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Exposing more Covid-19 cobblers and “Good doggies!”

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Covid-19 cobblers exposed

I’m getting really sick of the media’s, politicians’ and supposed scientists’ exaggeration and scare stories and lies about the Chinese Covid-19 plague.

Having frightened us into precipitating an economic collapse by hugely exaggerating the effects of the so-called “first wave”, the mainstream media, politicians and attention-hungry supposed ‘scientists’ witter on and on and on about the supposed “second wave”.

Here’s a chart used by one best-selling UK newspaper to terrify us into submission by proving that the terrifying second wave is surely on its way. This shows the infection levels in France:

Scary stuff huh? Aaaarrrggggg!!!! We’re all going to die!!

Just look at the chart! The second wave is almost as high as the first wave! And Macron is now blethering on about possibly needing another shutdown in France and making face-nappies compulsory for anyone daring to venture out of their homes.

But as the media desperately search for the most frightening clickbait headlines and the politicians backed up by sycophantic supposed ‘scientists’ dream up ever more restrictive impositions on our freedoms, nobody mentions that the reason infections seem to be rising may be because much more testing is being done. Here’s a chart of the daily testing levels for France:


Surprise, surprise. Testing levels are shooting up. And the more you test, the more infections will be found. It’s not complicated.

And what the media and politicians seem to ‘forget’ to mention is that, in spite of the supposed rise in infections, the number of deaths remains at almost zero. Here are the daily Covid-19 deaths for France:

Meanwhile in the UK, there were over 1,700 new Chinese plague identified infections at the weekend but only one death.

Here are the number of new cases in the UK since the start of the Chinese plague:

The number of identified cases seems to be rising. Aaaarrrggghhh! We’re all going to die! And this gives a perfect excuse for teachers’ and university lecturers’ unions to howl about the perils of reopening schools and universities.

But the number of cases isn’t rising nearly as fast as the number of tests. Here are the number of tests for the UK:

And here are the number of deaths for the UK:

So, as our media and politicians and bonking boffins (with their obsolete worthless models) and power-grabbing unions try to scare us into quivering submission, there may not actually be any real rise in Chinese plague infections at all. There may not be any “second wave”. All we may be seeing is a rise in testing leading to a rise in identified positives.

Why isn’t there a single person in the media, politics or the supposed ‘scientific’ community who can see this?

Could it be because it is in their collective interest to keep the Covid-19 scare/scam going as long as possible to increase their power over us?

Good doggies. Very good doggies!

To cheer us all up, here are two wonderful Italian dogs explaining to an African multi-cultural enricher recently arrived on a free NGO ferry across the Med that you don’t enter someone else’s home without permission.

(click on link below then scroll down and click again to play the video)


7 comments to Exposing more Covid-19 cobblers and “Good doggies!”

  • A Thorpe

    I feel the same as you, but I have a sense that substantial numbers are genuinely afraid. If that was the government’s intention, then it has worked.

    I can ignore politicians lying to us, I expect the media to investigate issues and expose lies, but I cannot accept scientists lying to us and I cannot understand why they lie. Find the answer to this and we might start to understand modern attitudes.

    I have mentioned Eisenhower’s farewell speech before when he referred to a “scientific-technical elite” taking over government policy. We have entered a period where science is government financed and a new field of forecasting the future has come from this. Science is based on evidence not on forecasting the future. In some instances, we “know” the future because science gives us the information, for example we know both the past and future positions of planets and so we can send men to the moon and know the path the need to take to get there at a future date. We do not know the behaviour of a novel virus and so we cannot forecast how it will spread and how dangerous it is until we have evidence. You mention the deaths and the USA CDC has just announced the deaths from COVID19 and nothing else and only 6% of the previously declared deaths are now said to be from COVID19.

    There have been various scientific frauds, but one of the greatest is the climate fraud. The scientists are lying about the application of known physics, but the real puzzle is why people believe that they can forecast the climate in even 5 years’ time. We know that the weather forecasts are not accurate for more than a few days ahead, so why do people believe that the weather can be forecast years ahead with sufficient accuracy to calculate an average temperature? Forecasting of an average is not possible without the individual temperature that determine the average. It only needs rational thought to work this out.

