was evacuated with her brother from the south coast to Hertfordshire during the war. When Christmas came they decided they wanted to be at home, so without telling anybody they made their way back home. Now she is too afraid to get on a bus for fear of getting covid. If I gave her this piece to read she would say you are a know it all.

    The elites do eventually lose the control they think that they have. I am convinced that the loss of control started when they created worthless money and treated it as a commodity. I saw it described recently as like betting on a horse to either win or lose but not caring about the health of the horse. For at least 100 years the economy has essentially been run by generating profit from interest on worthless paper money rather than on producing anything of value. The WEF is the messenger telling us this. Everything that is happening is to give the elites control when economy finally fails. We have been told that we will have nothing and we should believe it.

  • Stillreading

    I despair at the way the mis-named “free” world is heading but I despair even more at the refusal of so many of the younger generations, some members of my own close family included, to even begin to discuss what has been done to us without losing their tempers and lecturing me for being a silly old fool. They refuse to even acknowledge what is happening with the full sanction of our government – loss of national boundaries, population replacement, the infinite power over all of us which the WHO will acquire if – or more likely when – our feeble politicians abnegate control over our “health”, the “Great Reset”, as envisioned by the ghastly Schwab of the WEF, carbon rationing, widespread “kettling” of we plebs in “15 minute cities”. Above all the young refuse to understand that all this will be brought about before they even realise it has happened, thanks to the “digital age” and above all digital money, the convenience of which they so loudly laud whenever they stop off on the way home for a pint of milk or a loaf or phone up to order a takeaway. Well, I shan’t be here when the worst happens. Right now I am enraged by the lies consistently told us, with myself for having been a trusting idiot and permitting myself to be jabbed three times, by the fact that my elected government knowingly lied to me and on the basis of those lies imprisoned me and prohibited me, on pain of fine and/or imprisonment, from hosting my own children and grandchildren in my own home for the best part of 2 years. Yet despite all that, speaking with friends who I thought should know better, I realise that the vast majority of the population are apathetically accepting of whatever “they” tell us. They moan, but in fact would react just the same next time. And there will be a next time! Covid incarceration was just an experiment, the first step on the road to discovering just how easy it is to control a population of around 80 million on a relatively very small bit of terra firma. They got the answer they wanted and won’t hesitate to impose a repeat.

  • Stillreading

    I wonder how many other readers heard a programme yesterday late morning on R4, the interviewer talking with a scientist about the scientific method, peer review, how financial and career interests can sadly corrupt science, how discoveries are made and in consequence science is constantly changing, never fixed, and that we must cast aside previous misconceptions accordingly. Promised to be quite worth hearing I thought – until interviewer and interviewee scathingly referred to “anti-vaxxers” and “climate deniers”, in which areas, where it is most convenient for politicians and profitable for Big Pharma, current conceptions are evidently immutable.

  • Marc Ager

    The Mark Steyn Show is still going on his own website. Excerpts from the show appear on his YouTube channel. Subscribe to it to stick a finger up at the malignant narcissists. Here is the link to his latest show.

    The Mark Steyn Show March 14, 2023 –

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