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Killing me softly with his v*cc*ne?

Monday/Tuesday blog

How did Sweden beat the Chinese plague?

In my weekend blog, I raised the question of how Sweden managed to have some of the lowest Chinese plague death rates in Europe without imposing lockdowns and without destroying the country’s economy:

(left-click on chart then left-click again to see very clearly)

What happened to ‘natural immunity’?

I ain’t no epidemiologist. But the only explanation I can think of for Sweden’s success is that Sweden vaccinated the country’s most vulnerable citizens and allowed the rest to build up natural immunity from suffering mild infections from Fauci’s plague. From the little I understand, natural immunity gives more than ten times as much protection as the supposed miracle vaccines. Moreover, now we know that the vaccines only give around 6 months protection from the plague, it seems that natural immunity is the only way we will get long-lasting protection.

Yet, in spite of clear evidence that natural immunity is the only real, long-term solution to the Wuhan plague, our rulers have become obsessed with vaccinating everybody and threatening to destroy the lives of those who are concerned about the vaccines’ possible side-effects.

We all love our wonderfully safe vaccines

It’s difficult to get reliable figures on how many vaccinated people have suffered from adverse reactions. The day after my first jab, I got a serious case of inflammation of the sciatic nerve and couldn’t walk properly for over a month.  When I went to a private GP (because the NHS seems to have stopped treating British taxpayers), he told me it couldn’t be anything to do with the vaccine as nobody else had reported similar problems. But speaking to my sister later, I found out she had exactly the same sciatic nerve problem after her first jab. But her GP told her that it couldn’t have anything to do with the vaccine as nobody else had reported similar problems.

There seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging: person tells GP about adverse reaction – GP says it has nothing to do with the vaccine because nobody else has reported that reaction – person doesn’t report adverse reaction – as people have been put off reporting that adverse reaction by their GPs, GP tells next patient with that adverse reaction that nobody has reported that adverse reaction so it can’t have been caused by the vaccine.

Killing me softly with his vaccine?

We know that a small number of vaccinated people have suffered from Myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart muscle). We don’t know if this is due to the vaccines themselves or because the injection has accidentally gone into a blood vessel (because the innoculators aren’t aspirating) taking the vaccine straight to the heart.

I wonder if the recent number of young, fit sportspeople collapsing and sometimes dying could have anything to do with myocarditis from the ‘miracle’ vaccines?

Still, at least there are two certainties in life:

  • if these young sportspeople have been killed by inflammation of the heart muscle caused by a vaccine, this will probably never be investigated
  • even if it were to be investigated, we plebs would never be told the result as it might put us off having endless vaccines and booster shots

12 comments to Killing me softly with his v*cc*ne?

  • twi5ted

    Just testing i think. Stop testing and the cases fall away. Stop the state scaring the living daylights out of people and this goes away. There is a good number of people who if tell them they are ill then they will be ill. If you also make it financially attractive to be ill then even more will be ill. Also stop treating anybody for other illnesses other than cold and flu and lots end up in hospital in far worse conditions than needed to be who then can be endlessly tested until eventually they test positive before they die.

    If Project Rampdown story is true then hopefully we are going to do a Sweden now too. From March but fingers crossed.

  • A Thorpe

    You have covered the pandemic several times, but today you raise what must be the most important Issue of all and that is the apparent lack of reliable data and the requirement for someone to give un an unbiased interpretation. We must have responsibility for our lives and not have imposed rules. We can only take responsibility if we have reliable information.

    From the start I have not been satisfied and that is why I will not have the vaccination. The treatment cannot be viewed as anything other than experimental since it has not resulted in any approved vaccines before covid. My understanding is that all attempts to develop vaccines for other coronaviruses have failed. The treatments for covid were all given emergency approval for a disease that was known not to be very dangerous from the start. The risk of death is less than 1% overall, much like flu which has well tested traditional vaccines, and we have not had the same restrictions for flu. We need answers explaining the restrictive policies for covid.

