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Will you and your family get the 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th covid-19 jab?

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How we’ve been browbeaten into cowardly compliance:

  • First we were told we only needed a few weeks lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’
  • Then we were told we needed more restrictions to ‘save the NHS’
  • Then more more lockdowns to ‘flatten the curve’ and to ‘save the NHS’
  • Then we were told the elderly and vulnerable needed to have the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect them
  • Then every adult needed the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect the elderly and the vulnerable
  • Then teenagers needed the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect all adults and ‘save the NHS’
  • Then children needed the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect everybody and ‘save the NHS’
  • Then the elderly needed ‘miracle’ booster shots of the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect them as vaccine effectiveness faded after about 6 months
  • Now all adults are being told to get ‘miracle’ booster shots of the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect the elderly, the vulnerable and the NHS

Yet the Xi Pingpong plague isn’t actually particularly dangerous:

And below is the latest warning – apparently the ‘miracle’ vaccines and the ‘miracle’ booster shots won’t be sufficient to protect the elderly, protect the vulnerable, protect the NHS etc etc etc

Professor Adam Finn, who is on the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), warned against complacency in what he said is a “worsening” situation. He said people need to be testing themselves, wearing masks and avoiding crowds in enclosed spaces in order to prevent “a real meltdown”.

Prof Finn said that while vaccines are very effective at stopping people from getting seriously ill, they are not so effective at stopping infections altogether or stopping the virus from spreading. “They do have an effect on that, but they’re not by themselves going to be enough at the present time to keep the spread of the virus under control,” he said. “And we do need to see people continuing to make efforts to avoid contact, to avoid transmission, and to do other things as well as get vaccinated if we’re going to stop this rise from going up further,” he told Trevor Phillips On Sunday on Sky News.

Prof Finn added:I would like to re-emphasise the fact that the vaccine programme by itself, in the current situation, even if things go optimally, is not, in my opinion, enough to bring things under control. We do need to have people using lateral flow tests, avoiding contact with large numbers of people in enclosed spaces, using masks, all of those things now need to happen if we’re going to stop this rise and get things under control soon enough to stop a real meltdown in the middle of the winter.”

His comments came after another prominent adviser to the Government on Covid-19 said he is “very fearful” there will be another “lockdown Christmas” as he urged the public to do everything possible to reduce transmission of the virus. Professor Peter Openshaw, a member of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag), said case numbers and death rates are currently “unacceptable”.

He said measures such as working from home and mask-wearing are “so important” as part of efforts to control the spread of Covid. Prof Openshaw also advised people to “take matters into your own hands”, telling BBC Breakfast on Saturday: “Don’t wait necessarily for Government policy.”

I think I can confidently predict that, if the Wuhan plague panic ever subsides, a similar step by step browbeating will be used to force us into accepting extraordinary restrictions on our freedoms to supposedly ‘save the planet’ from supposed ‘catastrophic climate change’. In addition to my own book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS demolishing all the climate catastrophist nonsense, I recommend Ross Clark’s satirical novel THE DENIAL as a foretaste of what life will be like for us plebs in our government’s nirvana of ‘net zero’ Britain:

Here’s Neil Oliver explaining how the Chinese plague has allowed our government to move into a manipulative, coercive and abusive relationship with those who elected it and whose interests it is supposed to serve. We can expect the same coercive, manipulative and abusive behaviour from our government to browbeat us into cowardly compliance with its impending tsunami of climate change restrictions on our lives:

11 comments to Will you and your family get the 4th and 5th and 6th and 7th covid-19 jab?

  • Hardcastle

    Don’t the threats of coercion by Javid qualify as “hate speech”? I certainly feel hated and threatened.Use their detestable laws against them.Oh,I forgot,the courts are as bent as they are.

  • twi5ted

    Hearing build back better pro Pfizer Javid threaten everyone made my stomach turn. As Neil Oliver says he seems to think he is a ruler not just a politician.

