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Bring back Shamima! Bring back Shamima!

(Wednesday/ Thursday blog)

I have been shocked, horrified, outraged, incandescent etc etc etc at the cruel and heartless way our evil, Izlumophobic government has treated the adorable and innocent British teenager – Shamima Begum.

Shamima represents the best of modern Britain

Shamima is just a normal modern, well-integrated British Muzlim girl. She likes sewing (making suicide vests?), watching TV (beheadings are her favourite?) and hanging out with her friends (viciously beating underage Yazidi girls and dragging them off to be repeatedly raped and then murdered by the brave Jihadi superheroes she worships?). Her favourite subjects while skiving school are biology (producing broods of mini-Jihadis to kill us disgusting subhuman Kaffirs?) and physics (helping assemble suicide bombs?). And like most Brits she’s a great football fan and never misses her favourite team (when they play football with the severed heads of infidels and unbelievers?):

So, how can anyone claim Shamima is a threat to British society?

Here’s gorgeous pouting Shamima wearing her latest Gucci headbag posing in an ISIL beauty competition:

At least I think it’s her. But it’s so difficult to tell when the Jihadi-beauties are dressed in the latest Izlumo-fashion:

Well, this is definitely her – almost totally naked:

Anyway, now Shamima wants to come home to Britain presumably to get an education to become an engineer or brain surgeon and make a massive contribution to rebuilding our wonderful, vibrant, diverse, multi-cultural country after the economic devastation caused by the Chinese Covid-19 plague:

No way is she intending to open her legs to every bearded lunatic, who happens to be passing within a hundred metres of her tax-payer provided house, and produce yet more West-loathing, violent, bloodthirsty mini-Jihadis while parasitically living off our overgenerous benefits system for the rest of her life!

Too young to know – old enough to vote?

Shamima’s case does however expose a more than minor contradiction in the claims of the virtue-signalling, lefty, woke, progressive, Izlumophiliac West-haters. The great Jeremy ‘Maduro’ Corbyn inadvertently expressed this rather clearly. At one point, Corbyn demanded that the Begum creature be welcomed back to Britain saying: “We demand the return of Shamima Begum to the UK at once, she was only a 16 year old immature child when she decided to join ISIS and cannot be held accountable for her actions at such a young age”.

So, according to Jeremy and millions of other deluded Izlumophiliac fools, when Shamima went off to join ISIL at 15 or 16, she was far too young to understand what she was doing.

However, before the last election, the very same Jeremy Maduro rather fancied giving the vote to 16- and 17-year-olds as that would hugely increase his chances of winning the election and turning Britain into a European Venezuela. Here’s what Jeremy said: “We demand that 16 year olds be given the vote in the UK, they are responsible and free-thinking young adults”.

So, for the UK-hating, West-loathing lefties 15- and 16-year-olds are both too young to know what they are doing while at the same time being mature enough to be given the vote at 16. I wonder who Shamima will vote for when she soon graces our benighted shores? Probably not the Tories.

Moreover, not only are pig-ignorant, school-skiving 15-year-olds apparently deserving of the vote as soon as they hit 16, but they are also experts in some of the most complex mysteries of science:

It’s all very odd don’t you think?

Welcome back Shamima!

Anyway, when the (IMVHO) maniacal, murderous, UK-despising, poisonous, utterly worthless, waste-of-skin, benefits-scrounging Izlumo-whore Shamima Begum comes back to Britain, I hope you’ll all celebrate as I will.

Remember BLM – Begum’s Life Matters – but yours doesn’t.

And here, to cheer us up as we await Shamima’s glorious and welcome return to the land of her forefathers (are you sure? ed.) is the one and only time the BBC has ever dared make fun of our favourite religion.

Probably you’ve already seen this. But enjoy it yet again and while you can as, if the politically-correct, Guardian-reading Izlumo-appeasers get their way, this will be removed from the BBC archives for supposedly being ‘offensive’ never to be seen again:

14 comments to Bring back Shamima! Bring back Shamima!