    We can only apply science to our advantage when we have the evidence to provide us with information. It is apparent that we do not have that much understanding of some past viruses and even less about Covid19. There are some epidemiologists that discuss the uncertainly and lack of knowledge and these are the ones I listen to. This brings me back to the question as to why some scientists are giving policy advice based on assumptions not evidence and why governments do not ask for the evidence before accepting advice. More importantly, why do we not ask for the evidence. We wouldn’t buy a car without evidence of the performance and petrol consumption.

    Two papers have been published in the BMJ recently. One on social distancing in August and one on masks in April. One of the authors is Prof Greenhalgh. They should be easy to find with that information. The one dealing with masks discusses the precautionary principle and it argues a case for using it with the mask policy – this takes us back to Medieval hysteria. This is not science. It is nonsense, stating “As with parachutes for jumping out of aeroplanes, it is time to act without waiting for randomised controlled trial evidence”. How a Professor approves a paper with this statement is beyond my comprehension. Passengers are not provided with parachutes, but they must wear masks on planes. But the article is not about planes, so the authors are saying that going out of homes is just as dangerous as stepping out of a plane during a flight and we must protect ourselves. We know exactly what the dangers are of stepping out of a plane in mid-flight but now we are expect to accept an immediate risk of death when leaving our homes from something we cannot see and which we know is not life threatening to most of us. This is the logic being applied by experts to ruin our lives.

  • A Thorpe

    William, thanks for the link. It was only a short article but it generated a large number of comments. I don’t know whether you looked at them.

    The last paragraph was significant to me becasue it was repeating my view. It occured to me that perhaps we could call this the Father Christmas Syndrome – an issue on which adults lie to children and then children go on to lie to their children ad infinitum. There is no wonder adults go on to believe any old rubbish and are incapable of looking for evidence to support what they are told. Sceince today seems to be based on the concept that more people believe in something the more valid it becomes.

  • Nick

    What are they testing for, antibodies? If you have those then it means you DON’T have it and are currently immune.The presence of antibodies means you’ve had it and 1. never noticed or 2. had a mild infection that quickly passed.

    Matt Hancock thinks that you are infectious just because you have antibodies and need to isolate! How can I pass it on to someone if I don’t have it? Asymptomatic transfer is virtually impossible.

    ‘Having no symptoms’ is another way of saying you’re not ill!

    For example, I don’t have any ‘symptoms’ of having £1,000,000 in the bank, but according to Matt Hancock I can ‘infect’ someone else’s bank account with £1,000,000 just by writing a cheque! Not a perfect analogy but you get the idea.

  • chris

    It is quite clear that the response to this virus induced pandemic was planned. That planning might have been for good or bad motives. I am now convinced that the planning was predominantly not of this country or its agencies. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure) (England) Regulations 2020 implementing lockdown and the Coronavirus Act came into force on the 25th March 2020 WITHOUT PATLIAMENTARY scrutiny. In my view, having studied both, I estimate the lockdown was decided upon before Christmas 2019. The Coronavirus Act is very detailed and in my view parliamentary draftsmen could not have made all the relevant enquiries and cross legislation matching in less than 2 months. Obviously, just my opinion but if true then the lockdown was planned before Christmas 2019. Let that sink in. Of course it is possible that the legislation was not drafted by parliamentary draftsmen. That possibility means it was drafted by or for the perpetrators of the pandemic.

    So there is little point in complaining that the measures are illogical or unscientific. The fact is that we are being lined up, by globalist controlled MSM and politicians, to be guinea pigs for a vaccine. And another one next year. We will wear the mask of shame and servitude unless we are annointed with the RNA (genetic modification) vaccine.

    I suspect there is much more fear to come.

    Finally if you’re a CT like me and Piers Corbyn, try to make sense of this video, especially after 4.15.

  • A Thorpe, there are some courageous, eminent doctors who are not covid slaves.

    Dr Andrew Kaufman tells us what we should know about the nature of viruses and vaccines in the following video.

  • leila

    Cookes sells upmarket frozen food. I purchased a cake for a weekend camping trip All browzing is curtailed, a fierce woman surrounded by plastic is positioned at the entrance. A notice stated card payments only. With having had zero contact with me she proceeded to apply hand ‘sanitiser’! I could hold my patience no longer and said to cooperate with the government’s plan to abolish cash was akin to treason and the gel dried hands caused more harm than good, and no I wouldn’t be taking the printed menu offered. A DM article yesterday stated a ‘pandemic’ of nasties could result from the hand gels destroying all bacteria on our skin which balances the harmful bacteria. Obvious! but people really are sheep, the future is daunting. I wrote to Cooks but received no answer.

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