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Climate experts lie – ordinary people die

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Is our Queen now a believer?

Hopefully you’ve all heard the good news. Apparently our Queen is now a Greta-adoring convert to the great man-made climate crisis mass delusion. From the comfort of one of her many castles or palaces the Queen has reportedly opined that she is “irritated” that politicians talk about taking action to stop climate change but don’t actually take action.

So it seems that the whole Royal Family – the Queen, knuckle-head Charles, ever-so-woke William, emasculated Harry – are all now believers dutifully worshipping at the feet of the the world’s greatest climate expert and modern-day prophet Saint Greta Doomberg:

Heat or eat?

Oh, and Her Majesty will apparently be attending Boris and Princess Nut Nut’s big Glasgow 4-day blabathon to show her support for governments to further impoverish and further restrict the freedoms of us ignorant, unwashed commoners in our small semi-detached houses or flats by:

  • imposing carbon taxes on everything we use
  • forcing us to install useless, expensive heat pumps which will need electric fires as back-up
  • forcing us to buy useless electric cars whose batteries will go flat every time we get stuck in a traffic jam
  • cutting off our gas supplies to make us only use electricity
  • imposing smart meters on us so power can be cut to any home deemed by the elites to be wastefully using too much electricity
  • making flying too expensive for us malodorous masses
  • creating a new criminal offence – ‘damaging the climate’
  • giving every home a carbon budget to limit the products we buy and any travel we want to make

Emboldened by how easy it was to terrify us into accepting (ineffective and damaging) lockdowns to supposedly fight the Chinese Wuhan plague, our rulers are slavering over their new-found power to control every aspect of our lives.

I suspect none of these Orwellian, pleb-crushing policies will affect our virtue-signalling, intellectually-challenged royals nor the sanctimonious elites who impose these restrictions on our lives. Though it will be interesting to see how many more ordinary people die each winter because they can’t afford to both ‘heat and eat’.

Once again, I strongly recommend journalist Ross Clark’s satirical novel about life in net zero Britain – THE DENIAL:

You have to laugh or you’d cry

I’ve just noticed that the government’s plan to ban new gas boilers and force us to replace them with ludicrously expensive, almost useless heat pumps is now called the “boiler upgrade scheme”. No doubt when flying is banned for ordinary plebs and we commoners are all forced to take our holidays in dismal, rain-drenched, drug-infested Blackpool, that will be called the “holiday upgrade scheme”?

You have to laugh or you’d cry.

Climate experts lie – ordinary people die

And here’s the wonderful Tony Heller yet again exposing the data manipulation and blatant lies of our ever more power-hungry elites:

6 comments to Climate experts lie – ordinary people die

  • David Brown

    I use comments on Mirror and Daily Mail related articles to plug these articles. Can others do the same with such as the Telegraph.

    Big problem we have is Boris wife is into the green agenda
    So BJ gets a BJ and then our economy gets screwed.

  • twi5ted

    Seems Queenie knows what side her bread is buttered and will say and do anything the government tell her. Maybe this years xmas speech will be promoting critical race theory.

    The bourgeoisie are clearly very worried about the mess they have made of things. Trying to divide the prols is looking increasingly desperate – big centralised government are really luddites longing for a time when honourable gentleman were never exposed.

    Fingers crossed this is going down. Going to be painful but a more decentralised world with direct democratic control beckons. With sound money.

  • A Thorpe

    The Queen’s comment is picked up by news channels but still no sign that they know about your book or many others. I watched Prince William taking about the oceans last night. There were lots of scenes of damage and talk about what the oceans could be like if we acted to prevent the damage and then surprisingly scenes with the oceans brimming with healthy marine life. But no comment about the relative proportions. Some of it is unrelated to climate but they could not keep human caused climate change out of their arguments. My fingers are crossed for snow in Glasgow.