    Same with Arden smirking about using health to create a divided state seemingly unaware that the Jews were labelled in exactly the same way to start with. Although given the antisemitism within the far left they probably think that was a good thing too.

  • A Thorpe

    Listening to Neil Oliver, it seems we are stupid, but it is really our tendency act in herds. The masses do not want freedom, they want somebody to protect them from uncertainty and remove all risks. The more knowledge we have acquired the worse this has become because there is more for the majority not to understand and they have failed to develop any ability to investigate issues. This is because education fails to teach us this skill.

    The Enlightenment period probably saw humanity at its best. Today, we are no different to the Romans, easily distracted by bread and circuses. We have even more distractions with the internet proving a constant feed of trivia and propaganda of various kinds and enabling an even larger herding instinct. Belonging to a herd that thinks the same means people believe they are not stupid because they are in the majority and as a majority their view is right and cannot be challenged. The herd views, rather than being correct become more extreme and determined by fear of the uncertain future. This is effectively what democracy also does, another huge con trick to make people think they are in control. Democracy leads to tyranny, and we are well on the way in the west.

    The herd cannot exist without someone equally deluded to lead them to salvation, hence Boris and others like him. He isn’t a dictator, just another deluded fool.

    Common sense has deserted us which the discussion in this blog shows. We have never eliminated a respiratory virus. We know flu can be a killer which we have not controlled. Now we readily accept the propaganda about Covid without question including adopting behaviour and restrictions we would never normally accept. It looks as though we are stupid not to see what the data tell us, but the herd instinct to believe nonsense is stronger. Fear and propaganda will make humans do anything, as Hitler demonstrated.

    The weekly covid surveillance reports which are easily found have a Table 2 showing infection rates. It shows infection rates are higher among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated and a comparison of weeks shows the infection rate of the vaccinated is increasing with time. The vaccines are not working. This was apparently from the initial trials which used two tricks. Firstly, they were terminated early when there were “good” results. Secondly, they use a relative risk reduction not the absolute risk reduction. The relative risk is a comparison when people are infected but it does not include the risk of being infected and this is low. The relative risk reduction was about 95% but the absolute reduction about 1%. This is why the vaccine will not eliminate the virus since about 100 people have to be vaccinated to stop one being infected. These figures were from poorly conducted trials by manufacturers so the real situation is not even as good as the trials show. It is now even more difficult to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine because the high vaccination rates make it impossible to establish a placebo group.

    However, the issue we really need to discuss is that this virus is man made.

