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Rapey, rapey! We’re off to Crapistan!

(weekend blog)

After yesterday’s slightly light-hearted visit to Atlanta for the Democratic Socialists of America Convention, this weekend I’d like to take a slightly less light-hearted visit to that wonderful, progressive, scientifically-advanced, religiously-tolerant, economically-successful, corruption-free earthly paradise – Crapistan.

The population of Crapistan is over 197 million and still growing rapidly thus hugely improving mankind’s human gene pool:

This rapid population growth does have one rather unfortunate side effect – the water availability per person is falling rapidly:

But Crapistan is so technically superior to our tired, backward Western democracies, there’s no doubt that Crapistan’s millions of highly-skilled engineers will easily solve this small water problem without Crapistan having to go to war with India to grab water-rich Kashmir’s water resources.

What else can I tell you about this wonderful country? Oh yes, more than half of all marriages in Crapistan are first-cousin marriages resulting in world-beating levels of birth defects:

and a lowering of the average IQ each generation:

A Christian’s life is not a happy one

There are about 2 million Christians in Pakistan. They are brutally oppressed by our MFs (Moozerlum friends). Oppressing Christians in Crapistan is quite easy. If one of our MFs wants to grab a Christian family’s land or home or even just has an argument with a Christian neighbour, they just need to accuse the Christian of blasphemy or burning some pages of the Qu’ran. Then, either a screaming, howling, mouth-frothing mob will immediately form and beat the Christians to death:

Or else the Christians will be arrested and sentenced to death by Crapistan’s much-admired courts as the case of Asia Bibi showed so clearly:


Raping Christian girls – the national sport?

There’s another area where Crapistan may be a world leader – raping Christian girls. Nobody knows how many thousands of Christian girls are kidnapped and raped by our MFs in Crapistan each year. Few rapes are reported because the police will either (as in our own Rotherham and Rochdale and Newcastle and Birmingham etc etc) do nothing, or else the police will arrest the girl and rape her repeatedly just for a bit of fun or till she decides to withdraw he accusation or else the Crapistani police will beat up any Christian parent who dares accuse any of our MFs in Pakistan of rape.

Here’s just one recent example of that time-honoured custom – the case of 15-year-old Maria Jalal:

Five middle aged men grabbed her at gunpoint, dragging her into a white Suzuki Bolan van, her screams muffled by one of the men’s hand over her mouth. After a 15-minute drive she was taken to a large dark carpeted room, still screaming now crying, she was slapped several times to keep her silent and was instructed to obey the men’s demands or be killed. 

Maria didn’t recognise any of the men apart from Muhammad Sajjid, who ripped her clothes off and repeatedly raped her all evening, all night and again in the morning. She later recounted that she remembered lying naked on the floor as the men smoked and drank alcohol whilst taking turns to rape and abuse her, beating her more if she tried to resist. She said: “The men, punched and slapped me, they spat while abusing and laughing at me, forcing me to do whatever they wanted. I was told that I was a worthless Christian and that I should never tell anyone what happened as they would kill my family, who they said would be powerless against”.

Maria was lucky, however. Instead of being married off to one of our MFs or being killed and her body tossed into a cess-pit, the next evening, when the five men finally tired of their abuse, they dressed Maria and drove her home, dropping her outside her house around 7pm just when it was getting dark. The men could act with such impunity because, being from our favourite religion, they knew the Christian family would be afraid to report the rape and, even were the rape to be reported, the religion of peace Crapistani police would take no action, apart from maybe also raping the girl and threatening her family to make sure they dared not mention what had happened.

Here’s a picture of the family of a six-year-old Christian girl carrying her coffin after she was raped and raped and raped and raped and raped and then murdered:

You can find out more about the misery suffered by Crapistani Christians at the hands of our MFs here:

Crapistan sounds like a rather jolly place, don’t you think?

Though it now seems that you’ll find a similar situation in many British towns. What fun this diversity and enrichment stuff, eh?

3 comments to Rapey, rapey! We’re off to Crapistan!

  • William Boreham

    Relevant to this blog, I hope nobody minds me putting on view what appeared in my e-mail today – the magnificent (and very courageous) Katie Hopkins giving a talk about the Muslim peril to an audience in Oslo.

  • Chris Dark

    There are people who don’t even believe that these rapes happen in Britain.They think it’s blown up (haha) out of all proportion and that only a few troublemakers are actually
    carrying out these attacks. Just because they personally know a handful of “nice” muslims in their neighborhood, they then
    assume that the rest are ok too. There will be a price to pay for this wilful ignoring of the situation.
    I can’t believe how Brits cover it up and change the subject when it arises in conversation…”we just
    want to talk about nice things”, they say. By their silence or avoidance of the topic they are just
    as guilty as the rapists.

  • A Thorpe

    The video of Katie Hopkins is worth watching if only for the comment that we have to pay for the BBC but in North Korea they get their propaganda free.

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