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The most enthralling TV yesterday? Jeremy Corbyn!

(Friday blog)

I often watch the BBC midday news after being in the gym and while having lunch. Just as I was about to turn it off yesterday, I was suddenly gripped by some of the most un-turn-offable and terrifying TV I have seen for a long time.

It was mad socialist/communist Jeremy Corbyn laying out his plans for what he would do after he had led his extremist, Jew-hating, UK-hating, terrorist-loving Marxist mob to victory at the next election. It was billed as Corbyn’s ‘Alternative Queen’s Speech’

If you’re lazy, a scrounger, an enricher with 15 to 20 children with 3 or 4 different wives or a snowflake brainwashed in one of our left-wing madrassas (formerly known as ‘universities’) which teach nothing but give Firsts to almost everyone, then middle-class Marxist Jeremy Corbyn (brother of Piers Corbyn) had something for you.

Here are just some of the more worrying freebies promised by the Marxist madman in what he called “the most transformative, radical and exciting programme ever put before the British electorate”:

  • removing the limit on child benefit from just two children to getting child benefit for all your children (I wonder which group will benefit most from that?)
  • removing the cap on benefits so a large family could easily earn £40,000 or £50,000 or more a year without doing any work and live in the most expensive areas of the UK if they wanted as working people would be facing increased taxes to pay the benefit scroungers’ unlimited housing benefit
  • a second EU referendum in which people would be able to choose between Remain fully in the EU or BRINO (theoretically leave the EU while remaining in the Single Market, Customs Union and under the control of the ludicrously misnamed ‘European Court of Justice’)
  • abolishing private education, free schools and academies and putting all schooling under the deadening, stifling, bureaucratic control of local councils
  • declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ making Britain ‘carbon-neutral (whatever that means) long before the current target of 2050 ‘improving on’ Ed Miliband’s ‘ambitious’ Climate Change Act and thus closing down what little is left of British industry to save the planet from something that isn’t happening anyway and which even his own brother, astrophysicist and long-range weather-forecaster Piers Corbyn, would tell him is just a socialist hoax with no scientific evidence
  • abolish ‘inequality’ – just like they did in Venezuela!

But some of the Marxist madman’s other policies were less lunatic and possibly appealing even to some normally sensible people:

  • nationalise electricity supply, water supply and the railways paid for by ??????????????
  • abolishing university fees altogether and giving everyone free education for life paid for by ??????????????
  • raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour for all workers over 16 years old
  • reduce the working week to 32 hours within 10 years paid for by ??????????????
  • workers on company boards and all workers getting dividends from their employers every year without having to take the risk of buying any shares
  • free care for the elderly paid for by ??????????????
  • free prescriptions for everyone paid for by ??????????????
  • build 100,000 new low-rent council homes a year paid for by ??????????????
  • billions and trillions more for the grossly-mismanaged, wasteful, floundering NHS paid for by ??????????????

Corbyn didn’t mention lowering the voting age to 16 to ensure Labour remain in power. But I imagine he’s keeping that little trick under wraps till he and his controllers get into power.

And how is Corbyn going to pay for all this? I imagine he’ll have some new government department plant a whole eco-friendly forest of magic money trees. Or else, maybe he’ll massively increase taxes, impose exchange controls and start confiscating private land and private property. Who knows?

It was all worryingly appealing to the more than 55% of British people who take out more in benefits and public services than they pay in taxes.

Given these promises and the lunatic attempts of (IMHO) europhiliac, UK-hating, treacherous, surrender-monkeys like Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry, David Gauke and others of their ilk to destroy the current Tory government, a Marxist Corbyn Marxist government is not an impossibility.

Interesting times ahead.

5 comments to The most enthralling TV yesterday? Jeremy Corbyn!

  • A Thorpe

    Thanks for that report. I hope it turns up on YouTube. Boris seems to be the only person who can save us from this insanity and his enemies are gathering. I found the Andrew Neil interview with Zion Lights. I thought he did a poor job because he did not know about the subject. There is no crisis, there is no increase in extreme weather events, it is just the opposite. The crisis is to come because of the energy policies being introduced. Our economy will collapse if they are not reversed. Last night on QT the first question was about climate and we were treated to Rupert Reed’s propaganda thanks to the BBC. The entire audience and panel were brainwashed into believing this nonsense. They have a death wish that will soon be delivered. The only voice of reason was Julia Hartley-Brewer but even she believed there was a climate problem. It is just the same with the so called scientists. Those who are classed as sceptics or deniers are using the same wrong pseudo-science as the warmists. It is quite unbelievable. I had to switch QT off after that. I couldn’t face listening to the Brexit debate. It really is as though Armageddon will finally arrive.

  • Stillreading

    Very informative apropos J.Corbyn’s brother. I’d no idea he had one, even less one who appears significantly endowed with brain cells. Piers Corbyn obtained a First in Physics at Imperial College in the late 70s and an MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary’s in the early 80s, no mean feats from such prestigious seats of learning at a time when even a basic Pass degree in a science subject meant something. When such an individual states that anthropogenic climate change is a myth, he is worth listening to. But guess what? He, along with almost all credible scientists with similar views, is being systematically air-brushed out of public discussion. As for Jeremy C, well if by some evil chance he should become PM (and it’s not impossible) then it will be the death knell for the UK. He and his crew will bring terminal ruination upon our nation. What was that in the 80s, when Kinnock appeared a possibility, about the last person to leave turning off the lights? What he would have done would have been nothing compared with what Corbyn will do.

  • david brown

    re Venezuela on youtube you can watch videos of just a few years back Corbyn, Diana Abbott, Self declared Marxist John McDonnell and Momentums Owen Jones advocating we emulate the economic model of Venezuela.
    The scary fact is Corbyn gained at the last election by suggesting reducing the cost of student loans. If he offers enough free stuff to enough people he might win.
    Heseltine said sooner a labour government damaging the economy than we leave the EU. What he said is what many remain tory MPs think.

  • William Boreham

    Imagine the run on the pound should Corbyn become PM? We’ve had it anyway, what with our MP’s only slightly less moronic than those Extinction Rebellion crazies, unanimously voting through half-witted Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act, meaning we will have a Zimbabwe-like economy come 2050, around the same time we find the English have become a minority in their own country.

  • chris

    Not quite on topic, but I was just listening to Steptoe & Son on Radio 4 xtra (mostly still sane programmes because there’s a lot from the 60’s and 70’s.) The obligatory warning was given by the continuity announcer that this episode was “from less enlightened times” That’s perhaps acceptable. But what the continuity announcer did not say was that part of the original episode had been deleted. Having been a Steptoe/Hancock fan from childhood I knew straightaway what was missing. In the story Albert accuses a delinquent boy called “6herry” of some misdemeanour. But the BBC censor failed to appreciate that Harold vehemently disagrees and says he’s a good boy and denounces Albert’s r4ci5m” So, it seems, the writers (Galton & Simpson) were, in fact, more enlightened than the BBC censor. I also wonder if anyone less than 50 years old would even understand the reference.

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