  • Stillreading

    Covid19 is here. It’s in the world. Since it’s a virus capable of mutating ad infinitum it will never go away. We’ve got to learn to live with it. That means taking the vaccine, probably with regular boosters, and be damned grateful for it. Just as our predecessors gratefully took the smallpox and diptheria vaccines and prayed that we who are now of somewhat mature years wouldn’t, as children, contract polio against which there was no vaccination. I am old enough to have known contemporaries who contracted polio and either died or lived the remainder of their lives severely disabled, one living in an “iron lung” until he died some years later. My parents, very sensibly, forbade me as a child from going in the sea, where we knew raw sewage was dumped, or to the cinema, because they understood the modes of transmission of polio. Having had measles and whooping cough as a child, and remembering how ill I’d been, I was infinitely grateful for the vaccines which meant my children did not have to risk being similarly ill or paralyzed. People who are wilfully refusing to be vaccinated against covid19, just because it’s new, are in my opinion supremely stupid and when they get ill with covid19 will deserve everything they get, death included. Because catch it they will! Two relatives of mine are doctors and both tell me that those who are sufficiently ill to require hospital admission and, at worst, life support on ventilation, are either those who have refused vaccination or vaccinated people who have a range of pre or co-existing morbidities and whose systems would not have been able to tolerate any additional challenge from any infection, irrespective of whence it came. Why risk serious illness, hospital admission and even death when three sensibly spaced jabs in the arm can prevent almost all of it? Yes – after vaccination you may still get covid19 and feel a bit poorly for a day or two, but unless you have fairly severe pre-existing morbidities you are very unlikely to die. I hate the control aspect of the approach to covid as much as anyone who values personal freedom of choice and action and consequently deplore the veiled threats from Javid and Boris. I am strongly scepticle about all the computer-generated predictions of doom from certain scientists, those who are relishing the first high profile publicity they’ve ever enjoyed, when a minor “adjustment” of input into a programme can drastically modify the outcome predictions. All these prognosticators of doom achieve is to generate fear in vast numbers of the population and the suspicion is strong that this is the motive behind continuing to give them print and air time. The vaccine programme having been rolled out and proving its evident success, the Gvt. should now abandon mask wearing, “distancing”, repeated testing leading to questionable self-isolating, and all the rest of it. Let’s just get on with life as it was pre-covid. Apart from ruining the economy, ongoing “covid” measures will result in irreversible damage to our children’s education, appalling loneliness for the elderly, and depression amongst many of the young (who are less mentally robust than we oldies, having had pretty good lives of relative self-indulgence until now.) Take the vaccine and get on with life or refuse it, become quite severely ill, and even die. To each individual, it’s a personal choice. Unless you work in the NHS and come into contact with ill, the weak and the frail, in which case take the vaccine or be dismissed! There’s nothing new in this incidentally. NHS staff are already required to have had certain vaccinations and anyone working in an operating theatre is required to have been vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read that the NHS Confederation, currently calling for more lockdowns, masks, and pubs and shops closing, is run by a former Labour councillor and Tony Blair advisor, Matthew Taylor, who in 1997 helped to write the Labour Party manifesto, the pledge-card, and developed Excalibur, a rapid rebuttal database for use against the Conservative Party.
    In 2003 Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed Taylor head of the Number 10 Policy Unit, giving him the task of drawing up the Labour Party’s manifesto for the May 2005 general election. Following the re-election of the Labour government he became Chief Adviser on Strategy to the Prime Minister.

    The NHS Confederation is a registered charity that pays no tax, and coins in 15 million quid per year. Taylor is on 265k a year, and the dozen or so on the board are on north of 100k each.

    Only one member of the NHSC board appears to have any medical training at all, as a GP. The rest are all professional bureaucrats. One wonders therefore whence comes their remit or authority to comment on any public health policy, let alone make demands.

    So Radio 4 have them on now, to platform them. And across all BBC and other platforms all day you will hear nothing but them and their calls for yet another lockdown.

    ”We’re all in it together”.

  • Marc Ager

    Excellent post that puts together information that I have never seen in the mainstream media.

    Never has so much been made of so little.

    The Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI)advised that children should not be vaccinated but the government has ignored the advice. Moreover, children can go ahead and take the shots without parental approval.

    In my opinion, if you can’t smell the great and obviously evil con on the go here, fear of Covid must have stimulated your herd-animal instincts or has got at your sense of smell and you should go and have one of the two non-quantitative Covid tests, neither is which is capable of quantitatively detecting a virus infection.

    There is only one sexual taboo left, as demonstrated by Jeffrey Epstein. Prince Andrew is in trouble due to his “friendship” with Epstein. It is the only taboo left that can be used to control politicians, business leaders, etc. Maybe that is why many of them made use of Epstein’s private jet known as the “Lolita Express” that took them to his private island.

  • Bad Brian

    I went to see Neil Oliver last week as he is launching a new book “The History of the World in 100 Moments”

    He talked about the background to a few of the “stories” in his book and how his personal experiences had shaped the subjects he had decided to include.

    He did an any questions session afterwards which he handled well and with humour and generally speaking, he came across as a very nice chap, who would do well if he was to go into politics.

    However, when I asked him if that was his intention Neil was very clear that he felt that it was such a rigged game, and the way the game is played, was something he could not or would not waste his life on, especially as it would impact on his family life.