    The vaccine adverse events reporting systems seem to be shambolic. The USA has VAERS which has thousands of reported incidents and deaths. They don’t seem to be investigated to determine a link and I do not see how deaths can be linked to the vaccines or even covid without an autopsy. It is said that there is underreporting by a factor of 10. In the UK I have read that many GPs haven’t heard of the UK reporting system.

    The biggest issue must be deaths attributed to covid only on the basis of a positive test. This results in exaggerated death claims. The only reliable data is the annual mortality rate which is death from all causes. There was no obvious increase in mortality last year and we will have to wait until this year is available to reach any conclusion about deaths. The majority of deaths are the elderly with comorbidities and covid is just a factor, not a cause.

    The covid vaccine trials were a complete sham and ended as soon as the manufacturers had a favourable result. They used a RRR rather than ARR to make then appear effective when they are not. When they were first approved it was claimed that they would stop infection and spread, This has been proved not true and that is entirely because the trials did not run long enough. Now we see that the infection rate amongst the vaccinated is higher than the unvaccinated snd there is silence from the government and the media on this.

    Something is seriously wrong and not just on this issue.

  • Ed P

    Now that countries with the highest proportions of the double/triple jabbed are experiencing the highest levels of “what they continue to call covid”, some might begin to question things:
    Is it now actually a ‘testdemic’?
    Are the jabbed spreading (spike protein) disease?
    Are we seeing the beginning of ADE (& thus mass deaths)?

    After every time I have been inside a building with the jabbed, I get a head-cold-like reaction. It’s not a cold! Perhaps it’s a reaction to the jabbed shedding? Perhaps I’m imagining it (like caring governments, true science, truthful media, etc.)

  • Marc Ager

    81 Research Studies Confirm Natural Immunity to COVID ‘Equal’ or ‘Superior’ to Vaccine Immunity

  • Stillreading

    Fact: Almost all those now in hospital with covid-19 and possibly requiring life support are the wilfully unvaccinated, the grossly obese, or old or very old people with multiple pre- or co-mobidities. Fact: Vaccinated people ARE contracting covid – it’s recently happened to a couple I know in their 70s – but in the vaccinated it’s no worse than a ‘flu-like cold and gone in a few days. Fact: Irrespective of what’s in the various vaccines and irrespective of the fact that periodic boosters may be needed, what is on offer right now IS effective, it IS preventing widespread hospitalisation, it IS preventing premature death in many people. Any transient after effects, from a sore arm for 24 hours to feeling a bit tired for a few days while the immune system gets to work, are infinitely less distressing than becoming ill with covid when you are not vaccinated. As for tests, personally I question their validity, particularly the Lateral Flow, to which I believe teachers and schoolchildren and NHS staff are still subject several times a week. To categorize thousands of allegedly “positive” tests from asymptomatic people as “covid cases” seems to me fatuous. A test is not a preventative. A test is not a cure. The covid-19 virus is here. As a nation, as a society, we must learn to live with China’s priceless gift to us! It is now endemic and will remain so into the indefinite future, mutating constantly, attacking more severely in the winter months, and almost certainly requiring an annual jab, which I for one will be glad to get, in the same way as I’m glad to get the ‘flu jab each year. With the exception of NHS and Care Home staff, it should be a personal choice whether or not to take the vaccine. (Compulsory vaccination is not new for NHS medical staff by the way; hepatitis vaccination has long been mandatory.) It’s my opinion that it’s foolish in the extreme not to take the covid vaccine. I am mystified by the refusal of those working in health and social care, who have seen the ravages of covid at close quarters, now to refuse vaccination. I can only assume that in a significant number of them it’s a kind of perverse attention seeking, a positive wish to become ill, to receive sick pay, to cause inconvenience to their work colleagues, even to be the focus of distress and agonising anxiety to their nearest and dearest. Were these, I ask myself, some of the workers who extracted maximal emotional satisfaction from being “clapped” at 8 p.m. every day and subliminally now desire further such psuedo-deification ? As for reporting of ill effects from the covid vaccine, much as I wish not to offend the writer of this blog – almost all of whose views on almost every topic on which he writes I share – or any of those responding, it is possible to think oneself into feeling a bit poorly anywhere, any time, if the mind (as differentiated from the brain) so desires and, absent a pre-existing skeletal malformation, a nasty attack of sciatica invariably arises from a specific musculo-skeletal event or the inevitable effects on the anatomy and physiology of advancing years!