  • Stillreading

    For everyone I know – but then I, my family and my friends are all patriotic, native-born English – the notion of the Begum creature returning to the UK is totally repellent. Any shreds of sympathy we might once have had for her, as a rather naive teenager, her potential for a worthwhile life inevitably limited by her lifelong indoctrination into the Religion of Peace, disappeared the instant she declared in an interview with a Western journalist that “No. She hadn’t been upset by seeing severed heads.” She is beyond redemption. Let her take herself to Bangladesh or Pakistan or wherever her father now is, if either of those countries will have her. Otherwise, she can rot in a Syrian camp. Absolutely no way should she return here, to be fed and watered and given a platform for airing her psychopathic tendencies in Court at taxpayers’ expense. Unless she undergoes extensive plastic surgery, she will need protection, again at our expense, for the rest of her life. Her face is distinctive and if she’s released it won’t be long before some enraged UK citizen speeds her on her way to Allah – probably more swiftly and with more mercy than she and her ISIS intimates showed to their victims.

  • Hardcastle

    She will be returning, I will put money on it.It encapsulates perfectly what is wrong with this country.The legal system is totally corrupted and I despise the legal firms who exploit the honest taxpayers who have to fund this nonsense.A good time to deploy the drones I think.We can always blame the Russians.

  • loppoman

    I agree with hardcastle. She will be returning.
    The British state is actively encouraging importation of these creatures, whether it be Begum or the large numbers coming from Calais. The latter is clearly a joint enterprise between the people smugglers and the British and French governments. The large majority will be an everlasting burden on the taxpayers. The state is bending over backwards to please the M*****s. The big question I have is- why??

  • Stillreading

    I’d like to know why as well loppoman. I can only assume that along with almost all European countries, we’ve become so steeped in left-wing ideology, so devoted to tolerance even of the most evil acts, so over-indulgent in every way, so lacking in any sort of self-control, that the eventual demise of Western culture is inevitable. It’s all happened before: the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, all became complacent, self-indulgent, feeble, and as cultures they disappeared, having become incapable of fighting for their own survival. I fear we are going the same way. It’s just happening somewhat more rapidly than we thought it would.

  • A Thorpe

    The blog and comment confirm that Shamima is not the problem. Our politicians are the problem – the enemy within.

  • loppoman

    Absolutely it’s the politicians.
    Yesterday, 13 migrant boats carrying 159 invaders.
    Last week saw 35 boats carrying 455.
    And the govt. can’t stop this?
    They have managed to move rapidly on China sanctions. They can do it if they want to.

  • loppoman

    The Russian panic is just a distraction from what’s really going on.

  • Stillreading

    Of course the Gvt. could stop the illegal immigration instantly if it so wished. It’s necessary only to give orders to “rescue” ships to tow them back to France or if their vessels are unseaworthy, to give them a free ferry ride back to France! The Gvt. is willing enough to give them a free ferry ride to the UK! The assumption must be that too much fear exists of antagonising the woke, “yuman rights”, BLM brigades. |One of which is of course our beloved (irony!) BBC, with its never-ending lamentation on behalf of the immigrants (aka in many instances terrorists) in the French jungles. Not that I shall see much more of it since I have no intention of coughing up almost £160 per annum w.e.f. 1st August for being subjected to its constant propaganda and its endless replays of “dramas” 20 or more years old! The withdrawal of the free TV licence for the over 75s, amongst whom are many of the poorest in the country, struggling to maintain themselves decently on incomes just above Pension Credit limit, is deplorable. This is the generation who mainly started work at 15 or 16 and worked until at least 65. Johnson lead us to believe pre-Election, when he was desperate for our votes, that he intended to take the BBC to task over this. He has failed to do so. Yet another lie by omission which will cost him dear at the next Election.

  • A Thorpe

    Compared to us politicians never pay the cost of their mistakes. The millions roll in when they leave office from book deals and lectures. There is always some company willing to take them on. The mistakes Boris has made will cost us all. Rabb and Hancock share the blame with him. Look at the latest confused and inconsistent advice about masks in takeaways, not to mention that there are no published studies that show masks reduce the risk of catching the virus. First we had social distancing, which is still in place. If that worked, then why do we also need masks?

    I’m convinced that they are keeping up the propaganda to keep people afraid. They cannot allow normality to return because their utter incompetence will be revealed to all. They can only print money for a limited time before it all crashes. It is like a giant plate spinning act that is running out of people to spin the plates.

