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It’s hardly surprising they spend most of their time trying to kill each other

(Friday/weekend blog)

Here’s a ‘best clips’ compilation of some of our most intelligent and educated friends from the Religion of Peacefulness and Tolerance calmly discussing important issues on TV.

They do seem rather excitable – no wonder they keep trying to kill each other.

Makes the BBC’s (IMHO) biased, UK-hating, europhiliac, climate-change-obsessed, rapemigrant-hugging, politically-correct Question Time look even more boring than it currently is.


7 comments to It’s hardly surprising they spend most of their time trying to kill each other

  • William Boreham

    Coming to a studio near you. Well worth downloading and distributing, it is impossible to reason with these people. By the way, couldn’t believe my eyes watching the John Lewis Christmas advert. England back in, can’t figure out which century, but not a black face to be seen! Problems there as our schoolchildren are being taught that England was always a multicultural/multiracial society.

  • A Thorpe

    After watching QT last night and after listening to Boris answering questions from the public on BBC 5 Live, I am wondering if the BBC just reflects the majority view of the public. All I hear is people who demand and rely on state support to live the lives they feel they are entitled to have. In other words, as Margaret Thatcher observed, they need somebody else to take responsibility, not just for their own lives, but to work to support others who cannot be bothered. They are following group think organisations and they are not thinking for themselves – religion, political parties, environmentalists, vegans, and any specialist interest group. I am thankful that I was born before socialism got a grip on Britain, my parents got no handouts and they knew they had to support themselves. That is what I have done and I have no need to expect other people to support me. Britain is drifting into a communist paradise, free everything, but a shortage of everything.

  • loppoman

    Just been reading that Boris is pro immigration and that no caps will be put in place.
    If it’s true, he’s just lost my vote.
    Problem – who do I vote for?

  • A Thorpe

    @Ioppoman James Cleverly said last night they want to introduce a points system. Wait for the manifesto to be published. Boris has certainly said he is pro immigration. Who do you vote for? Who will ensure that you do not get those you dislike the most, but as they say be careful what you wish for.

  • Maureen Roberts

    Thanks for that video it is the best laugh i have had for ages. No PC from that lot . This video needs to be shared far and wide .

  • Maureen Roberts

    I have just left a comment on breitbart london , regarding this article and the video , and suggested to someone to read this article and watch the video , as it is one of the best i have seen , and asked people to share. My comment has been censored already , so much for free speech .

  • Jeff Palmer

    Our only hope, it appears, is that they hate each other so much that they will leave the rest of us alone. It is the one thing that they have in common with the political Left, whose factions loathe each other with equal passion. One notices also that the current epidemic of knife crime in the UK consists almost entirely of members of ethnic minorities slaughtering each other. Long may it remain so.

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