    In the video above, although I agree with everything Neil Oliver says, he perhaps comes across as a little bit bitter or angry. He is much more pleasant in the flesh.

    The Scottish political scene desperatly needs someone like Neil Oliver to rally around. And I bet he could make better fried egg on toast than Jamie Oliver if he put his mind to it !

  • Brenda Blessed

    First this and then that and then that, etc.

    With each new set of requirements the numbers of reported cases rose sharply to support of the narrative.

    E.g., when “Then children needed the ‘miracle’ vaccines to protect everybody and ‘save the NHS'” was reached, the number of child cases were reported as becoming problematic for the first time.

    The general rise in cases is to support the drive for people to take the booster shot. In spite of the reported facts that 80% of the population is vaccinated and 93% of the public have antibodies that the human immune system issues to defend the body.

    It is also noticeable that the English-speaking countries – the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and new Zealand are being made out to be the most troubled by the virus.

    Moreover, the governments of those countries are all reading from the same script immediately that uses the same terminology, such as “Build back better”, “lockdown Christmas”, “zero Covid”, “vaccine hesitant” for vaccine refusers, etc.

  • Phase 4 in which actress Joanna Lamond Lumley (75), the part-Gurkha, gets her oats by announcing the next phase of the war on climate change that is also obviously part of the war on Covid. The twin pillars of the liberal-decadent reset.

    On the BBC yesterday, in her toothy and plummy Princess Diana voice, comrade Lumley urged that the UK needs to adopt wartime rationing in order to combat catastrophic climate change.

    The greeny liberal-decadents can’t even provide decent sewage systems in England. There was also quite a bit on the BBC yesterday about how every major river in England is polluted by sewage that the privatised water companies allow to spill into them against laws that are not enforced. As usual, numbers are pulled out of thin air saying that the cost of modifying the ageing Victorian systems to acceptable standards would be up to £160 billion. Of course, when asked for how the figures were arrived at, just as they can’t provide proof of Covid cases, they can’t provide the groundwork.

    With the existing state of affairs, the water-company shareholders should not be paid any dividends and the bosses should not be paid any bonuses, but of course they are – handsomely. These are private companies that are allowed to charge their customers for their capital expenditure.

    Joanna Lumley Wants WARTIME RATIONING Points System –

  • Brenda Blessed

    Did you see all of the allegedly-fully-vaccinated MPs during the Budget get-together? – All of the saints wearing masks except the Chancellor and Shadow Chancellor when they were having their say.

    The Right Honourable Rachel Reeves accused the Chancellor of being part of a pickpocket gang, of course, without mentioning that she is part of the rival pickpocket gang that usually outperforms the Tories spectacularly whenever the voters give them a chance.

    In the USA, wearing a mask tends to be an indication of political support. The Democrats wear masks and the Republicans don’t in the Senate and Congress and that tends to be mirrored by the public that supports each party.

    In the UK, it is just one pukeworthy liberal party pretending to be three parties at one another’s throats in a parliamentary pantomime, in my opinion.

  • Hardcastle

    Well Still Reading I am extremely stupid according to you.I too grew up in an age when certain diseases still killed young and old alike.My best school friend had his growth stunted by polio and I was fortunate enough to only receive a mild dose.The diseases you refer to were treated by true vaccines and I have received them all.Surely you must realise that the present “jabs” are not vaccines in the true sense of the word.They are untested gene therapies and we do not know the long term effects,no one does! Given that the mortality rate,even for a fit and healthy 75 year old like myself is very small,I am quite happy to take the risk.Something gets you in the end and one must live life to the full.Please do not call me selfish bec ause I pose little or no threat to others.In fact it appears that the inoculated pose a greater threat to themselves and others.My body,my choice,remember that slogan the left habitually roll out when abortion is discussed.Gone a bit quiet on that one recently.

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