  • Stillreading

    I tend to agree Thorpe. Vile as the virus has proved for many people, fatal for thousands (usually people with comorbidities including obesity), it has nevertheless provided a wonderfully successful experiment for the Government in mass population control. I continue to be astounded, as I was from the very start, at the ease with which, using fear as a tool, politicians have been able to exert extreme control of personal freedom of movement and action upon all of us. (Exceptions were made for some evidently, most notably Dominic Cummins!) This fear still pertains in tens of thousands of the elderly in particular. I have neighbours in their 80s who are still afraid to go outside their personal domestic space or to invite even close family inside their homes. What I would like to know is if the plague is so very easily transmitted even in the open air, why did we not see a catastrophic spike in infection round about 14 days after the revolting mass BLM demonstrations at least a month ago now? They were all close up and personal enough, as they rampaged around, destroying our national ikons and culture! The plague IS infectious, there IS no cure, it IS very unpleasant, infection probably CAN be controlled by wearing of face masks. Why, then, were they not made compulsory at the very start rather than 3 months later? If in response to recent scientific advice, then why wait around 10 days before implementation? It becomes ever more evident that the Gvt. is floundering. It has floundered from the start and the outcome is catastrophic destruction of our economy, for which we and our children and grandchildren will be paying for decades. And the judiciary and those in power over us are exercising their minds meanwhile over the murderous Begum woman! Incidentally, I hear on R4 this a.m. that we have recently given China £17 million in “Foreign Aid”. Are the lunatics truly in charge of the asylum? (Speaking of which, a further 150 were towed into Kent yesterday, courtesy of our “rescue services”.)

  • Hardcastle

    One by product of our so called “free health system” is the large number of hypochondriacs who frequent our health facilities (in normal times). This pandemic has been manna from heaven for them.They get a thrill from the supposed threat from the virus which has killed what are insignificant numbers of people statistically.Yesterday I visited the garden centre and noted an increase in mask wearers,some young mums and their young children.The weather was a beautiful summer’s day,fresh air was surely more beneficial.I fear that we have oh so easily become a cowed and unthinking herd,only too willing to follow the dictates of the fools who govern us.This is going to lead to something far worse and I see little chance of a significant kickback.Will the voters ever realise that the so called conservatives are a traitors bunch of liars.

  • Stillreading

    I agree Hardcastle, but by offering incentives – aka bribes – to GPs over many years to summon, examine, then prescribe for thousands of perfectly healthy folk, the Government has encouraged the hypochondriac tendencies of the population. I am old. I’ve been summoned many times to “check-ups” as I have reached, then passed, significant birthdays. Unlike most of my contemporaries, I have resolutely ignored all such summons. More than 20 years ago, when I moved house and needed to register with a new Practice, I had to submit to a full examination and was told I needed to take medication for high blood pressure. Having quite a bit of medical knowledge, I politely but firmly declined, just as I declined statins. I eat healthily am and always have been within acceptable BMI, am fit and active and am still going strong almost a quarter of a century later. The base-line “safe” level for blood pressure has been systematically reduced over the years and is now so low that almost nobody past middle age can possibly “qualify” and the majority are accordingly forced onto life-long medication accompanied by the inevitable regular “reviews”. Sad to say, for many people the regular hospital or GP visits were more social outings than medical necessity and now that fear has taken over, have been abandoned without much evident ill-effect. On the other hand, postponement of essential surgery or hospital treatment, in particular for cancer, where early treatment is of the essence, is deplorable and inexcusable. I know that if I needed radiotherapy or IV chemotherapy to give me a chance of surviving cancer, I’d go for that any time over the risk of being infected by the plague.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Get a load of this guys!

    Media Hides This: Look at Riot Aftermath in Chicago, NYC, MN and St. Louis – SHOCKING VIDEO –

    All of those cities are run by the Democrats.

  • fresher1

    If Shamima Begum or any of the returning ISIS brits are recruited by foriegn extremists operating here Manchester based Somalis Yaseen+Hassan there associates and others or one of the homegrown extremist groups and even one innocent person is killed or injured in an attack who do we hold responsible?

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