November 2022
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Cameron and Clegg want even more greedy, lying, thieving, worthless politicians

The arrogance and stupidity of Liar Cameron and ‘Barroso’s whore’ (in my opinion) Clegg are beyond belief. We’re in a deep economic crisis, public spending is out of control, our national debt is already £1trn and will reach at least £1.3trn by 2016/7 and we pay more in debt interest than we do on defence. So what do these two self-serving, arrogant, pointless posh boys do? They cook up a plan to replace unpaid peers with another 450 full-time politicians.

Let’s get this into context. The US House of Representatives (their equivalent to the Commons) has just 435  members for 350 million people, our Commons has 646 for just 62 million people. The US Senate (their Lords) has only 100 members for 350 million people, the proposed Lords will have a massive 450.

This is beyond belief. Before the last election, the recidivist liar Cameron promised he would ‘cut the cost of politics’ but when he became PM this liar increased the cost of politics by shoving 117 of his cronies into the Lords. Now this liar and fool wants to increase the cost of politics even more with his 450 elected Lords (aka more Cameron cronies to steal our money). The EU now makes most of our laws. We don’t need 646 MPs any more and we certainly don’t need 450 full-time peers.

Here’s a suggestion Mr Cameron you lying, selfish, self-serving fool – let’s really cut the cost of politics by having just 200 MPs in the Commons and 50 elected peers in the Lords. We’d still have more politicians per head of population than the US and we’d certainly cut the cost of politics as you promised.   

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