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Are the vaccines more dangerous than the disease?

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The ‘miracle vaccines’ lie exposed?

Here’s a great (and quite short – 12 minutes) video by Dr John Campbell.

(And yes, before you all start throwing rocks at me, I do realise that he is doctor of nursing and not a fully qualified medic. However he has written several textbooks, has taught in many countries, is extremely knowledgeable and has consistently produced excellent quality, highly-informative videos throughout the pandemic)

In it he explains how the risk/benefits of the ‘miracle’ vaccines has changed since the more infectious but much less pathogenic Omicron variant of the Sino/American lab-leaked plague became the dominant variant. The figures were apparently presented to the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI) in October 2022 and Dr Campbell expresses his incredulity that the JCVI hasn’t changed its advice about the mRNA vaccines.

I suspect the JCVI and health bureaucrats and politicians have painted themselves into a corner with their two years of propaganda about the vaccines being ‘safe’ and ‘effective’. So they can’t now admit that certain groups shouldn’t get the ‘miracle’ boosters. If they did admit this, then they would also be admitting that their vaccines aren’t ‘safe’ and aren’t ‘effective’. So our rulers continue with their now discredited narrative about the supposed (but non-existent for most people) benefits of their vaccines.

Here’s Dr Campbell:

What about the great Climate Change lie?

That brings us to the other great lie being propagandised against us – the lie that human activities, rather than natural cycles, are causing the Earth’s climate to warm with potentially catastrophic consequences for humanity. This is, of course, complete nonsense. I try to show this in my book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS. And people like Tony Heller on his, Paul Homewood on notalotofpeopleknowthat blog and the website continually expose how every claim made by the climate catastrophists is belied by the evidence.

But once again, our rulers have painted themselves into a corner with their 30-40 years of climate doom-mongering. So, even as ever more evidence mounts proving that man-made climate change is the greatest scientific and economic blunder in human history, our rulers are trapped by their own lies and will destroy our economies and our lifestyles to achieve their economically-suicidal ‘net zero’.

I know its a cliché, but John Maynard Keynes famously said:

Unfortunately for us, even when the facts change, our rulers and bureaucrats and all their money- and power-grabbing cronies continue with their erroneous policies as they’re afraid of admitting that they can have made a mistake. And we’re the ones who suffer.

4 comments to Are the vaccines more dangerous than the disease?

  • Ed P

    Biden has said the ‘vaccine’ Emergency Use Authorization will be rescinded on 11th May, which removes the protection from Big Harma, allowing legal actions against them.

    So this dystopia is tottering and will fall.

    Time to buy popcorn!

  • A Thorpe

    I think it is stone throwing time. The background to the video says “Follow the evidence … wherever it leads …”. He did not look at the evidence from the initial trials that were used to authorise the vaccines, which firstly, were obviously not adequate and produced the 95% efficacy claim that was widely promoted but never explained. Nor did he consider that the “vaccines” used a completely novel form of therapy never shown to be effective. But yet he heavily promoted the vaccines like many more as being “safe and effective”. What happened to “do no harm”? What happened to people not requiring “informed consent”? He was not alone in doing this.

    The data in this presentation seems to come from the NIMS. Norman Fenton discovered that there are differences between the NIMS and ONS data especially related to the UK population and this needs to be accurate to determine the death rates and the number of unvaccinated. Fenton complained to the ONS about this and they have confirmed that the data does not provide information on vaccine effectiveness or vaccine safety and should not be used for this purpose. One problem as I understand it is that there is no accurate record of the number of unvaccinated which is obtained by subtracting the vaccinated from the population, but the population is not accurately known and NIMS and the ONS use different population estimates which vary significantly. Also some of the vaccinated are considered unvaccinated for a few weeks after the vaccination. Fenton has shown in hypothetical situations how these assumption can result in very different conclusions about effectiveness and safety.

    I am also concerned about the number of claims around the world about the excess deaths. Fenton has also expressed concern about this because it is difficult to determine what the expected death rate should be. My belief is that death data has never been examined in such detail before over a specific issue and it is showing the inadequacies of the data collection. It seems very much like the climate assumptions. There is said to be a correlation between temperature and CO2 and that is assumed to be a causation. The same idea of a causation is assumed between vaccines and deaths and everything else is being ignore. We never learn and those imposing beliefs on us will never admit to mistakes.

  • A Thorpe

    Here’s another view of the JCVI report. I don’t’ have time to study it at the moment but it seems to be critical of the data analysis.

  • A Thorpe

    There is another report today about excess deaths from Carl Heneghan et al:

    They conclude: “Excess death is an important metric, but it can be challenging to get right. Methods using historical averages are almost certainly producing estimates of expected deaths that are too low and therefore overestimating the excess. … The true extent and the actual causes of any excess deaths remain elusive.”

    What a shambles. We had a pandemic created in computer models for a laboratory created virus. We had safe and effective vaccines based on inadequate trials and now we have people blaming deaths on the vaccines without clear evidence. Not one person has been held to account for this chaos.

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