    I don’t think this can be compared with dictators such as Hitler who used psychological methods to brainwash the German people, in combination with violence. This is more subtle and started with environmentalists who took over institutions. The politicians were slow to react and businessmen finally saw an opportunity to make money out of it. It is groupthink based on absurdity and they are now all so brainwashed that they cannot see rational arguments pointing out the issues. The elites are not in control of this, they are responding with their belief that they can save us and of course they are making billions from it. The masses believe they need the elites to save them. I cannot see any end to this until the masses start to suffer from the policies they are demanding but the damage will be done. Absurd, unconfirmed science applies to the pandemic policies, and let’s not forget gender nonsense. The madness is spreading.

    It is no different to the belief in witchcraft. The elites and masses both believed it and as philosophers through the ages tell us, for it to take over it needs another rational group who do not accept it. The rational group reinforce the absurd beliefs of the group and the group need each other to prove that the being in the majority is always right. At the centre of this is the failure of democracy, which is no better than mob rule. Democracy ensures that the minorities are not heard. The political systems based on parties forces politicians to have different views and prevents them having discussions to resolve problems rationally. This has been coming for centuries.

  • Hardcastle

    Reality will be the winner in this “game”.The brainless “net zero” policy will bring cold,hunger,unemployment and misery to the masses.We have already witnessed a small awakening to this reality in the media but the sheep have yet to feel it,really feel it.No amount of glib words by our bought politicians and media will be able to mask the reality.That is when the fun starts and the revolution begins.Hope I live to see it.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Replacement of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s would only lumber us with an equally Leftist President, so that’s not much of an enticing prospect.

    A military coup would only mean the nation falling under the control of the new ‘Woke’ Chief of the Defence Staff, lawyer Tony Radakin, a man whose power struggle with the much-decorated head of the Royal Marines led to such unfortunate consequences for the latter and whose main priority is ‘Gender Pronouns’.

    Perhaps Greta, recently described by a wit as ‘Yoda with an ear-tuck’, might condescend to take over from the Germans? The UK’s demented Yoof would love it.

  • It is no longer fashionable to believe in evil spirits or possession by them. But it seems to me that the “People of the Lie” who are directly behind all of the lies that are ruling and consuming the West is exactly that. Possession by evil spirits. Russia was possessed by the Bolsheviks who were responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians and China and Cambodia had their own possession by evil revolutionaries.

    Evil is literally evoked when a culture or society is taken over by lies. Therefore, evil is kept at bay by taking measures that counter those lies with the truth, which, as you will have noticed, has been banned in order to keep the lies alive.

    All ideologies are lies brought about by people too deficient to live in the natural world, so they invent them in order make everything as deficient as they themselves are.

    Transphobia is the latest such tool being employed by these evil people to weaken and screw things up. Gender (in the form of sex-is-a-sin indoctrination) was under attack for centuries by the bent Christian clergy. The attacks on gender have now widened and manifested as non-religious because the influence of the clergy has become too weak to continue mounting them.

    The instinct behind this is the realisation that the strength of natural world is built on sex and gender and therefore the best way of undermining that strength is to undermine sex and gender.

    What is not a lie now? – Capitalism and democracy have become completely corrupt in the hands of the multinational companies that have bought control of the politicians.

    Feminism is really nothing more the deep resentment of women with masculine tastes driven by a need to undermine men in order to rule the roost. They have to take that false route to undermine as much as possible because they don’t have the competence to reach the top legitimately by invention and competence. It’s exactly the same phenomenon with BLM.

    Equality, climate change and the “pandemic” are all grandiose lies. Never have states of affairs been more unequal. Economic migrants are called refugees and are allowed to move to the countries of their choice where they are used by evil people to undermine the status quo.

    There is no integrity and honesty to be found anywhere other than in individual souls. That is why so much effort has to be put into banning legitimate criticism.

    The late M Scott Peck, the American psychiatrist who wrote the books “The Road Less Travelled” and “People of the Lie – The Hope for Healing Human Evil” regarded possession by evil spirits as a reality. “People of the Lie” starts off with the psychiatric case of a man who sold his soul to the Devil.

    Peck came to regard human evil mostly as a manifestation in people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If you have ever come across any of them, you’ll know that most of them are falsifiers and liars of the first rank. Each of them is more like a living algorithm on the make and take than a natural living human being.

    People of the Lie audiobook –

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