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Dear Lewis Hamilton “Do Jewish lives matter?”

(Friday blog)

Do Jewish lives matter?

It has just been announced that F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton will wear black clothes and drive a black car reportedly to show support for Black Lives Matter (BLM):

I believe that Lewis Hamilton gets paid over £50m a year by Mercedes. Just 80 years ago, Mercedes used around 40,000 slaves from German concentration camps. Many of these slaves would have been Jewish. Many died due to over-work, brutality and starvation. Towards the end of WWII Mercedes tried to gas those concentration camp slaves who had survived in order to cover up Mercedes’s crimes against humanity.

Mr Hamilton has reportedly called for the removal of all symbols of slavery which happened hundreds of years ago:

I therefore find it surprising that Mr Hamilton appears more than happy to take huge amounts of money from a company which made a lot of its money from using and murdering so many slaves just 80 years ago.

Perhaps Lewis Hamilton would like to make a statement about Mercedes’s use and abuse of concentration-camp slaves?

Harry the Nazi jumps on the BLM bandwagon

Meanwhile here’s the latest news from Tinsletown. It concerns a former member of the British Royal Family who is perhaps best known for dressing up as a Nazi:

This noble, Nazi-uniform-wearing prince has decided to jump aboard the Black Lives Matter (BLM) bandwagon and lecture us disgusting, pig-ignorant plebs for supposedly all being “unconscious racists”.

The words pot and kettle do spring to mind. But I could never use the full expression as that would be “racist”.

Though perhaps we should forgive Harry. He might be getting bored in his luxury Los Angeles mansion as the Chinese Covid-19 plague has prevented him from flying around the world on private jets to lecture us worthless working people on using too much fossil fuel. So Lord Harry has to find something else to criticise us for to keep in the news and demonstrate his moral superiority and the BLM bandwagon is really in vogue for bandwagon-jumping, third-rate celebs at the moment.

HMRC don’t seem to have a sense of humour

And to cheer us up here’s a small article from a local newspaper:


6 comments to Dear Lewis Hamilton “Do Jewish lives matter?”

  • twi5ted

    So Lewis is a Marxist. Good for him even if it’s hard to reconcile his wealth with that position, rather like a turkey voting for christmas and so i guess he does not really believe in the cause totally.

    Although as a supranational member of the global rich embracing socialism for the plebs whilst living in Monaco seems fairly typical perhaps hoping to be let off come the glorious revolution.

    Would be more interested if he announced i am moving back to Britain, which allowed me this opportunity. I will be paying PAYE on my income. Also direct democracy seems to work because lots of my employers and fellow racing drivers seems to live in Switzerland (non-residents of course) and it’s all rather nice there.

  • A Thorpe

    It seems Nicole had a lucky escape but Harry is still playing with fire.

    I’m reading a book by Richard Feynman “The meaning of it all” which is the text of a series of lecture he gave in 1963.This stands out – “The hopes for the future today are in a great measure the same as they were in the past. At some time people thought that the potential that people had was not developed because everyone was ignorant and that education was the solution to the problem, that if all people were educated, we could perhaps all be Voltaires. But it turns out that falsehood and evil can be taught as easily as good. Education is a great power, but it can work either way. …. What is communicated can be lies as well as truth, propaganda, as well as real and valuable information. Communication is a strong force, also, but either for good or evil.” He goes on to talk about scientists now working in secret laboratories to develop the diseases they were so careful to control. I wonder what he would think about today?

    Douglas Murray recently out most of the above more concisely – we are educated into imbecility.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I am a long-term motorsport fan – I attended my first race at the old Crystal Palace circuit in London in 1960.

    Now that virtue-signalling Leftist politics has infiltrated both F1 courtesy of Hamilton, and the US stock car series NASCAR via the ludicrous Bubba Wallace ‘Fake Noose’ episode, I no longer have any interest in following either series.

    As for the pathetic Harry, I recall the comment someone made late last year – ‘Harry is so stupid, people are beginning to suspect that his real father is actually Prince Charles….’

  • Ed P

    Hamilton also had support from Hugo Boss, another WW2 figure involved in unsavoury Nazi antics. Own up Lewis!

  • A F Fanculo

    ‘Douglas Murray recently out most of the above more concisely – we are educated into imbecility.’

    Blair’s idea seems to have been to have everyone indoctrinated in leftist degree factories

  • Steph

    His other sponsors. Read down the page.

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