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Why the Chinese plague can be so deadly

(Friday blog)

Today, I’ve just three small issues to mention about the Chinese Covid-19 plague:

Why do the deranged hate the truth?

Yesterday I was reading an article in the Times (online) and looked at a few readers’ comments. One idiot claimed that the two countries with the highest Covid-19 “death rates” were both run by populist leaders and that this showed populists didn’t care how many of their people died. I assume this idiot meant the UK with over 30,000 deaths and the US with over 70,000 deaths.

So I replied to the idiot’s comment by pointing out that the country with the highest death rate was socialist Belgium with 726 Covid-19 deaths per million. Then came socialist Spain with 558 deaths per million. Then socialist Italy with 491 deaths per million. And in fourth place was the UK with 443 deaths per million. Moreover, if the UK had managed to achieve the USA’s comparatively low 226 deaths per million, then only about 14,000 Brits would have been killed by the Chinese plague – and about 15,000 more would still be alive.

What I found interesting was that the idiot writing total garbage to cast sh*t at hated ‘populists’ Johnson and Trump got about five times as many recommendations/likes from other Times readers as my comment which gave factual information.

It seems that those suffering from Boris Derangement Syndrome and Trump Derangement Syndrome hate any facts that contradict their mouth-frothing world view.

Why do the BBC and C4 News never mention Taiwan?

This morning on the BBC Breakfast news there was a report on how South Korea is restarting its football season. In fact, throughout the whole Covid-19 plague we have been bombarded with reports from the BBC and C4 News about how wonderfully South Korea has dealt with Covid-19. South Korea with its fast response and ‘track and trace’ is frequently held up as an example of best practice in controlling the spread of the Chinese plague.

This is odd. Of course, the results from South Korea are impressive – only 256 Covid-19 deaths – a death rate of just 5 per million. But there’s another country which has even better results than South Korea. That country is Taiwan. Taiwan has just 6 Covid-19 deaths – 0.3 deaths per million of population. If the UK had managed to achieve Taiwan’s fast and effective response, then only about 20 Brits would have died from Covid-19 instead of over 30,000.

Strangely, neither the BBC nor C4 News ever mention Taiwan as a good example of Covid-19 control. They always choose South Korea. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the BBC and C4 News’s anti-West, anti-Trump, pro-China bias, would it?

You can find the latest Covid-19 death figures at:

Why the Chinese plague can be so deadly

At around 13 minutes, this video is longer than I would normally recommend. But it does give a quite good and chilling explanation of why the Chinese Covid-19 plague can be so deadly:

5 comments to Why the Chinese plague can be so deadly

  • twi5ted

    I guess we will not know the truth until end of year mortality figures are available. The classification is all apples and pears and only excess deaths will reveal the truest international comparison. It’s quite possible that given the government decision to clear out the frail and sick from hospitals, which prematurely killed off thousands, we will see mortality dropping below average for rest of year. It seems in the UK and US the state is looking to cover their mistakes (or perhaps to conceal their real agenda?) so are exaggerating the true numbers and include many of the on average 10,000 who sadly die every week in the uk regardless.

  • Stillreading

    The flagrant gloating by the BBC during the past fortnight over the absolute total of those dying from the plague in Trump’s USA has been deplorable, when just a few touches away from anyone with a computer or smart phone is accurate, daily-updated information on the DEATHS PER MILLION from covid-19 of all reporting nations. Worldometer is excellent. Deaths per Million is the only valid way of determining how lethal the plague is proving for any specific nation or for purposes of comparison between nations. (Always remembering that some of the nations listed will not, for political reasons, be reporting truthfully. China, Iran and the African states come to mind.) It has been evident for days that Belgium has been top of the European Death League, the UK not so far behind, while in the Western world as a whole, Trump’s USA has a notably lower score. In other words, if the UK had done as well as the States, almost half of those who have died in the UK would still be alive! The UK population as a whole, evidently lacking both intellectual curiosity and statistical understanding, can be relied upon by the broadcast and print media unfailingly to respond to emotional hyperbole in preference to searching for the truth. After all, it’s a lot easier to stand outside and clap and bang saucepans for a few minutes once a week and condemn successive Governments for cutting back NHS funding, than it is to demand from Chief Executives of local NHS Trusts, all on enormous salaries, why they had failed to ensure adequate availability of PPE from the budgets allocated to them from Central Government.
    Excellent video. Thank you.

  • chris

    I have just read Lockdown Sceptics review of Ferguson’s ‘cleaned up’ computer code. The programme produced markedly different results each time it was run despite using the same inputs. Ferguson’s technique to overcome this was to run the programme multiple times and average out the result. This technique is unmathmatical. The average of any series of random generated numbers is still a random number.

    So, predictions of numbers of deaths was a monstrous fraud. Boris,Raab,Witty, Gove et al are trying to back engineer numbers to justify the outrageous destruction to the economy and save themselves.

    I have recorded the death numbers each day and every time the death numbers show a decline the basis of gathering info is changed so as to increase it so that Raab can make some dramatic announcement justifying continuation.

    Many death determinations, especially in care homes, are wrong. CV is stated just because the patient had a high temperature. There has been no testing programme in care homes until recently. Under the CV Act this means a speedy funeral and no coroner’s inquest. It also seems that the ONS figures are now unreliable due to the muddle around changing methods and doctor’s certificates.

    Then there are the Nightingale white elephants apparently needed to deal with thousands of patients. Wow 19 in total admitted to the Excel centre with capacity for 4000 patients. All other Nightingale hospitals are empty.

    The RAF used to ferry Turkish tee shirts pretending to be medical gowns.

    I am utterly sick of the media which props up this fiasco. This gov is now destroying the economy based on nothing better than a bad guess. The facts are now clear we have been taken for fools.

  • A Thorpe

    I think I have commented about the Times before. I gave up with it about three years ago. There is no sensible debate in their comments section. It is a place where the Times encourages readers to insult others who do not share their views. I would stop providing it with income. You can see how all the media is distorting death rates by quoting totals and ignoring the size of the population. They get away with it because of the ignorance of the masses. The inadequate education systems are the biggest threat, not the virus.

    Here is a link to a video by Tony Heller on the virus:
    If only all politicians were like the governor of South Dakota.

    twi5sted is spot on when he says we will have to wait until the end of the year to get more accurate statistics. What is happening now is the equivalent of measuring the height of one man and declaring it the average of all men.

    I agree with Stillreading about the puppets on a strings controlled by the government and out clapping. They have no idea why they are doing it. I doubt any of them belong to the growing number of unemployed.

  • Covid CON

    Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

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