July 2022
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Well, that was a complete waste of time and effort

Now I know. I’ve been wasting my time. I should have realised this a long time ago.

Despite having my latest video up on my blog for the last few days, most readers couldn’t be bothered to watch it. I guess they must all be very very busy people.

Moreover, I guess fewer than 3 or 4 readers could be arsed to send to link to their contacts.

Oh well, that’s life.


3 comments to Well, that was a complete waste of time and effort

  • david brown

    I think there is softwear that will get lots of likes on youtube thus getting more views which in turn generates more views.
    Rubbish that Boris is if labour get in our country will be destroyed economically and demographically.It will have a self declared Marxist as chancellor McDonnell and open borders see

  • david brown

    is there softwear that will generate likes on youtube. That in turn will result in more views?

  • A Thorpe

    Don’t despair David. Fighting against the mass hysteria that has taken over the western world can only be slow progress. It is no more effective than trying to kill an elephant with a pin. Exposing the slow march of cultural Marxism, which has taken over universities, schools, MSM, governments, NGOs is not going to be easy, if it is even possible. Your blog does bring people together and we can be encouraged to know that we are not alone in this fight. It is a place of sanity in a mad world.

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