  • Ed P

    Stillreading – have a look at this:

    The VAERS data is rather worrying. 18,461 post-vaccine deaths so far, which is more than the total of all previous post-vaccine deaths. It’s still higher, pro-rata, when divided by the relative numbers of jabs.

  • Stillreading

    Ed P – I’ve no inention of getting into extended discussion over this, since along with other affirmed antivaxxers, you’ve evidently made up your mind and won’t be open to persuasion or scientific logic or evidence. I’d merely draw your attention to the small print at the bottom of the VAERS page which shows alleged “victims” of vaccination – “reports are not proof of causality”. VAERS is a “private organisation”, evidently formed by a antivaxxers, dedicated to perpetrating their own prejudices and attracting those of similar attitudes. We know that a tiny number of people have suffered a severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) to the Pfizer vaccine – that’s why we are required to wait 15 minutes after receiving it before leaving the vaccination centre. A very few have suffered heart problems after the AstraZeneca, but then there has always been a tiny number of people who have suffered fatal or near fatal reactions to all vaccines. It’s an acknowledged principle of scientific investigation that “Correlation is not Causality”. I say no more.

  • Loppoman

    Fact: The vaccines have to be labelled “experimental” – there has not been enough time/trials to conclude otherwise.
    Fact: The govt is terribly keen for all to be vaccinated. Why?
    Fact: The vaccines are supposed to protect you from a severe dose of covid but don’t stop you infecting others.
    Fact: Having had 2 jabs of the AZ vaccine, I am being offered Phizer as a booster. How can it be a booster? It’s a different vaccine and how can I be sure that it’s what I need?
    I am not happy with what I am being told by the govt. In short, I don’t really believe that they have my interest at heart.

  • Ed P

    VAERS is the official US government’s reporting system for adverse effects of vaccines. (The site I linked is the private organisation, the data are official.)
    Also, estimates of the number of medics who,’Can’t be bothered to report it’, for minor vaccine reactions, vary between 10% and 99%. So, the number of deaths is probably correct, but minor reactions could be much higher, just unreported.
    PS: I’m not ‘anti-vax’ – had all my jabs previously, as have my children. These mRNA gene therapies and not vaccines.

  • Ed P

    ARE not vaccines, not AND

  • A Thorpe

    The discussion above between Ed P and Stillreading is proof of the point I made earlier. The information we have available is not adequate and it is also conflicting. Claims are being made without evidence to support them.

    The only fact we can rely on is that it is costing taxpayers a fortune and the money is going to the pharmaceutical companies and their share holders such as Bill Gates who admits he has made more money from his health care charity that he has done from Microsoft.

  • The media does not report any information from the vaccine adverse reactions reporting systems that include deaths, of which there are several – US VAERS, UK Yellow Card system and the data from the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Therefore, most people don’t know of their existence and consequently don’t make reports.

    There is definitely not a pandemic-class virus on the go here. It has been blown up into one for political and financial purposes.

    The following is not off-topic, because all of these various manifestations are interlinked, in my opinion – financial crashes, money printing, impoverishment, feminisation, migrant crises caused by unnecessary wars instigated by the US, diversity drives, Codid-19 and climate change. – In short, always follow the money.

    Renegade Inc. – Up the stairs and down the lift shaft –

    Excellent interview with Mitch Feierstein, who says all of the financial crises since 1998 are scams by the central bankers and governments aimed at being able to keep printing ever-increasing amounts of money for their own use to allow companies and corporations to buy up as much as possible and buy back their own shares at very low interest rates. The result being increased asset, property and share prices. He includes Covid-19 and climate change in those scams.

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