November 2022
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Party time for Pakistan’s corrupt politicians and “Boom Boom in a Cupboard” Boris

Our enemy Pakistan has decided to let the US run supply convoys through Pakistan to Afghanistan in return for $1bn or so in supposed ‘military aid’. So who will actually get this money? First in line is Pakistan’s much loved President “Mr Ten Percent”. Then come all the other corrupt Pakistani politicians, then all the corrupt Pakistani military leaders and finally a few mega-rich Pakistani families that control much of the country’s wealth. And, of course, if any money is left over, it will probably be used by Pakistan’s security services to supply weapons and training to Afghan freedom fighters. They can then use the guns and bombs that our money helped the Pakistanis buy to quite legitimately kill and maim the American and British soldiers who have invaded their country and are propping up a corrupt, drug-dealing puppet government that will collapse three and a half minutes after the foreign soldiers eventually leave after more than twelve years of the most pointless war in modern times. Meanwhile, Karzai and his mates will scamper off to their bolt-holes in Dubai to spend the billions they have stolen from us.

Pakistanis hate us and Pakistan is our enemy. We should be cutting diplomatic links, stopping all direct flights and halting all immigration from Pakistan.

As for Afghanistan – the people killing and maiming our troops are not ‘terrorists’ and ‘rogue soldiers’ – they are freedom fighters trying to throw out foreign invaders and they will succeed and we will fail. We should bring our troops home immediately and leave the Afghans to a hell of their own making.

Meanwhile, back at Wimbledon, Boris “Boom Boom in a Cupboard” Becker has been hired by the useless BBC as a commentator. Only problem is – Boris hardly speaks any English. So whereas British, US and Australian commentators can help us understand and enjoy the tennis by explaining the tactics and giving information about the players,” Boom Boom in a Cupboard” Boris just gives the occasional guttural grunt. Go home Boris. And, dear BBC stop wasting our money on supposed commentators who can’t string a sentence together.

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