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Good news! Iranian ‘scientists’ identify the real source of the Covid-19 virus

(Thursday/Friday blog)

It was the evil ‘Great Satan’ what did it!

Good news from the leading centre of culture, science and learning – Iran. It seems that the greatest scientific and medical minds in Iran have been studying the Covid-19 virus and have revealed the results of their tremendous research.

The Friday Prayer Imam of the religious city of Qom, the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak in Iran, told his congregation Saturday that U.S. President Donald Trump targeted the city with coronavirus “to damage its culture and honor“.

Most of the coronavirus cases in Iran include people living in Qom and those who have visited the religious city recently. These cases have no clear epidemiological link to the outbreak in China.

Qom is the religious capital of Iran, home to many seminaries and the Shrine of Masoumeh and a bastion for Religion of Wonderfulness hardliners. The city’s economy revolves around the Shrine which thousands of pilgrims from Iran and other countries visit every day.

Speaking during evening prayers Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi who is also the Custodian of the Shrine of Masoumeh said Trump has targeted the city because Qom is a “shelter for the Shiites of the world, the center of religious seminaries and the city where Shiite sources of emulation live”.

“The enemy wants to instill fear in people’s hearts, make Qom look like an unsafe city and to take revenge for all its defeats,” the Friday Prayer leader said. “Trump will die frustrated in his wish to see Qom defeated,” he went on to tell his gullible, snackbar-screaming congregation.

Good grief! It’s hard to believe that these bearded lunatics belong to the same species as us Westerners. A pack of baboons would have more in common with most civilised human beings than the backwards, inbred Iranian lunatics

Covid-19 is out of control in Iran

There’s more good news from Iran. The bearded inbred lunatics running the lunatic asylum that is Iran claim that only 60 people in Iran have got the Covid-19 virus and of these a mere 50 have died. Given that Covid-19 has now started to spread across other Arab countries carried by people who have been in Iran, and given that even the Iranian health minister has the virus, there are actually probably thousands of Iranians infected and probably hundreds dead.

But what about Iran’s world-famous, world-class health system? As we all know, Allah is omniscient and the Koran tells us everything we might ever need to know. So there aren’t that many books translated into Arabic or Farsi. Who needs books and knowledge when you’ve got the Koran? A 2003 Arab Development Report estimated that Spain translates more books into Spanish each year than the entire Arab world has translated into Arabic since the ninth century:

Sam Harris and The Number of Books Translated Into Arabic

So, what do you need to become a doctor or scientist in a sh*t-hole Religion of Fantasticness country? Probably being able to recite a bunch of verses from the Koran is enough. And you’ll probably get a really good qualification if you focus on the stuff about killing Jews.

Here are some highly qualified Iranian doctors trying to rid their great country of the Covid-19 virus by burning the US flag and screaming about their snackbars:

And here’s a bearded lunatic (sorry, I meant “highly-respected Lebanese political scientist”) explaining that Covid-19 may well be a biological weapon launched by the US against China:

4 comments to Good news! Iranian ‘scientists’ identify the real source of the Covid-19 virus

  • A Thorpe

    They look to be very much like the same species of humans as westerners. The difference is that they believe in god and westerners now believe they are god and can control the climate. And now our new gods have prevented the expansion of Heathrow, resulting in more damage to our economy, since it will also mean Gatwick will probably suffer the same fate.

    I was wondering what Ayn Rand had to say about the environment and found this:

    “City smog and filthy rivers are not good for men (though they are not the kind of danger that the ecological panic-mongers proclaim them to be). This is a scientific, technological problem—not a political one—and it can be solved only by technology. Even if smog were a risk to human life, we must remember that life in nature, without technology, is wholesale death. “

    She died about 40 years ago. I’d like to know what she would have to say about the madness of today.

  • Ed P

    Ms Rand might see this pandemic as a good reason to keep away from the lunatics presently spreading Covid-19 with their ignorant, incompetent and ineffective methods.
    And she also might consider the parlous state of the environment another reason to withdraw from society.
    Allegedly the Ayatollah is not very well, so perhaps this is the moment when Iranians have an opportunity to revolt against their medieval religious controllers.

  • Stillreading

    Raving mad adherents to the world’s greatest religion apart, what a pathetic response there’s been from our own Government! UK Political Leaders never have the guts to be pro-active. We are an island. We could have prevented this virus from ever entering the UK in the first place. It was clear almost a month ago that a pandemic was evolving. Fee-paying Chinese students in a boarding school I know well were told before the half-term break that if they flew to China for the holiday they wouldn’t be permitted back into the school. Sound common sense. Our Great Leader – with whom I am rapidly becoming very disillusioned – should have had to courage to state that foreign travel was inadvisable, thus enabling people with holidays booked to claim on insurance, and closed all our borders to incomers. But that would have taken guts none of them, and certainly not Boris, have. Too late now. It’s here, almost all of those who contract it will survive, but the economic cost will be enormous. And the plight of holidaymakers in affected places abroad, such as Tenerife, is deplorable. What aid is the Government giving them? Precious little as far as I can see. But of course, some months down the line, we’ll hear yet again that obnoxious declaration that “Lessons have been learned”!

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t the 14th century when it was easier to isolate a village with the black death but even then millions died. It is impossible now to take the actions suggested here because it would bring the entire economy to a standstill. Insurance is unlikely to cover travellers but in my opinion travellers should accept the consequences of travel and not expect the government to bail them out when things go wrong. If it is business travel then the company should accept responsibility.

    I watched two debates on TV about the virus and the climate. One was Question Time and the other the Politics Live. The virus threat is real but the climate crisis does not exist. Everybody knew what to do about the invented threat but had no idea what to do about the virus. I think it is clear that the virus is in control and we will just have to accept it. When that has run its destructive course we can continue the destruction of society with climate policies and the UK under Boris seems set to take us back to the 14th century.

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