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Arab journalist dares mock the crazy, hate-filled Palestinians

(Tuesday blog)

At last a tiny breath of fresh air from the otherwise backward, intolerant, violent, poverty-stricken, hate-filled, excrement-covered Middle East. An Arab journalist has dared to criticise the Palestinians accusing them of being the authors of their own misery.

Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich mocked a statement by Palestinian ambassador to France in an October 14, 2020 show on Sky News Arabia (UAE). The ambassador had said that the Palestinian resistance has gone on for 100 years, and it will go on for 100 years more:

Koteich said that the ambassador is free to pledge another 100 years of resistance because he doesn’t actually have to live in Palestine. The ambassador and his family live their comfortable lives in safety in Paris, far away from the Middle East conflict.

Koteich added that the Palestinians received an opportunity to establish a prosperous state in Gaza, after Israel withdrew from the Strip in 2005, however, they destroyed it. Koteich said that the UAE succeeded in turning warring tribes and chiefdoms into a prosperous union, while the Palestinians have done the exact opposite, creating warring factions upon factions. He said that the Palestinians could stand to learn from the UAE and other countries which are making peace with Israel instead of rejecting every proposal for peace:

Could the tide of Arab opinion finally be turning against the utterly worthless, blood-thirsty, hate-filled Palestinians?

Could there finally be some signs of hope from the blighted Middle East?

I doubt it. But sometimes it’s nice just for a brief moment to dream that people could rise above their own (religiously-inspired?) hatred and stupidity

5 comments to Arab journalist dares mock the crazy, hate-filled Palestinians

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Never thought I’d find myself saying this, but –
    I have to admit that I admire Macron’s courage in his comments about the Religion Of Peace.

    He must realise that he’s now placed himself, and his family, in the most extreme physical danger – after all, the President gets a security briefing every day, and there’s a touch more risk of getting assassinated as a result of what he’s said about the current situation, than as a result of a row with St Greta…….

    Impossible, of course, to imagine any of our universally ‘Woke’ LibLabCon Uniparty politicians ever displaying anything like the same courage in the UK. More likely to be taking a knee.

    However, it’s difficult to see just how Macron can actually act against his nation’s current enemies, given the demographic situation in France. And it is actions on which he’ll eventually be judged, rather than words.

    Though the avowedly secular constitution of the French republic, and its justice system, both give him rather more help than those of the UK do us.

  • Stillreading

    I agree Jeffrey. Macron’s comments last week astonished me and a family member, a long-term resident in France, who has never previously had a good word to say about him, is of similar opinion. I am told that by speaking as he did Macron has gained appreciable support in traditional rural France, where until now he has been regarded as somewhat inadequate. Our politicians of all/any Party would benefit by taking note, speaking out and even actually taking action when circumstances indicate the desirability rather than resorting endlessly to appeasement.

  • bad brian

    Macron has got nowhere else to go and needs to try a new tack to gain popularity, especially since he started beating up his wife and has lost the OAP vote.

    If Macron wants to make a stand against the Religion of Peace then why can’t he send them back to where they come from rather than help them get into Kent ?

    Why does Macron send along to our waters an oil tanker hijacked by terrorists instead of sorting it out while it was in French waters ?

    Macron could have done rather a lot by now if he had
    Le Ballons to do so but he has sat about, trying to steal our Fish instead of facing up to the Muslim invasion of France.

    He ain’t fooling me and will forever be a little French prick. He would get on well in Westminster.

  • Hardcastle

    Oh Brian,you are awful,but I like you. Apologies to the late and great Dick Emery.

  • A.F.Fanculo

    no photos of their burning a Lebanese flag with the Israeli and American?

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